Aquarius Man Testing You: 10 Signs (and How to Respond)

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Wondering if an Aquarius man is testing you?

Here are the signs to watch out for:

  • He asks questions and says bizarre things to gauge your reactions
  • He makes sure you’re not trying to control him
  • It’s like he’s trying to make you jealous of other women
  • He tests to see if you fit in with his social circle
  • He tests your loyalty and faithfulness to him

An Aquarius man will give you his trust freely—but lose it, and it can cost you the relationship forever.

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Aquarius Man Testing You: 10 Biggest Signs

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Aquarius men aren’t like other men you’ve dealt with.

They’re walking contradictions—somehow both extraverted and introverted, friendly yet distant, direct but shy.

Aquarius men will say they’re too evolved for tests, which is why you should beware.

This zodiac sign won’t call them tests, but they definitely are.

Without further ado, here are those famous Aquarius man tests.

1. He likes to play mind games

Even though an Aquarius man will say he doesn’t do mind games, it sort of comes with the territory of dating an air sign.

If he’s doing things like trying to make you jealous and getting you emotionally riled up, he’s definitely testing you—

It’s all to see how you react.

So if you’re wondering why he keeps talking about the gorgeous women who give him their numbers, make a mental note—he’s just curious what you’ll do.

What you say and how possessive you become speaks volumes to him about the person you are underneath your exterior.

Just laugh it off.

It’s annoying, but usually harmless.

2. He asks questions

man and woman holding books and talking with a quote about aquarius man asking questions to test you

Aquarius men are your classic analytical types, which makes them very good at figuring out what you’re all about.

All they need is to do is talk to you.

The Aquarius will text you throughout the day, asking you questions about random topics.

Meanwhile, he’ll monitor your responses to get a feel for how you think and what your values are.

Basically, if an Aquarius guy is probing your mind, he’s testing you.

To you it’s just talking, but to him it’s painting an honest picture of you.

Just be truthful and try to keep him intrigued with some thoughtful answers.

Stay on the positive side and most of all, be yourself.

If he keeps reaching out, congratulations!

Something about you has caught his attention—he’s genuinely into you.

3. He makes you feel like you’re just a clingy girlfriend

An Aquarius male is a highly independent soul.

Are you going to let him off the leash, or cramp his independent style?

Aquarius men may start dodging your calls and setting up boundaries with you to ensure you’re not a clingy woman.

This can make you start feeling a little crazy, like you’re being needy when you’re just trying to reach out.

But this Aquarius man test is more about him than about you.

He needs to remind himself that he’s in control, and nobody is tying him down.

If you just do your own thing and let him do his, he’ll get the proof he needs.

Always have your own life and when he’s not answering your call, give him ample time to get back to you on his own terms.

4. Controlling tendency test

man thinking on a bench with a quote about aquarius men and controlling tendencies dating

If you have any controlling tendencies, the Aquarius man will sniff them out.

As a stubborn fixed sign, Aquarius demands total freedom to act as he wants and be who he is, without having to anwer to anybody.

So little things like telling him what to do or how to behave will put him in a rebellious mood.

You’ll find that he ignores your suggestions, no matter how seemingly harmless.

As a matter of fact, he’ll make sure you see that he’s doing the opposite.

Do yourself a favor and don’t get confrontational.

Brushing it off and continuing to have a good time with your Aquarius guy is really the best way to diffuse him.

5. He’ll flirt with other women

Unfortunately, another sign of an Aquarius man testing you is when he flirts with other women.

He might get flirty with someone at a party, in full view of you and everyone else.

But he’s not merely trying to make you jealous.

He’ll do this purely because he doesn’t know how you feel about him.

Does him flirting with another woman push your buttons?

While you never want to have a dramatic reaction to it, talking to him calmly about it later (before you reach your breaking point) will give him the answer he’s looking for, and also let him know that he should stop.

Remember, you’ll need to walk the line carefully and not show a controlling tendency.

If you want to know how to show him you care without scaring him off, I suggest following Anna’s advice in Aquarius Man Secrets.

6. He takes you out with his friends

Aquarius is the sign of friendship.

His friends are extremely important to him, so it’s also important for him to know that you won’t tip the balance there.

How well do you get along with them?

Although it may take him some time to first bring you around his friends, eventually he will give you an opportunity at some very casual hang.

And that’s when he’s going to judge—do you mesh well in his social scene?

So make sure you do!

7. He tests your sense of humor

man and woman laughing with cups of coffee and a quote about aquarius men sense of humor

Aquarius men are famous for not taking things too seriously.

They’re cool customers, and they like it when a woman can have a sense of humor even about the darker, more serious things in life.

An Aquarius man’s own style of comedy might be super dry or downright slapstick.

Either way, you may be caught offguard by it.

He’ll tell you zany jokes, bizarre stories and maybe act goofy around you.

