What Does a Taurus Man Find Attractive in a Capricorn Woman? (10 Tips)

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When Taurus and Capricorn meet, it feels like destiny.

So, what does a Taurus man find attractive in a Capricorn woman?

  • She’s strong, feminine and sophisticated—a triple threat
  • A Capricorn woman is wise, mature and financially secure
  • He can rely on her because she’s stable and true to her word
  • She won’t toy with him—she values loyalty and commitment

It’s almost a crime when something doesn’t work out between Taurus and Cap.

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Why Is Taurus So Attracted to Capricorn?

There are many different factors at play that attract the Taurus to the Capricorn, starting with their shared element: earth.

As earth signs, they’re compatible in their astrological DNA—they sense that they “get” each other, and in a lot of ways they do.

They’re both grounded, sensible people who enjoy dry, sarcastic humor and have plenty of drive to accomplish their goals.

Being 60 degrees apart, these two signs form a trine. Such a degree influences the two to get along famously and become naturally attracted to one another.

But the Capricorn is also an accomplished, enterprising person, which the Taurus both admires and desires.

Taurus wants to be with someone who is going to make something of themselves. 

Well, if zodiac signs got high school superlatives, Capricorn would get “most likely to succeed.”

Altogether, Capricorn presents a package Taurus has been hoping to find all his life.

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What Does a Taurus Man Find Attractive in a Capricorn Woman?

1. She’s a lady

Class, elegance and femininity are the Taurus man’s kryptonite.

A Capricorn woman has it all, balanced with her inner strength and sheer determination.

Her tastes are refined and her clothes are chic and stylish—never too flashy. 

She opts for sophisticated classics like pearl stud earrings, a-line skirts, tailored pant suits and silky blouses.

Exactly how the Taurus man likes it.

She carries herself in a way that commands respect from everyone who meets her. 

There’s just something extremely dignified about her, and the Taurus man eats it up.

2. She’s fearless

If something threatens a Cappy woman’s peace and happiness, she doesn’t bat an eye.

She’ll confront it head-on and eliminate it through her practicality and excellent judgment.

Without a doubt, a Capricorn woman needs no man to save her. And this is exactly why the Taurus man wants to be her hero.

Because he’s chivalrous, he has a natural inclination to protect her. But he yearns to take care of her because he feels this woman will reciprocate.

Equally, a Capricorn woman wants to feel like she can rely on her man to be there for her and provide in a masculine type of way.

Neither sign is afraid to face life’s challenges.

With a strong woman like this at his side, the Taurus man knows they can accomplish anything and will have each other’s backs no matter what.

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3. She’s not easy to get

Capricorn women aren’t easily won over.

This is partly because a Capricorn has high standards—which are well-deserved.

It’s no shock if she’s out of most men’s leagues. Even the Taurus’s.

But that just makes him want her more.

He knows he’s going to have to wine her, dine her and impress her if he wants her to date him.

As a traditionalist, the Taurus man thinks this is how a woman should behave with a man.

He feels she’s truly worth investing his energy into. He’ll pull out all the stops for her.

4. She’s mysterious

As much as a Taurus man likes a woman who doesn’t hold any secrets from him, he wants her to have layers to discover.

To his delight, he’ll have to peel back a Cap woman’s layers to figure her out.

She’s not going to spill everything on the first date. Nor is she going to let him get too close, physically or emotionally, until he’s earned it.

This just heightens the prize for the Taurus man.

He’ll savor getting closer to her slowly but surely, learning about her in a way that only the most patient and dedicated can.

5. She gets him

Being so alike in so many ways has a definite advantage.

Taurus and Capricorn have an unshakable bond. They can feel it without words, which is good because neither of these signs is too verbal anyway.

Sure, their relationship will take effort just like any other relationship.

Communication can be an area of weakness, but the Taurus man is up to any challenges that may arise because he sees how worthwhile it is. 

They won’t betray one another or take each other for granted, giving the Taurus man a feeling of safety with the Capricorn woman.

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6. She has it together

Look up the word “grown-up” in the dictionary and you’ll find Capricorn there.

Capricorns are about as mature as it gets.

They have very little patience for games and superficial things, which Tauruses thank their lucky stars for.

A Capricorn woman is smart as a whip and knows what she wants. And she doesn’t mess around—she cuts right to the chase.

Responsible and hard-working, she’s very similar to the Taurus man.

With her, he can easily see a future where they’re joining forces to create a life together.

7. She’s a go-getter

Ambition is sexy to a Taurus guy.

He’s ambitious himself. You might hear Taurus men talking in no uncertain terms about their big plans—and how they’re going to accomplish them.

