How to Know If a Leo Man Likes You (5 Clear Signs You Can’t Miss)

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Does the Leo man you like have the hots for you, too? Luckily for you, there are some pretty unmistakable signs.

Here’s how to know if a Leo man likes you:

  • He seeks your attention
  • He flirts shamelessly with you
  • He invites you to big events
  • His jealousy flairs up
  • He woos you with his wallet

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First, let’s start by talking about who the Leo man is. 

Your Royal Highness

Like their symbol the lion, the king of the jungle, Leo men are the kings of the zodiac.

They should be worshiped by **everyone** in their opinion.

man pushing a woman on a bike with a quote about leo men in romance

A Leo man has a larger than life personality. He enjoys the spotlight and wants to be surrounded by the best people!

This, of course, includes the lady in his life.

When it comes right down to it, a Leo wants a woman who makes him look as good as he makes her look. 

He’s just so social that it’s hard to tell if he likes you or he’s just being his charming self.

The good thing is, Leo men are pretty forward, so if he likes you, you’ll know sooner than later.

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How to Know If a Leo Man Likes You

When a Leo man likes you, he shows it in a grand way. He wants you to feel special and admire his efforts.

He’s persistent and gets what he wants. If you’re the object of his desire, don’t be surprised to find him pulling out all the stops to get you.

Wanna know how he’ll show he’s feeling you?

Let’s check the signs.

He wants you to notice him

man looking seductively into camera with a quote about a leo man wanting to get your attention

This is one of the first ways he’ll show that he likes you. He makes sure he’s on your radar.

If he’s always trying to get your attention, you can bet this Leo man likes you more than a friend.

He wants to stand out so you can’t take your eyes off him.

Leos enjoy being the center of attention─the more people hanging onto their every word, the better.

If you notice that whenever you come around he starts cracking jokes or telling one of his over-the-top stories, he’s interested in you.

He wants you to go out on the town with him

I’ve mentioned Leos like to be the center of attention, right?

They’re social butterflies and love being seen at the hottest events in town.

If a Leo man has asked you to a party with him, he likes being seen with you, which is a big deal. He wants to show off!

Leos are pretty popular and tend to be the life of the party. He wants you to see how in demand he is.

You’ll always have a good time with him—that’s the takeaway he’s going for.

He’ll openly flirt with you

man bringing a woman flowers with a quote about how a leo man flirts

Leos like to talk─sometimes it’s hard for them to stop. 

They’re bold and confident and have no problem saying what’s on their minds.

When a Leo likes you he goes out of his way to put the charm on you. After all, he is very adept at the art of flirting.

He’ll shower you with praise and affection. He’ll go on and on about how pretty you are, how you’re such an amazing person and at times when he’s talking he may touch your arm or your hand.

Leo Man Secrets has solid tips on how best to flirt back with this fiery man and get him hooked on you.

Bottom line: The Leo man wants to make the woman he likes feel special. Be prepared for lots of flattery!

The jealousy will come out

Leos have *very healthy* egos—they can’t imagine the person they like finding anyone else interesting!

So as you can imagine, they’re a bit perturbed when someone takes your attention away from them.

A Leo man will interrupt your conversation in the break room if you’re talking to an attractive coworker and tell you about his exciting weekend.

If you don’t give him the attention he wants, he will get jealous and wonder why you aren’t giving him the time of day.

Leos don’t particularly wear their hearts on their sleeves, but if they like you, they want to make sure they’re the only one you have eyes for.

Spending money on you is par for the course 

man reading a restaurant menu on a date with a quote about a leo man impressing a woman he likes

Did he ask you out to a new five star restaurant? 

That’s not a surprise! A Leo man wants to impress you with his great sense of taste.

He’s trying to give you the best of the best—even it costs a pretty penny (especially if it costs a pretty penny!).

He’ll get you front-row seats to the show and buy you pricey gifts.

It’s his way of saying that he’s into you and you’re well worth it.

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