Why Do Taurus Men Ignore You? (11 Reasons You Need to Know)

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Everything was going great, and now your Taurus man won’t take your calls.

Why do Taurus men ignore you?

  • They’re hurt or offended by something you said or did
  • They’re just really busy and bad at multitasking
  • They really like you, so now they’re testing you
  • They’re trying to control how fast the relationship moves

If you’re here because you need to know how to keep a Taurus man, the most important thing you can do is make sure you understand him.

Because if he thinks you don’t get him, you are powerless to shape his opinion.

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Why Do Taurus Men Ignore You?

1. Taurus men ignore you if you’ve offended them

Said something rude or crude at dinner?

Had a disagreement and it got personal?

Tauruses are calm and mellow sorts of people, but they have a strong sense of what’s appropriate, proper and morally right.

If you crossed the line, they’ll ignore you until they’ve gotten over it.

Take it as the Taurus’s preferred way of punishing you.

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2. A Taurus man will ignore you if he really likes you

Confusing, right?

At first, when a Taurus man likes you he’ll be all over you.

Literally, you cannot get rid of him to save your life.

And then he goes AWOL, and you’re left wondering what you did wrong.

Nothing—he just wants to see if you’ll take the initiative and contact him.

If he’s going to pursue you, he doesn’t want to waste his time. He needs to know that you’re serious about entertaining a relationship with him.

Only then will he let his feelings for you go any further.

3. Taurus men have a one-track mind

Taurus men get very focused on what’s in front of them.

That may be a project for their job or a soccer game.

But if a Taurus man is busy, he’s very unlikely to drop what he’s doing and call you.

Tauruses are very physical, sensory people. As a result, they get consumed by what’s happening in the present moment, and they’re definitely not paying attention to anything else.

So it’s not necessarily any cause to worry when you don’t hear back from a Taurus man.

Especially if you know he’s got something big going on at work.

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4. They’re not big texters

A lot of people assume a Taurus is mad at them when they don’t text back.

But the reality is that Tauruses are really bad texters.

If you’ve messaged the Taurus man and he hasn’t gotten back to you since yesterday, wait another day.

You may get a text that he fell asleep watching a movie (again).

A Taurus man may care about you more than anything in the world, and still forget to text you when he said he would.

They’re much better in person, and they prefer that interaction anyway.

5. Taurus men ignore you when they’re hurt

Is it cold in here, or is the Taurus just mad?

Taurus men get frosty and ice you out when they’ve gotten their feelings hurt.

You may not realize how devastating an argument you had was to them, or how much to heart they took your criticism.

But a hurt Taurus man’s silence will speak volumes about his pain.

You’ll know it because the Taurus man will go to great lengths to silence your calls, avoid eye contact and ignore your presence.

6. Things got hot and heavy too fast

Another reason Taurus men ignore you is when they’re creating space between you.

They’ll do this if they suddenly realize that you were getting close quickly—too quickly for the slow, methodical Taurus.

This happens more often than you might think.

Since Taurus men are sweet, romantic and sincere, they can get all tangled up in their emotions and desires before they’re really ready to.

If that happens, you can almost be certain that they’ll take a step back.

Anna Kovach talks about what you can do to prevent this type of thing from killing the romance in Taurus Man Secrets.

7. The Taurus man is dealing with serious stuff right now

When an emotional bomb hits, the Taurus man’s MO is to retreat into himself.

He doesn’t want to burden anyone with his problems, so he keeps them in and takes some alone time.

As a matter of fact, a Taurus man might not tell you he was going through a rough time until after the fact.

All you knew was that he wasn’t picking up the phone or giving you any face time.

8. They’re jealous

Jealousy is a big issue for Taurus men.

Whether you’re dating a Taurus man or not, he’ll get jealous when he sees other guys talking to you.

Or worse, if he sees you flirting back.

He might convince himself you’re not interested in him anymore or ignore you for revenge.

