What Does It Mean When a Taurus Man Kisses You? (& How to React)

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What does it mean when a Taurus man kisses you? Does he have feelings for you?

Here’s the answer, and what you should do:

  • A Taurus man only kisses you when he’s seriously interested or has feelings for you
  • It means he’s ready to pursue you—just be sure to let him know that’s what you want

Taurus men are hard to bag, but not impossible when you know what you’re doing.

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What does it mean when a Taurus man kisses you?

Hands down, when a Taurus man kisses you, it means he likes you.

Like, romantically and seriously likes you. It’s not just a fleeting attraction.

So congratulations!

If a Taurus man you’re digging kisses you, he’s waving a giant flag for you to let your guard down and let him in.

A Taurus man is not the type to smooch someone and then ghost (that is, disappearing for good, not just minding his own business).

As well, if he were only into your body, he wouldn’t go out of his way to kiss you much.

For him, leaning in to give you a kiss is a step in the direction of a relationship.

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What should you do?

A Taurus man is an interesting guy.

He’s the reactive type, meaning he waits to see what you’re like and what you’ll do before he makes a move.

However, he’s also the one who needs to be in charge and lead your relationship.

A kiss from him is confirmation that he’s ready to pursue you—slowly.

However, he won’t chase you if you don’t feed him signals of your own attraction and desire.

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So go ahead and text him after you lock lips. 

Throw out breadcrumbs that lead him to you.

Reach out to him if he doesn’t initiate communication, because he may be too shy until he knows that’s what you want.

Shower him with attention when you’re hanging out and be absorbed in what he says when you’re chatting.

We explain more in Will a Taurus Man Make the First Move?

A word of caution

A kiss from a Taurus guy doesn’t instantly mean he wants to hop into bed with you.

The thing is, it’s kind of a weird situation for him.

While he’s super attracted to you, a Taurus man likes the more old-fashioned approach where you go on some dates first and take your time before becoming intimate.

He trusts this approach more.

Sometimes when you dive in too early with him, he ends up getting the wrong signal from you.

(This is why it’s crucial that you understand how the Taurus man thinks!)

He could think you just want a physical relationship with him. Or that you’re less discerning about who you sleep with.

Which obviously has nothing to do with your choice here.

But it’s the way he might take it, so when you do get a smooch, consider taking your time with getting intimate.

Building sexual tension and anticipation will make him crave you and keep him coming back for more.

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What about when a Taurus man kisses your forehead?

This is a sign of true affection.

When a Taurus guy gives you a peck on the forehead, he’s indulging himself in a mushy, romantic moment.

No matter what your situation is, he only does this when he genuinely cares about you.

Take it as a sign that he’s emotionally bonded to you.

Which means he’s fully invested in your relationship.

What about when he’s in love?

A Taurus man’s kisses become more intense as he falls for you.

They may be the kind where he looks into your eyes and kisses your lips gently, but slowly and meaningfully.

He’ll kiss you more often, and your make-out sessions will increase.

In fact, these are better indications of his true feelings than what he says.

He expresses himself through action and his physical nature, and kissing and touching are how he communicates.

Other Taurus man questions

How do Taurus like to be kissed?


Tauruses, both male and female, dream about a passionate physical relationship where there is deep, slow kissing and heavy pawing.

You may not be at that point yet in dating if you just got started, so it’s good to follow the Taurus man’s lead on this.

But when he gives you the green light, go ahead and lay a knock-his-socks-off kiss on him.

How do you know if a Taurus man has feelings for you?

A Taurus man really likes you if he starts doing nice things for you and paying a lot of attention to you.

He’ll try to win your approval by getting you small, sentimental gifts he knows will tug at your heart strings.

Since he’s a physical person, he’ll want to be near you as much as possible.

And the compliments—get ready to be flattered like never before.

If you want a full list of signs, see Signs a Taurus Man Likes You.

How do you know if a Taurus man is serious about you?

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When a Taurus man is serious, he’s in love. Whether he’s said it or not.

If you want to know when that’s finally happening, look for clues in his actions. Not as much his words.

Like going out of his way to spend his free time with you.

Letting you meet his parents.

Making plans with you and showing to the world that you’re his girl.

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Signs a Taurus man is sexually attracted to you

A Taurus man is sexually attracted to you when he’s looking for ways to touch you.

At first it will be subtle since he doesn’t want to overstep his bounds. Maybe he’ll touch your hair or your shoulder in an innocent way.

If you touch him back and show that you want him to continue, he’ll get handsier with you.

Another sign that he’s attracted to you is how he looks at you.

When a Taurus man stares at you from afar, it means he can’t stop admiring you.

And when he gives you major eye contact with that piercing look while you’re talking to him, you’ve got him practically eating out of your hands.

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Where do you touch a Taurus man?

Since Taurus rules the neck to the shoulders on the human body, these are good places to touch a Taurus guy.

It’s easy to offer him a stress-relieving shoulder rub. If he’s into you, he’ll gladly accept and be extremely satisfied.

Getting more intimate with a Taurus man? You can throw in some neck nibbles to excite him.

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