Can Aries and Taurus Be Soulmates? (Yes, But There’s 1 Big Issue)

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Aries and Taurus are insanely attracted to each other, there’s no doubt.

But the question is, can Aries and Taurus be soulmates?

Here’s the answer:

  • Taurus and Aries have what it takes to prove they’re soulmates
  • But power struggles threaten to drive them apart
  • They must deal with their control issues, or they’ll never make it

Let’s dive in.

Can Aries and Taurus Be Soulmates?

Aries and Taurus have a lot going for them that can create a soulmate bond.

For example, they’re both loyal, incredibly dedicated partners who are passionate, affectionate and supportive.

No question, they can create a wonderful life together through mutual support and hard work.

But, they have one big problem: power.

Taurus and Aries suffer from power struggles, hot tempers and jealousy.

Both my-way-or-the-highway types, Taurus and Aries will hit roadblocks that they should handle more gracefully.

If they can do that, they are 100% soulmate material.

Now let’s break down why Aries and Tauruses have what it takes to be soulmates below.

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Why Taurus and Aries Feel Like Soulmates

Both signs are passionate

Aries have a passion for life that’s unrivaled.

Their courage and devotion to their pursuits earns huge respect from the Taurus, who also thinks anything worth doing should be done well—and thoroughly.

Both of these signs throw themselves into their hobbies and ambitions, and they don’t do anything halfway.

And speaking of their passions, they have a ton of fire and steamy intimacy between the sheets.

Being so intense and in the moment, the hot-blooded Aries can rival the Taurus’s sensuality and carnal appetite, and sex can become a major connection factor for them.

Both signs are committed

In relationships, neither Aries nor Taurus jumps to commit.

Aries must be completely sure that their partner won’t hold them back, and Taurus has to know that their partner is trustworthy with life-long compatibility.

But when Aries and Taurus choose to commit to each other, it’s almost unbreakable.

This is because both of these signs take their promises very seriously.

So they give themselves completely to each other, without holding back.

They’re each other’s support system

It’s Taurus and Aries against the world.

These two are happy to create their own private sanctuary away from prying eyes.

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For example, the Aries is happy to be the public “face” of their relationship, and the Taurus will work hard to quietly support the Aries while they go out and conquer.

They’re the kind of couple who would start a bar fight to defend each other.

But what’s really beautiful about them is that they believe in each other.

That type of loyalty is unshakable.

They share the same love language

Big fans of cuddling, Aries and Taurus share the love language of physical touch.

Aries pours their affection on the Taurus freely, which encourages the shy Taurean to reciprocate.

And once the Taurus does, the PDA will be nonstop.

With all the kissing, hand holding and hugging, they make each other feel very confident in how they feel about one another.

Aries starts things, Taurus stabilizes them

Aries is a cardinal sign, which makes Aries the “starters” of the zodiac.

Taurus is a fixed sign, so they’re the “doers” of the star signs.

Simply put, Aries begin the projects, and Tauruses sustain them.

This is obviously a fantastic thing for the Taurus and Aries in terms of accomplishing what they set their minds to.

Both materialistic, it’ll be a central focus of their relationship to start successful businesses together, make money and afford everything they could ever want.

But on a day-to-day basis, it means the Aries will get the Taurus up and motivated, and the Taurus will bring the Aries’ brilliant ideas to fruition.

They’re both independent

What an Aries doesn’t need is someone hanging on them and cramping their style.

Same with Taurus—Tauruses want to be in an equal partnership with someone, not to have to carry them.

Aries is the definition of independent, with absolutely no need for the Taurus’s money or status.

For this reason, the Taurus feels the Aries loves them for them.

Space is important for the Taurus to have, which works well for the Aries and their hyper-focus on their ambitions.

Both of them are self-reliant enough to attract the other and avoid stepping on each other’s toes all the time.

What Drives Aries and Taurus Apart in a Relationship

Aries might be too hot-headed for Taurus

The Aries temper is legendary, and it might convince the Taurus that they don’t belong together.

Taurus is super patient and doesn’t like to get upset or argue.

If the harmony-loving Taurus gets mad, they tend to walk away and act cold for a while.

But they have a limit, and Aries has the ability to push it.

The Aries could potentially get under the Taurus’s skin enough to let the scary Taurus rage out.