Like Taurus, Capricorn puts her money where her mouth is.

What she wants, she’ll get, because she’ll work hard for it. Nothing will get in her way.

The Taurus man is this way himself, but he seldom comes across another individual who shares this trait so strongly.

It makes him respect her immensely.

And he knows that if they end up together, they’ll have what it takes to make their dreams a reality.

8. Financial security

The things a Taurus man owns and the money that buys them are very important to a Taurus man’s sense of security and happiness.

When he meets a woman, Taurus wants to know that she’s responsible with money and takes saving it seriously.

Thinking about a future with her, the Taurus man sees money in the bank, vacations and the ability to afford the luxuries and material comforts they both desire.

With a Capricorn woman, he can create a life he very much wants.

Additionally, she doesn’t need him to carry her.

Though a smitten Taurus man will want to prove he can take care of her financially and buy her dinner, gifts and treats, she won’t treat him like a walking wallet.

That kind of self-sufficiency is highly appealing to him and signifies a woman who is truly independent.

9. She’s reliable

Both Capricorns and Taureans need stable ground beneath their feet.

A Taurus man won’t get involved with a woman who is too flighty or too difficult to chase.

With a Capricorn woman, he knows that what he sees is what he gets.

She feels no need to put on a front, and if she says she’ll do something, she does it.

If she said she’s going to meet him at the restaurant at 8 o’clock, she’ll be there at 7:45.

The Taurus man hates wishy-washiness.

Trust and reliability are big issues for him when he dates, so he’s very much drawn to a Capricorn woman. 

She’s like a lighthouse in the ocean, a comfort and a compass for him.

10. She values commitment

About trustworthiness—a Capricorn woman will not play with a Taurus man’s heart.

She’s serious about relationships. If she gets into one, she’ll give it everything she’s got.

When she makes a commitment, it’s as steady as the days are long.

Again, with the Taurus man needing reassurance of a woman’s reliability and loyalty, this is a high-value trait to him.

He’s hesitant to let just any woman in. She has to be someone he can grow with and who will treat him like the man in her life.

He knows the Capricorn woman is on his wavelength and is therefore willing to put himself out there for her.

Other Taurus Man Questions

How do you tell if a Taurus man likes you?

He may not say so, but he’ll give himself away if you look at how he treats you.

He’ll give you so much time and attention that you’ll notice he’s singling you out among other women. And everyone else, really.

You’ll find that he’s ridiculously nice to you and says the sweetest things.

He’s a traditional kind of man, so he’ll want to sweep you off your feet with romantic dinners and gifts.

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But his jealousy can also take hold because he doesn’t want to lose you to another man. That’s a sure sign that he’s into you.

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Taurus man and Capricorn woman love at first sight

Neither of these signs is prone to falling in love at first sight.

Especially not the uber practical Capricorn, who doesn’t really believe in such a thing.

And yet, their intense similarities make them all but swoon when they lock eyes.

One thing is certain, they’ll feel a deep attraction and connection like two best friends hitting it off instantly.

They’ll recognize something special and unique in the other and covet it. And more often than not, love is soon to follow.

Taurus man and Capricorn woman sextrology

Both being earthy, sensual people, Taurus and Capricorn are passionate together in the sack.

They can expect marathons of pure pleasure.

Both also love a good build-up, so anticipation and foreplay will be a big part of their sexual relationship.

However, a Taurus male can be harder to push out of his comfort zone, so if the Capricorn woman wants to get more adventurous, she’ll have to take the lead.

Can Capricorn marry Taurus?


If these two get married (and the likelihood is high), their relationship will be virtually indestructible.

They’ll build the life they truly want and deserve together, lifting each other up and supporting one another the whole way.

Their commitment is solid as a rock and they’ll put their energies into nurturing their goals and their family, should they have one.

They’ll create comforting routines and harmony—about as perfect as it gets.

We dive into this more in Can a Taurus Man Marry a Capricorn Woman?

Are Taurus and Capricorn soulmates?

It’s easy for Taurus and Capricorn to feel like soulmates when they get together.

Few people they encounter resonate with them on such a fundamental level.

They can hardly find something to disagree on, and they don’t have to work hard to understand each other.

Their soulmate potential is high.

Taurus man Capricorn woman problems

The major problems that can come up between a Taurus man and Capricorn woman revolve around communication and stubbornness.

They both have strong wills and a controlling nature.

Putting them together in an intimate relationship can create some tension there, and their tendency to avoid talking about things can make it worse.

So there are issues that they might face.

But as to the question of whether they can successfully overcome them, the answer is a resounding yes.

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