But it’s one good reason to be delicate about how you handle the subject of other men around him.

9. They’re thinking about getting serious

Does he want to get more serious with you, or has this relationship hit a plateau?

The Taurus man is going to need some time to figure out what the next step is.

Ever slow and cautious, Taurus men won’t jump into a commitment.

Instead, they’ll take their space from you to think about it, weighing all the pros and cons until they figure out if it’s a good decision or not.

It sucks when they have to basically cut you out temporarily just to assess how they feel.

But that’s how a Taurus is, and we love them all the same.

10. You lied

If a Taurus man has gotten the idea that you haven’t been totally truthful with him, he’ll move quickly to distance himself.

Trust is everything to Taurus men, and earning it takes more than simply not lying to them.

Being genuine and sincere and not pretending to be something you aren’t are part of it.

So if you’ve been hiding something from a Taurus man and he’s picked up on that, don’t be surprised if he writes you off.

11. You fell off their pedestal

Tauruses are idealistic.

When it comes to dating, this trait makes them put the person they like on a pedestal.

So when that person does something they don’t like, it may tip them off that pedestal and put the Taurus in a funk.

Maybe your values didn’t align with the Taurus man’s.

Or maybe you treated someone less than kindly in front of him.

Whatever the case may be, the Taurus man has no choice but to ignore you while he gets over it.

Taurus Man FAQ

How do you get a Taurus man to chase you?

Get a Taurus man to chase you first by being independent.

A Taurus man runs away from a clingy woman, but runs towards a woman who is self-sufficient and doesn’t need anything from him.

Beyond this, you’re going to need to reel him in by appealing to his senses.

Smell good, look incredible and make everything about yourself delicious and tempting if you want a Taurus man to chase you endlessly.

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Why is my Taurus man so distant?

A Taurus man becomes distant usually in response to something you’re doing, or something that’s happening in your relationship.

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Instead of confronting things, a Taurus man will try to ignore them and push his feelings down.

But they will continue to affect him, and that will come out in the form of an invisible wedge being driven between you.

Try to examine your day-to-day relationship with him and see if you’ve had a lot of arguments recently, you’ve been less affectionate lately or stress has been weighing you both down.

How do you know if a Taurus man doesn’t like you?

A Taurus man who pays absolutely no attention to you whatsoever doesn’t like you.

You won’t just be ignored.

He’ll act like you literally don’t matter to him.

No special attention, no showing up where he knows you’ll be, and definitely no smiling, flirting and extended eye contact with you.

How do you know when a Taurus man is done with you?

He’ll cut you out completely.

He won’t respond to any of the ways you try to contact him, no matter how desperate you get.

If he needs to, he’ll block you.

A Taurus man who’s done with you will make sure it’s as final as it can possibly get.

Taurus man testing you

A Taurus man testing you looks like a lot of things.

It looks like him listening to you very intently on a first date, filing away all the details of your stories—only to later bring them up to see if you were telling the truth.

A Taurus man may test you—yes—by *ignoring you* and seeing what you do in response.

Another way a Taurus man will test you is by slowing things down and making sure you’re in it for the right reasons.

Read more about his tests in Taurus Man Testing You.

Taurus man acts interested, then disappears

This may be another test!

Sometimes, a Taurus man who seemed really into you will disappear because he wants you to show him that you’re interested enough to do something about it.

Other times, a Taurus man will disappear after starting the chase because he’s not sure about you yet.

Either way, you have to be consistent in your response to him if you want him to come around.

Keep showing him that you think he’s hot, amazing and intriguing, and you’ll get around his defenses.

The best thing you can do if you’re trying to figure out how to date a Taurus man is understand how his mind works.

If you’re new to the Taurus male psychology, don’t fret! You can learn what you need to know in Taurus Man Secrets, Relationship Astrologer Anna Kovach’s popular guide.

We like it because it’s practical, based on real life and it delivers actual results.

Check out Taurus Man Secrets here.

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