Pisces Man in Love (22 Signs You’re Missing)

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Want to know for sure if a Pisces guy loves you?

Here are the signs that confirm his love for you:

  • He can’t keep his hands off of you
  • He establishes an emotional and spiritual connection
  • You’re a huge influence on his life and decisions
  • You know him better than anyone else
  • He shows you he’s committed even if he doesn’t say it

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22 Signs of a Pisces Man in Love

1. A Pisces guy in love stares into your eyes

couple sharing a blanket with a quote about a pisces man staring into your eyes

Do you feel like the Pisces man is staring into your soul when he looks into your eyes?

They say the eyes are the windows to the soul, and the wise Pisces man wants to know you on the deepest level possible.

If he’s making intense eye contact, it’s because he really sees you.

And it’s making him fall deeper and deeper in love with you.

2. He’s always touching you

Touch is an important way for a Pisces man to show love and affection.

Pisces is a very sensual, touchy-feely, emotional water sign, making touch not just erotic to a Pisces man, but also extremely intimate and emotional.

When a woman he loves touches him, it sends tingles up his spine and puts a smile on his face.

And when he touches her, it makes him feel more connected to her.

So if your Pisces guy is always putting his hands on your waist and touching your face, it’s because he’s in love with you and he can’t help himself.

3. He seeks your approval

Pisces men are on the indecisive side.

And while they don’t like it when someone tries to tell them what to do, if they love you, they’ll seek out your opinion on their own.

This is because the Pisces man’s emotional bond with you has made what you think valuable to him.

Naturally, as he falls for you, he’ll start asking your opinions and advice before he makes a decision.

After all, he wants you to stick around, so it’s important to him that you approve of what he chooses for himself.

4. He spends most of his free time with you

man carrying a woman playfully on his back with a quote about pisces men becoming more available when they love you

At first, the Pisces man won’t be the easiest to make plans with.

He’s scattered and in his own world, and he always has a friend he needs to go and see.

But as he falls in love with you, suddenly he’s wide open on the weekend, weeknights—whenever you want him.

He makes himself more available to you once you’ve earned his trust.

So if you’re spending an awful lot of time alone with a Pisces man, chances are, he’s in love with you.

5. He wants to explore your mind

Conversation is a key way that the Pisces male builds an emotional connection with you.

Not simply idle chit-chat, but deep, mind-probing conversations.

They go beyond purely intellectual.

The Pisces man doesn’t just want to know what you think—he’s bent on discovering your deepest, darkest secrets.

When he loves you, he wants you to reveal yourself to him.

So he’ll spend a lot of time talking late into the night with you, just finding out what makes you tick.

6. It’s written all over his face

Pisces men have a hard time not expressing their feelings.

They try to put on an aloof act sometimes to protect themselves.

But their emotions are written all over their faces.

Check a Pisces man’s facial expressions and body language if you want to know how he feels about you.

His expressions will be open, innocent and sweet, and some part of his body will always be turned towards you.

7. He wants to connect spiritually

couple hugging at sunrise at the beach with a quote about having a spiritual connection with a pisces man

Spirituality is a huge aspect of the Pisces personality.

Pisces males in love will do things like ask you about your spiritual beliefs and try to bond with you on a more meaningful level.

They want to share their spiritual knowledge with you and hear what core beliefs you hold.

Ideally, your beliefs will be compatible.

You’ll sense a spiritual merging with the Pisces male.

That’s when you know he feels deeply about you.

8. He acts goofy

Shy and sweet, the Pisces man in love gets a little goofy around his lady love.

He may get red and bashful pretty easily.

You give him butterflies—he’s so happy with you, but also anxious to impress you!

So he might get a little awkward or seem spacey from time to time.

You just make him so excited, it’s hard for him to keep his cool 100% of the time.

9. You have a huge influence on him

Pisces guys tend to be easily influenced, but not just by anyone.

The more attached they are to you, the more sway you hold over them.

So if a Pisces guy is head over heels for you, you’ll notice your influence in his life.

He may start picking up your sense of style and taste.

If you wear all black and you start seeing him sporting more black in his wardrobe, that’s exactly what we’re talking about.

Or he gets involved in your hobbies and adopts them as his own.

He just wants to share more in common with you—because he loves you!

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10. He’s emotionally supportive

close up of a couple holding hands with a quote about pisces guy being supportive

Could you call your Pisces man at 3:00 in the morning, and he’d be at your apartment in a flash?

If he’s your shoulder to cry on, you have his love.

Pisces men are cautious about who they give their emotional support to, so that they don’t end up giving all their energy away to emotional vampires.

Which means if a Pisces man would go to the ends of the earth to cheer you up, he feels safe giving his heart to you.

11. He shows you his true feelings

Going back to what we said about the Pisces man being cautious about who he lets in, it’s a really big deal when he does.

The Pisces man in love is no longer reserved about sharing his feelings with you.

He’s not afraid to express his moods and emotions around you because he knows you won’t judge him.

That’s love to a Pisces man.

12. You know the real him

Do you feel like you know the Pisces man like nobody else does?

If that’s the case, you can bet that you have his heart.

Pisces men will not show all sides of themselves to you unless they’re interested in having a genuine connection with you.

Ruled by planet Neptune, the planet of illusion, their personalities are complex to say the least.

His symbol is two fish swimming in opposite directions, demonstrating just how confusing his behaviors can be.

So the woman who truly gets the Pisces man is very special.

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The more a Pisces feels like you understand him, the more he’ll reveal—and the deeper he’ll fall.

13. You are flawless to him

woman standing against a painted brick wall with a quote about pisces man loving a woman with imperfections

Do you feel like you’ve got a lot of flaws?

Well, not to the Pisces man who loves you.

