How to Love Pisces Man (Top 13 Relationship Tips)

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If you’re with a Pisces man, you’re going to need some pointers to keep this elusive sign happy.

Here’s how to love Pisces man the way he wants to be loved:

  • Build a strong emotional and spiritual connection
  • Never judge or criticize him
  • Romance this sentimental water sign
  • Support him unconditionally
  • Don’t be stingy with displays of love and affection

The best way to prove your love and hold onto this complicated man?

In short, get inside his mind and anticipate his needs.

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How to Love Pisces Man

1. Forge a spiritual connection

The Pisces male doesn’t want to just date you.

He wants a spiritual bond with you.

If you want to love a Pisces man, you have to connect with him soul-to-soul.

So share your spiritual life with him.

Tell him your beliefs and your dreams.

When you spend time together, think about the higher purpose of your relationship.

Your Pisces man is intuitive and can pick up on your energy.

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2. Accept him unconditionally

Pisces is a wonderful and totally unique sign.

Pisces people definitely break the mold, so you can’t expect a Pisces man you’re dating to be like anyone else you’ve been with.

Don’t box him in!

If you want to love a Pisces guy, release your judgments.

Show him that you love and support who he is, the way he is.

He craves acceptance and appreciation, but he cannot be controlled.

If he feels like you’re trying to turn him into a pet project, he’ll be out the door.

3. Be romantic

To a Pisces man, so much communication takes place on an unspoken level.

Little romantic gestures are profoundly meaningful and communicate your love to him loud and clear.

Hold his hand and write him love notes.

Give him sentimental gifts that remind him of your loving relationship.

Even cheesy romantic gestures make his heart melt.

4. Support his goals no matter what

A Pisces man dreams big.

Though he’s sure to have goals and deep, burning desires to fulfill, he may hesitate to talk about them.

This is because others have judged his aspirations and called them unrealistic.

But a Pisces man lives and breathes inspiration and the magic of the universe.

Don’t underestimate what your Pisces man is capable of.

But more than that, you have to show the Pisces man that you have his back no matter what.

Your friends and family may say his head is in the clouds, but that should not sway you.

If you can prove to the Pisces man that you fully support his goals come hell or high water, he will repay your loyalty tenfold.

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5. Be open with your feelings

Pisces men are very in touch with their emotions.

They’re so in-tune that they can automatically sense what you’re feeling, too—which makes lying to a Pisces man very difficult.

If you try to shield your feelings, he’ll know something’s off intuitively.

So always be honest with your emotions in all your dealings with him.

Remember, too, that he’s an incredibly sensitive soul.

Being with a partner who is emotionally intelligent, open and honest is vital for his own wellbeing.

By being upfront, you show your Pisces man that you’re providing a safe place for him to share his inner thoughts and feelings with you.

Which is all he really wants to do.

6. Seek to understand him on a deep level

If you want to love a Pisces man, don’t just dip your toes in the water.

Dive into his world!

Discover who he is inside. Learn his likes and dislikes. 

Ask him about his beliefs. Explore his mind and his dreams.

With a Pisces man, you need that almost psychic type of connection with him.

You need to know more than a few bands he likes. He wants to feel like you can see his soul.

It’s going to challenge you at times because Pisces men are elusive and notoriously difficult to understand.

If you need help proving that you understand him, a guide like Pisces Man Secrets is right for you.

Show him that you’re the one woman on the face of the planet who gets him.

And he’ll never want to be without you.

7. Respect his space

Many women make the mistake of believing that Pisces guys are clingy.

But this is a misunderstanding.

Pisces alternates between wanting to pull you in close and needing to breathe.

A Pisces man wants to know that you’re always there for him, but he can’t feel crowded.

He needs space for alone time, without needing to ask for permission from his partner.

So give your Pisces man the leeway to disappear and retreat into himself for a couple of days.

It’s temporary, but totally necessary to restore the mental and emotional balance for him.

A woman who truly understands this is not easy to find.

8. Give him love and affection freely

If you really want to love a Pisces man, don’t hold back.

Even if he’s a little reserved with you at first, you need to be the one to coax him out of his shell.

You do this by showering him with love and affection.

Lots of it!

Physical gestures of affection are especially important.

Hold his hand, run your fingers through his hair, hug him and squeeze him tight.

If you love him, tell him.

