Signs That a Taurus Man Has Lost Interest (10 Crystal Clear Signs)

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Your Taurus man isn’t calling. Is he over you, or what?

Here are the big signs that a Taurus man has lost interest:

  • You’re always the one to initiate contact
  • He reads your texts, but he doesn’t reply
  • He acts cold and distant, not flirty and playful
  • He’s not there when you need him anymore

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Why Do Taurus Men Lose Interest in You?

Taurus men need to be super sure about you in order to keep pursuing you.

Even if they don’t say it, Taurus guys are keeping their feelers out for that special woman who they can be with long-term.

So usually, when they drop their new love interest like a hot potato, it’s because something showed them that it wasn’t a perfect match.

Practical Taurus figures, why put more time and effort into a dead-end relationship?

Sometimes, women just push too hard.

They don’t realize that they’re coming across as too brash, too wishy-washy or too codependent.

Taurus men want a woman who is mature, independent, consistent and reliable.

Things That Make Taurus Men Pull Away

A Taurus guy probably won’t supply a reason when he pulls away.

If you ask, you may get the answer, but you probably won’t get him back unless you know how to change his view of you (which is what Taurus Man Secrets teaches).

Here are some common reasons a Taurus man may be losing interest.

You demand too much of his personal time, energy and support. 

Taurus men like women who can support themselves. 

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They don’t want to be roped into being your only emotional outlet (or piggy bank).

You’re not letting him chase you

Taurus guys need to be the one to chase you.

Giving him a little bait in the beginning is way different from texting him nonstop and stalking his socials.

You lied, broke your word or acted hypocritical

Loyalty and reliability are everything to a Taurus.

If your actions don’t match your words or promises, he’s out.

You switch things up on him too much

Are you more of an off-the-cuff person?

Are you liable to change your mind and your plans on a whim?

If so, that’s likely too spontaneous for your routine-loving Taurus.

You’re too wild for him

Tauruses are low-key. They like relaxing.

And couches. With lots of soft pillows to lounge on.

If you’re a partier, your Taurus probably can’t see you two being compatible in the end.

Signs That a Taurus Man Has Lost Interest

1. He doesn’t try to talk to you anymore

He used to get you on the phone or message you regularly.

Now he never initiates contact.

If this is happening, it’s sign #1 he’s not into you anymore.

2. He leaves you on read

Sure, he got your text.

Is he going to respond?

If he’s decided to cut the cord, probably not.

Taurus thinks, what more is there to say?

3. He’s always too busy to see you

When you do get a hold of him, his schedule is all booked up.

If he’s interested, he’ll tell you that he can’t see you this weekend, but next weekend he’s not doing anything.

Otherwise, he’ll just say he’s busy.

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4. He acts aloof

What happened to that sweet, super attentive man?

Taurus men who suddenly turn off the charm and start acting detached are trying to make sure you don’t misunderstand the situation.

At least it’s pretty clear.

5. He doesn’t give you gifts

A Taurus man who wants a woman’s attention will buy her stuff.

Gifts like flowers, small things you’ve said you want or need.

That will definitely stop when he’s trying to put the brakes on.

6. He doesn’t flirt

Was he wildly flirty with you once?

Yeah, Taurus men are pretty shameless when they’re into you.

And totally closed-off when they’re not.

7. He’s not playful with you

He may have teased you gently and joked around with you a lot before.

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If that suddenly stops, don’t worry yet.

He might be going through something right now.

But if the other signs in this list are there, that’s when you should take it more seriously.

8. He stops doing things for you

Chivalrous Taurus men love to swoop in and save their ladies.

You never had to ask before—your Taurus would just know what you need and take care of it for you.

Now, you feel like you couldn’t pay him to borrow his pen.

9. He doesn’t check up on you

On the possessive side, Taurus men like to know what you’re doing.

They will text you to ask how your day is going and who you have plans with later.

But if they aren’t doing this with you anymore, they have likely lost the romantic connection with you.

10. He drops off the face of the earth

Overall, your Taurus man is going to stop existing in your life.

He’ll do everything in his power to avoid communicating with you and seeing you.

It’s a hard pill to swallow.

But that’s the most obvious indication that he’s no longer interested.

If your Taurus guy is showing these signs, it’s not too late!

But you should move fast before he finds another love interest.

You can make even the coldest Taurus hot for you if you know the right buttons to push—it’s all in Taurus Man Secrets.

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