Can Gemini and Taurus Be Friends? (The Surprising Truth)

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Have you ever wanted to know, can Gemini and Taurus be friends?

They may not become BFFs, but there are some things they bond over.

Here’s the deal with these signs in a friendship:

  • They clash because Gemini moves fast and Taurus moves slow
  • Taurus sees Gemini as unstable, Gemini thinks Taurus is a snooze fest
  • If they do become friends, their bond will be based on caring and loyalty

Let’s dive into it—the good, the bad and the surprising of the Taurus-Gemini friendship.

Can Gemini and Taurus Be Friends?

Gemini and Taurus aren’t winning any best friends awards.

Their personalities don’t typically attract each other in a friendship.

Tauruses usually like to hang out with low-key, introverted types to go for walks with and avoid a crowd.

Geminis, on the other hand, need variety and stimulation to keep their restless minds and idle hands busy.

But Taurus and Gemini friends do exist, and they usually have an unusually strong friendship due to how much patience they’ve had to have to get closer.

Next, we’ll explain the challenges they’ll face in becoming friends, followed by the benefits of their friendship.

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The Challenges of Their Friendship

Gemini is more social

Gemini likes to party, but Taurus would rather have a quiet night in.

If a Taurus is going to be social, it’s more likely that they’re going to have a few drinks alone with their Gemini friend, or with a select few friends.

The Gemini can do this, but it’s not in their nature to be so reserved.

They need to spread their attention over a wide variety of things, environments and people.

Many times, the Gemini can get tired of accommodating the Taurus and find them quite dull.

Meanwhile, the Taurus loses interest in what they consider the Gemini’s superficial behavior.

Gemini lacks patience

Patience isn’t the Gemini’s forte, but it’s the Taurus’s superpower.

Of the two of them, Taurus has the stamina to cultivate their friendship.

But Gemini may never quite get there.

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Gemini is bored easily, so usually there’s an outside circumstance like working together on a job that brings these two signs together.

Taurus is slow, Gemini is fast

Taurus goes at a slow, often plodding pace compared to Gemini.

The quick-minded Gemini thinks on their feet and makes snap judgments, for better or worse.

In contrast, the Taurus wants to think things through and weigh all the pros and cons before they’ll budge on anything.

Because of this, they may never be able to get on the same page and leave each other mutually frustrated.

Taurus sees Gemini as unstable

The mutable Gemini is changeable, which can be a great strength to this sign as Geminis are flexible and go with the flow.

Easygoing as Taurus is, the Taurus can’t get down with flying by the seat of their pants with no plan like Gemini.

Tauruses need to know where they’re going next, what they’re eating for dinner and who they’re going to see.

But that can close doors on fun opportunities in the Gemini’s eyes, even if the Gemini winds up in trouble sometimes from their lack of foresight.

The Good Parts of Taurus and Gemini Friendship

Taurus grounds the flighty Gemini

One thing about Geminis is that they pull themselves in all different directions.

They’re so interested in anything and everything, they go a million miles an hour until they crash into a wall.

At the same time, the Gemini can lack basic regard for all practicality. Geminis don’t want to do the responsible thing, they want to do what’s most fun and novel.

When they’re friends with a Taurus, the Taurus can gently but firmly remind them that there are consequences for their actions.

Sometimes all a Gemini needs is someone to tell them when too much is too much.

Their friendship is based on caring and loyalty

Because Taurus and Gemini don’t instantly click over having a wild and crazy time together, their friendship inevitably becomes about something deeper and more meaningful.

It’s based on an emotional connection, which for Gemini in particular is hard to accomplish.

This really teaches the Gemini a lot about compassion, patience and sincerity.

And for Taurus, they learn a whole new dimension of what it means to be loyal.

The Gemini’s devotion means letting the Taurus be a sourpuss when they want to and not judging them or loving them any less.

Taurus listens to Gemini

The Gemini will benefit greatly from being able to tell the Taurus anything.

The Taurus is a great secret keeper, and they support their good friends unconditionally.

Nurturing and gentle, Taurus listens to all of Gemini’s complaints and crazy ideas.

No matter how much Gemini contradicts themselves, Taurus has their back.

Gemini might not realize how much they really need this, and they get it without having to ask from a Taurus friend.

Gemini brings the Taurus out of their shell

Even though a Taurus is cautious to the extreme, the Taurus doesn’t really mind being led around by their Gemini friend to have some fun.

As long as there’s some compromise—and no surprises!

Taurus will look back on their “wild days” with their Gemini friend with fondness and nostalgia.


A friendship between a Taurus and Gemini may not get off the ground.

But if they both really want to put in the effort, they have a lot to offer each other.

The Taurus gives the Gemini stability and practicality that the Gemini sorely needs.

And the Gemini helps the Taurus have more joyful experiences and gain new perspectives.

If they do make it to a deeper level of friendship, their bond will be strong because it won’t be rooted in surface stuff like mutual interests and activities.

It will be because they have love for each other, like family.


Taurus and Gemini compatibility percentage

Overall, Taurus and Gemini have a good 60% compatibility.

This is when you account for friendship, love, emotional compatibility, communication and marriage compatibility.

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Who are Gemini best friends with?

Geminis are typically best friends with fire signs and other air signs, including their own air sign, Gemini.

That means Libra, Aquarius, Aries, Leo and Sagittarius.

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Air signs stimulate Gemini intellectually, and fire signs tend to be fun and entertaining.

Who are Taurus best friends with?

Tauruses are commonly best friends with other earth signs like Virgos and Capricorns.

Or with water signs Cancer, Pisces or Scorpio.

Cancer in particular is easily best friends with Taurus because both of these signs are chill, love to eat and have a strong emotional attachment to each other.

Do Gemini and Taurus fight?

Gemini and Taurus will probably fight.

But they won’t have heated fights so much as bicker with each other.

They’re likely to sass one another until one of them gets defensive and snaps back, but neither one gets too intense in general.

Do Gemini and Taurus like each other?

They’ll either find each other amusing, or they’ll rub each other the wrong way instantly.

Taurus sometimes finds Gemini to be a loudmouth and Gemini thinks Taurus is self-righteous.

But Gemini can also find Taurus endlessly entertaining to talk to with Taurus’s strong opinions and earthy sense of humor.

Likewise, Taurus may enjoy Gemini’s energy and enthusiasm, when they’re in the right mood.

Taurus and Gemini relationship compatibility

Taurus and Gemini have a medium compatibility in a romantic relationship.

When they’re romantically and sexually involved, they’re more likely to do the work that it takes to get along, bringing them closer together.

If they get to that point, they’re actually a pretty charming couple.

Gemini keeps Taurus on their toes, and Taurus keeps Gemini grounded.

Gemini and Taurus in bed

Sexually speaking, Taurus and Gemini need to warm up to the way each sign approaches lovemaking.

Tauruses are sensual and physical, and Geminis are mental and communicative.

Taurus must make sure Gemini is first mentally turned on with conversation and some sexy game playing.

And as for Gemini, they need to put themselves more in their bodies and feel the passion to satisfy the Taurus.

If they’re on the same wavelength, they can explore an extremely lusty and wild side of their relationship that will have them addicted.

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