He’ll expose you to his weird sense of humor to see if he can relate to you—or if you’re a little too straight-laced for him.

It’s highly suggested that you have a few jokes of your own and go with the flow.

8. He’ll test how free spirited you are

An Aquarius man needs a woman with an open mind.

He’s an unconventional man himself, and he’s bored by women who desperately need to fit in.

So don’t be alarmed when he expresses some wild opinions to you that he knows go against the grain.

Are you going to criticize him, or engage him?

He’s not necessarily looking for you to agree with him—he just wants to know that you think for yourself.

Share your own opinions, whether they contradict his or society’s.

Show him that you’re not afraid to stand up for what you believe in, because a person who would rather be a sheep than stir the pot is not his cup of tea.

9. He observes how you are with other men

Make no mistake, an Aquarius man wouldn’t be caught dead showing jealousy.

Rather than get to that point, he would much rather keep his head while he watches you around other guys.

He won’t step in and act possessive if you flirt. He will display zero insecure behavior.

Nor will you get much of a reaction if you talk about other men flirting with you or wanting to date you.

Most women who play games like these aren’t taken too seriously by the Aquarius.

If he gets the sense that you’re not to be trusted, he’ll simply cut off contact.

And that will be that.

Pass this Aquarius man test by always remaining faithful and honest.

Teasing him is one thing, but behaving like you don’t need to be loyal to him is where he’ll draw the line.

10. He tells you what his friends think of you

Here’s another subtle sign of an Aquarius man testing you—straight up telling you what his friends think about you.

If he’s telling you that his friends are concerned about him getting into a romantic relationship with you, he’s looking for reassurance from you.

In case this happens, don’t say his friends are being ridiculous.

Just let him know you appreciate him mentioning it to you.

Say you understand, that he has great friends who care about him and that you hope you get the chance to prove yourself to them.

Your Aquarius man is nervous about falling for you.

Even though he’s an extremely independent person, he still wants to know that you’ll stick around.

Aquarius Men Questions

How do you know if an Aquarius man thinks about you?

Want to know if you’re on this air sign’s mind?

Here are some big signs an Aquarius man thinks about you:

  • His friends admit that he talks about you
  • His friends try to play matchmaker and get him a date with you
  • He reaches out with random texts at any time of day
  • When you hang out, he’s immediately prepared with topics to get your opinion on

How does an Aquarius man show that he likes you?

He likes you if he’s directly asking you to hang out.

He’ll be casual about it, and not particularly romantic.

But he’ll look you directly in the eyes and you’ll know that he’s being sincere in his desire to spend time with you.

He’ll try to develop a friendship with you and give you plenty of space until you show him you’re into him, too.

And make no mistake, he has no problem making the first move.

How do you know if an Aquarius man is lying?

It’s tough to tell when an Aquarius man is lying because he has the ability to lie without blinking straight to your face.

The good news is, Aquarius is known as a very honest sign, and most Aquarians see no reason to lie.

If they have a tell, it’s trying to move on from your questions too quickly in an effort to change the subject.

They won’t get hot under the collar or show any frustration, they’ll just try to get you onto another topic of conversation as casually as possible.

How do Aquarius act when they love someone?

An Aquarius who loves you is fully committed.

It might not seem like the Aquarian’s love life is all that important to them, but this is a misunderstanding.

You may be surprised at how suddenly they go from being casual with you to moving halfway across the world just to be with you.

In addition to this, they’ll be very affectionate with you and tell you they love you without holding back.

Will an Aquarius man try to make you jealous?


If an Aquarius plays games like trying to make you jealous, it’s like poking the bear.

He knows he’s stirring up your emotions, but it’s all about how you deal with it.

Yes he likes to know that you care about him.

But most of all, he wants to make sure you’re not too possessive of him.

If you act confidently, don’t dwell on it and focus on spending quality time together, he’ll eventually stop.

What does it mean when an Aquarius man ignores you?

An Aquarius man ignores you when you’re being a negative force in his life somehow.

Whether you’ve annoyed him or he feels you’re infringing on his freedom, he’ll put you on ice.

Just be sure to know the difference between ignoring you and just needing his own time and space from you.

Generally, if he’s engaged with you and texts you back, not hearing from him for a few days is not a big deal.

If it’s like pulling teeth trying to talk to him, you’ve got a problem on your hands.

Why do Aquarius give silent treatment?

Aquarius gives the silent treatment while they deal with their emotions.

If they’ve been hurt by you, they don’t want to talk to you again until they’ve privately gone through their emotional reactions and are ready to talk about it.

How do you know if an Aquarius man cares about you?

If he cares for you, he’ll be there for you.

Even if you hurt him or he’s upset with you, when you need him he’ll be the first one to set it aside and help you out of trouble.

Deep down, he’s really selfless and in his own way, quite nurturing.

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