How to Drive an Aries Man Crazy (6 Tips to Make Him Yours)

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Let’s face it, Aries men are enigmas. What’s a girl gotta do to get him hooked? How to drive an Aries man crazy takes a quick lesson in Aries psychology first.

Inside the Aries Man’s Mind

Inside the Aries man’s mind, things are moving fast. He’s not the type to take ages to decide what he’s going to do with his life, let alone whether he’s going to chase you or not. Either he’s going to do something or he isn’t. Either he likes you, or he doesn’t. If not, he’s moving on before you can say, “What’s your sign?”

Aries guys see the world as a playground of things to be conquered. Mountains to climb (his sign is represented by the Ram after all), competitions to win, ladies to woo. He knows he’s good at it, too.

You see, Aries is the first sign of the zodiac. Think of him like the first-born child. There are no other siblings in his house yet. He’s all alone, completely independent, doing his thing by himself. He doesn’t need to share with the other zodiac signs yet, keeping his eye on the prize, whatever that is to him.

sillhouette of a man standing on a rock at sunset with a quote about aries men and conquering the world

Essentially, he is self-oriented.

Not in a bad way. In fact, Aries has a lot to teach the other signs about forging ahead, carving one’s way through uncharted terrain and getting back up again, even when you fall a dozen times. The strength and determination of the Aries spirit is something to marvel at.

So all of this is a long winded way of saying that you don’t really “catch” the Aries man. He’s too busy conquering the world for that.

But what you can do is pique his interest by presenting yourself as an equal force to be reckoned with, and let him hook himself.

That’s what we’re going to talk about…right now.

Here’s how to drive an Aries man crazy so he keeps coming back again and again.

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How to Drive an Aries Man Crazy

This is a list of methods that have been tested and approved by many a happy partner of an Aries man. Stick with this list if you haven’t had any experience with Aries guys yet, and you’ll be giving yourself a much better chance of being his new obsession.

If you need more in-depth training in attracting an Aries man and playing for keeps, zodiac dating expert and sextrologist Anna Kovach has a book for that: Aries Man Secrets.

1. Be bold.

closeup of a metal stanchion with a red carpet in the background and a quote about attracting an aries man

If you’ve ever seen an Aries man in action, you may have noticed what an audacious risk taker he is. Aries is not a wallflower. Nor should you be if you want an Aries man to chase you.

Put yourself out there. Rise to the challenge in a verbal battle of wits with him. Exude confidence in yourself and what you do when he’s watching, and if you’re not a Leo, learn from the Leo about being daring and 100 percent confident. There’s a reason Aries men love Leos: that big, bold personality.

Now, Leos have a knack for commanding the attention of everyone in their vicinity. If that’s not you, that’s OK. Not all of us were born for the spotlight, and some of us actively shy away from it.

In terms of getting an Aries man to swoon over you, the key is to imagine yourself as the star of the show. That will give you that oomph that turns the Aries man’s head. Hello, where have you been all his life?

2. Be sexy.

This may sound like a no-brainer, but the reason it’s worth mentioning is that Aries men like stuff that grabs their attention maybe a little bit more than the average. They can be a little ADD as they scan a scene for the most interesting thing to look at. So make yourself it.

Put on something red and eye-catching. Or take the extra time to do your hair before you show up to the party. Aries men appreciate a good-looking individual who takes pride in their appearance and allows it to show.

Plus, the visuals will immediately give him something to think about while you’re impressing the heck out of him with your bold, sexy personality.

One thing to think about: Aries men have high libidos. And they LOVE to flirt, so take advantage of that and reel him in from the get-go.

3. Ignore him first, then give him attention.

man flirting with a woman turning away smiling with a quote about dating aries man

You may be scared to try this, but trust that it works. No matter how well your date or flirtatious conversation went, if you jump all over the Aries, he’s likely to jet.

That’s because he’s the dominant force, or at least he really wants to be. He’s looking for someone he can pursue with passion and vigor. It kind of takes the fun out for him if the roles are reversed. That can be frustrating, I know, but it’s just how his mind works.

When I say ignore him, I don’t mean that you have to avoid all his texts and phone calls and pretend he doesn’t exist when you run into him at the coffee shop.

Best to hold off on making yourself super available to him in the beginning. Take your time getting back to him if need be. Have plans already the next time he wants to get together.

Wait and see the Aries go nuts over this and blow up your phone any chance he gets. Then you can find some free time for him and bring your A game. The contrast between the lack of attention and then the sudden attention will fuel his fire. You want the Aries man to see you as a prize worth trying his best to win.

Feel free to ignore him from time to time, then pay attention to him again. Rinse, repeat.

The one caveat about this move: He has to be hooked first. If you haven’t gotten him sincerely interested already, he’ll consider it your loss and look elsewhere.

4. Have an active life that’s all your own.

This is an easy way to ensure that you’re not available to the Aries man anytime he fancies. And, by having your own thing going on that doesn’t involve the Aries at all, you’re making yourself oh-so mysterious and alluring to him. A definite plus.

You don’t have to join a Jiu Jitsu class and fill every second of your day up with activities and accomplishments. The great thing, though, about having something that’s all your own is that you have it to impress the Aries with when you get together.

If there’s something an Aries man eats up, it’s a sense of his date’s strength and independence. He loves to hear that you’re self-reliant and working toward your own pursuits, whether to better yourself or just because you like doing them.

That’s hot to him. Consider yourself an Aries magnet.

5. Show that you’re not to be toyed with.

Sometimes, Aries men can be overbearing with people who are timid or not willing to assert themselves. They can end up being steamrollers, which neither of you really want.

To make him stop and realize that he really wants to get to know you, don’t let him steamroll.

He probably wouldn’t do it intentionally anyway, which is kind of the point. He needs someone strong enough to meet him where he’s at. Otherwise, he has no reason to invest his time and emotions.

State your opinions. Don’t let him change them just to please him. Stand your ground if he wants one thing and you want something else. Be true to yourself and the Aries will see that you’re not a pushover.

If you want to know how to make an Aries man want you, this is key.

6. Make him wait.

Yes, I mean in the bedroom. Hear me out.

As we talked about earlier, Aries men jump right into things, or try. They aren’t cautious types, and they aren’t going to be the ones to say, “Let’s take it slow.”

However, this can often be the undoing of a potentially long-lasting and fulfilling relationship with someone they’re just getting involved with.

Why is that?

It may be that the Aries has not yet had enough time to really get to know you and care for you on a deeper level. And because his mind moves so quickly, if he makes a snap judgment that you’re not compatible for some reason, he’ll hit the road, potentially depriving you as well as himself of a meaningful relationship.

If you want to drive the Aries crazy for the long term, you’ve got to insist on putting the brakes on and slowing the love train down. Don’t worry, if he’s a decent guy and he likes you, it’ll make him more determined to find out what you’re all about, which is exactly what you want.

You don’t want a man who’s in it for one thing anyway.

So make him wait! It’ll bring the romantic out of him as he tries his best to woo you. That’s the fun part, right?


If you’ve ever gotten an Aries man to chase you like crazy, share how you did it!

And if you want to know exactly what to do to ensure that an Aries man never loses interest, check out Anna Kovach’s Aries Man Secrets.

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