He needs plenty of reassurance throughout your relationship.

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9. Give up on games

Don’t play games to try to wield emotional control in your relationship with a Pisces man.

Any and all games will backfire as the Pisces man defies all attempts to corner him.

To maintain a relationship with him, you have to be very secure in yourself.

Show that you’re willing to give without waiting to receive.

Because that kind of love—a selfless love—is exactly what the Pisces man offers you.

10. Show compassion

A Pisces man needs a compassionate partner at his side.

Not just someone who will show compassion to him, but to others as well.

He is kind-hearted and yearns for a partner who is the same.

A woman who treats others with kindness and seeks to be of service to her fellow humans.

Humanity is the Pisces man’s interest.

He’s moved by a woman who would give a neighbor in need the shirt off her back.

She is a constant inspiration to him. 

11. Be his anchor

The Pisces man really benefits from being with a romantic partner who can anchor him.

Inside, he can be a bit of a hot mess.

He’s indecisive, often unsure of himself and at times prone to biting off more than he can chew.

If you’re dating him, be his sounding board for his thoughts and decisions.

Offer him your best advice motivated only by what’s in his best interest.

Get him out of the house when he’s being too much of a shut-in and cook dinner for him at home when he’s been pulling all-nighters working on a project.

Nurture him by providing the balance that he often lacks for himself.

By creating stability to the Pisces man, you can help him bring his visions into reality, for which he’ll be forever grateful and devoted to you.

12. Touch his heart

With a Pisces man, there’s no relationship without a strong emotional connection.

You have to touch a Pisces man’s heart and make him swoon.

Being open with your feelings is a big part of the process of building a strong emotional bond.

So is showing him your spirit of kindness and selflessness. 

For example, you can invite him along to volunteer at an animal shelter.

Compassion always brings him closer to you.

13. Listen

Another one of the most important things you can do is to simply listen.

Allow and encourage him to open up to you and share what’s in his heart and mind.

Don’t interrupt this soft-spoken man when he’s sharing something with you, and be comfortable with his long pauses and moments of silence.

Just feel with him.

Empathize with him.

Make sure you’re connecting on that intuitive Pisces wavelength!

Pisces Men FAQ

What a Pisces man needs in love?

A Pisces man needs compassion and understanding above all else in love.

He needs a partner who is patient and gentle with him, yet strong, resilient and stable in their own life.

Basically, a Pisces man needs a partner who surrenders themselves completely to love.

Which takes being emotionally vulnerable and selfless.

How do you make a Pisces man feel loved?

You make a Pisces man feel loved by openly showing him tenderness and affection.

Physical affection is an important way to make him feel loved.

So are declarations of your love—just reassure him from time to time of how important he is to you.

It’s the little moments that add up for him.

How do you know if a Pisces man loves you?

You know a Pisces man loves you when he can no longer keep you at arm’s length.

You’ll notice that his schedule, routines and interests blend seamlessly with yours.

This is because he’s making an effort to share your world and make you part of his.

When he’s always available to you, interested in your life and eager to share his hopes and dreams with you, you know you have his heart.

What is the weakness of a Pisces man?

A Pisces man’s top weakness is escapism. 

They pull disappearing acts when it suits them.

They’ll avoid you just so they don’t have to talk about something uncomfortable.

And if they don’t have other outlets, Pisces can be prone to alcohol and drugs as means of escaping daily pressures.

How can I impress a Pisces man?

The best way to impress a Pisces man is to show off your creative side.

Pisces is like a lightning rod for creative vibes from the universe.

So if you want to impress this artistic sign, show your own creative streak in music, writing, art, dance—whatever you enjoy.

How to keep a Pisces man wanting you

Some things that are important to do to keep a Pisces man wanting you are:

  • Don’t smother him!
  • Keep the romance alive
  • Be a little mysterious
  • Build a strong emotional connection
  • Have your own life and interests

How to make a Pisces man fall in love with you

A Pisces man will fall in love with you when he can see the real you.

You have to be genuine and honest with him always.

Don’t be afraid to let him see beyond the face that you show to the world.

He’ll fall in love with the vulnerable side of you, the aspects of you that are raw and real.

If you need help getting past a Pisces man’s defenses, we highly recommend reading Pisces Man Secrets.

You’ll learn how to mold a Pisces man’s fantasies so you can finally build that soul connection with him.

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