He sees the woman he loves as perfect in all of her imperfections.

He won’t try to change anything about you, because he thinks you’re amazing the way you are.

A Pisces man also values uniqueness in a woman, so your “flaws” just add to your individuality and make you more lovable.

14. He’ll do anything to make your dreams come true

Nobody will give you support like a Pisces man.

His support is limitless, though maybe not always practical.

He may not know exactly how to make your dreams come true, but he would lay across hot coals if it meant building a bridge to your goals.

Pisces is a zodiac sign of service and self-sacrifice. Which means the Pisces man in love will always put you first.

He’ll be your biggest cheerleader and a constant source of positivity even when you’re feeling down and doubtful.

15. You inspire his creative side

Something that’s super attractive about Pisces men is how creative and artistic they are.

And love puts them into supercharged creative mode.

If you’re dating a Pisces man and you’ve noticed that he’s suddenly started locking himself away in his apartment to paint for days on end, or he’s writing songs like a madman, you’ve got him hooked.

You’re his new muse!

16. He takes care of you

Nurturing and deeply sensitive, the doting Pisces male is a natural caretaker.

You’ll feel that he’s always looking out for you, protecting you and taking care of you.

He’ll nurse you back to health when you’re sick.

He would never let anyone say anything bad about you.

His greatest desire is to see you happy, safe and secure, and he’ll do everything in his power to give that to you.

17. Sex is emotional

Does sex with your Pisces man feel so powerful it can almost move you to tears?

If you find yourself lying intertwined in each other arms, breathless and soaking up each other’s essence, you have a loving bond with your Pisces man.

His compassionate nature makes him prone to feeling your feelings, and a sexual encounter can bring up a lot of emotions for both of you.

So if sex feels like way more than the physical act, it is.

Especially to the Pisces man.

18. He acts committed

couple standing in front of the grand canyon with a quote about how a pisces man shows love

Pisces guys aren’t always quick to verbally commit to a relationship.

But if the Pisces male acts like he’s in a committed relationship, that’s the sign to look out for.

He’ll build a life with you and make sure you’re always his primary concern.

Even if you haven’t had the commitment conversation, it doesn’t matter. To him, actions speak louder than words.

What he does for you is more meaningful than any other symbol of his love.

19. He says he loves you

At some point, the Pisces man will confess his love.

He can’t hold back forever.

Nor does he want to—if he loves you, he wants to be close to you, to be affectionate and shower you with praise and adoration.

Though he’s low-key, on the inside he wants to shout from the rooftops that he loves you.

But he’ll settle for whispering it into your ear while cuddling.

20. He talks about soulmates

Does the Pisces man believe you’re his soul mate?

Pisces men truly believe in such things. In fact, they don’t feel complete until they find that one person who fits like a puzzle piece.

Again, it’s that spiritual, soul-level partnership he wants.

If he’s ever mentioned the possibility of being soulmates or wants to know your opinion on the subject, he’s probably feeling you out to reveal he feels that connection with you.

21. He’s always in tune with you

As a water sign, Pisces has natural psychic abilities.

This man can “tune into” your frequency and know exactly what you’re feeling just by your energy.

Whether you’re up or down, he’s always along for the ride, and he doesn’t judge your mood swings.

He just wants to be there with you, to be present and in the moment with you.

22. You’re his best friend

Friendship is a big deal to a Pisces man.

He’ll look to his romantic partner not just for romance, but also for camaraderie.

If you can laugh together, hang out in your PJs all day long and tell each other anything, you know you’ve earned the Pisces man’s love.

Relationships are everything to him. Literally—he wants a relationship that covers love, sex, romance, friendship and a spiritual connection.

So if you feel like the best of pals in addition to your rock-solid romantic and emotional life together, that’s a good sign he’s very much in love with you.

Pisces Men FAQ

What Pisces man loves in a woman?

A Pisces man loves a strong woman who is not afraid to be herself.

She’s unique, speaks her mind and doesn’t care what other people think.

He also loves a woman who’s emotionally open and mature.

He needs to be able to share a strong emotional connection with a woman, but she must be balanced and stable.

What is a Pisces man attracted to?

A Pisces man is attracted to a woman who is sweet, honest and caring.

If you’re also creative and artistic, you’ll turn the Pisces man into jelly.

He’s attracted to all different types of women, and often dates women who look and act very different from each other.

Most women he’s into are generous, unique and compassionate.

But you don’t have to go out of your way to prove you’re different to him—the key is to be real with a Pisces man, so he can see the real you.

What is the love language of a Pisces man?

The Pisces male love language is interesting because it’s a little bit of all the different love languages.

But the top love languages for Pisces man are quality time, acts of service and words of affirmation.

What is the weakness of a Pisces man?

A major weakness for a Pisces man is his refusal to confront reality.

The little fish would rather swim away from his problems than face the cold, hard truth.

And sometimes he can even pick up an addiction along the way.

If the Pisces man gets too lost in a fantasy world, he can lose people who mean a lot to him.

Or, he can end up in a really bad relationship because he’s too caught up in the illusion of it to see it for what it is.

Which zodiac sign is Pisces man attracted to?

The zodiac signs a Pisces man is most strongly attracted to are the water signs Cancer, Scorpio and also his counterpart, the Pisces woman.

Pisces is also attracted to the powerhouse sign Capricorn, the individualistic Aquarius and their opposite sign, Virgo.

Which zodiac signs have the highest Pisces compatibility?

Sun sign compatibility says that Pisces are most compatible with water signs Cancer and Scorpio, and also the earth sign Taurus.

A fellow Pisces water sign may or may not be very compatible, depending on the birth chart as two Pisces may be to wish-washy to make the connection.

Pisces also has good compatibility with Capricorn and Virgo.

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