The problem is, if they get to that point, there is nothing that can diffuse them.

Dishes go flying, they scream at each other and either have mind-blowing makeup sex, or cause irreparable damage to their relationship.

Who’s the boss?

There’s a *major issue* with Taurus and Aries struggling to dominate each other.

Control is important for both of them to have, though the Aries is more forward with that desire, and the Taurus is more passive about it.

But neither sign likes others telling them what to do.

However, Aries expects Taurus to be able to handle some direction like a grown-up.

Tauruses only do something if they think it’s their idea to do it, and to be honest, Aries is pretty similar.

So the Taurus can’t tell the Aries any better what to do.

Both wanting to have their way, they butt heads a lot and clash, simultaneously trying to lead and get away from each other.

Jealous Taurus, flirty Aries

While both Taurus and Aries have a strong flirty side to their personalities, Tauruses won’t flirt outside their relationships once they’ve chosen a mate.

Aries doesn’t see the harm in friendly flirting, even though they’re faithful to the Taurus.

But it doesn’t matter, because the Taurus will have a problem with it.

Becoming possessive, the Taurus is in danger of seeming needy and sucking the fun out of the relationship.

Which is a huge problem for the Aries.

Difficulty compromising

What do you do when two signs want things their way?

Taurus and Aries aren’t known to be the most flexible signs, although Aries will let things go unless they really threaten their freedom.

Taurus is even harder to budge, since Tauruses resist change at all costs.

Love alone doesn’t convince either the logical Taurus or the independent Aries to give in, but something has got to give.


Taurus and Aries have a hot and heavy relationship, making them instantly drawn to each other.

But the number one issue standing in their way of developing their soulmate potential is the issue of control.

They’re both loyal and dedicated enough, though they can make each other paranoid.

If they can learn to give in to each other sometimes and not obsess over who has the upper hand, they can absolutely enjoy a soulmate bond.

As Taurus and Aries prove, even soulmates take work.


Do Taurus and Aries make a good couple?

Taurus and Aries can make what you would call a “power couple.”

They are the type of couple that all eyes are on in a crowd, gorgeous, strong and graceful.

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For sure, they make a good couple when they work together as a team.

Can Taurus and early Aries be soulmates?

A Taurus and an early Aries have moderate soulmate potential.

Early Aries, as in the first decan of Aries born in late March, is the most stereotypical “Aries” out there.

Which means that the differences between the early Aries and the Taurus are sharper.

What works best for soulmate compatibility is an Aries and an early Taurus born in late April.

As one sign gets closer to the next on the zodiac wheel, there’s a more harmonious vibration between them.

So a Taurus and Aries both born in the month of April have more understanding with each other and therefore a higher soulmate potential.

Can Aries woman and Taurus man be soulmates?

Taurus man and Aries woman can be soulmates if the Taurus man learns to trust his Aries woman and not try to control her.

Taurus men want to make the big decisions, which is not natural for an Aries woman to comply with.

They have to find a balance in leadership, and then these two can enjoy each other’s strength and passion.

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Can Taurus woman and Aries man be soulmates?

A Taurus woman and Aries man may feel a strong soulmate energy between them.

The Taurus woman enjoys the Aries man’s macho masculinity, and the Aries man loves the Taurus woman’s soft femininity and strength.

However, the Taurus woman may be confused by the Aries man’s need to fly solo so much, and he can find her emotionally demanding.

So they, too, will need to moderate their personalities.

Why do Aries and Taurus fight?

Taurus and Aries fight when Taurus’s sarcastic remarks and passive-aggressive comments rile up the surprisingly sensitive Aries.

They have a bad habit of irritating each other, but then not taking responsibility.

As they can both be a tad self-centered, they also fight when they get too focused on their own opinions and desires.

They need to consider things beyond what’s good for them, and not try to force what they want.

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Taurus and Aries in bed

Taurus and Aries in bed have fire and passion between them.

They both let go of their inhibitions, and Aries encourages Taurus to explore their wilder side.

Taurus, meanwhile, can make the Aries slow down and discover that true ecstasy is in delayed gratification.

The release for them both will be epic.

Aries and Taurus compatibility percentage

Roughly 60%.

That’s including communication, love, emotion, sex, marriage and friendship.

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