When a Pisces Man Has a Crush on You (14 Signs He likes You)

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Trying to figure out if a cute Pisces guy likes you? You’re in the right place.

Here’s how he acts when a Pisces man has a crush on you:

  • He’s emotionally in sync with you
  • He stares deep into your eyes
  • You have his constant attention
  • He wants to “rescue” you
  • He’s romantic and affectionate
  • He puts effort into nurturing a deeper bond

Just because a Pisces likes you doesn’t mean you can stop trying!

If you don’t want him to swim away, you need to take care of his number one insecurity—prove that you truly get him.

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How Does a Pisces Man Act When He Has a Crush on You?

1. He’s emotionally in sync

As an empath, a Pisces man with a crush will tune into your emotions.

When you feel something, he’ll feel it with you, attempting to share your emotional experiences.

Whether good or bad.

This emotional mind melding is what makes a Pisces man an amazing shoulder to cry on.

…And also what makes him eventually fall in love.

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2. He holds your gaze

A Pisces man uses eye contact to tell you subtly that he likes you.

It’s not just about looking you in the eyes.

It’s about holding your gaze and searching deep into your eyes, like he’s trying to see your soul.

You’ll notice a softness in his eyes—the pure, unfiltered emotion that he can’t fight.

A Pisces man may try to act cool, but you can always tell when you look into his eyes how he feels.

3. He calls and texts often

A Pisces who is in constant communication with you has a crush on you.

He has a need to hear your voice, to get your opinions and make you laugh.

You brighten up his day, so he easily gets hooked on talking to you.

It’s not unusual for a Pisces man who’s into you to call two, three times a day.

Or text you first thing in the morning and last thing before he goes to bed.

Even if his texts aren’t particularly romantic, just the fact that he wants to talk to you so much shows he has a strong connection to you.

4. He offers to help you out

Does the Pisces man in question jump to lend you a hand?

If you’re moving out of your apartment, he’ll be the first to volunteer to move all your heavy boxes and furniture.

Pisces is a sign of service and self-sacrifice, so a Pisces man has a need to be of service to you.

Rest assured, if he’s going out of his way to make your life easier, he’s crushing on you.

5. He spends time with you

If a Pisces man is giving you a significant chunk of his time, that’s a big sign.

He’s usually either surrounded by his close friends, or hanging in at home to relax and recharge.

So if he leaves his apartment to hang out with you and doesn’t drag his posse along, it’s important to him to spend quality time with you.

Not only this, but he’ll also invite you over to his place.

It’s not a ploy to get in your pants—he genuinely wants to get to know you better.

Being an introvert, hanging out in a controlled environment without distractions allows him to focus on you more.

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6. He’ll swoop in to save you

Pisces men are known for having a bit of a savior complex, liking to swoop in and “rescue” the women they’re into.

The Pisces man will be super protective of you.

And he’ll go out of his way to try to help you solve your problems.

Just be careful not to come across like a complete damsel in distress who can’t take care of her own problems.

However, if you let him save you from a boring social function and act super grateful for his company, that’s a good way to pump up his ego.

7. He might just tell you he likes you

Sometimes, a Pisces man will just say it.

Usually, this happens when he’s 1,000% sure that you like him, too.

However, some Pisces males are totally comfortable putting themselves out there just to see if they have a chance with you.

It may not fit with the shy guy Pisces persona you’re used to. But Pisces are full of surprises!

If he says he likes you, believe him.

He’s not messing with you or joking around.

Though he may get awkward if you don’t reciprocate, the Pisces man is totally sincere.

8. He’s physically affectionate

In the case that a Pisces man doesn’t come right out and say he likes you, you can look for signs of physical affection from him.

Hugs, petting and any type of affectionate touch are nonverbal cues from Pisces men meant to show they want a romantic connection with you.

If you’re confused because you’ve seen a Pisces man hug everyone, check to see if he shows you way more affection than other people.

In other words, he’s not just giving you a goodbye hug and a pat on the back.

He’s sneaking in a little hand-holding, touching your hair, massaging you and playfully trying to put his arms around you any chance he gets.

9. He shares details of his inner life with you

A Pisces man’s greatest desire is to have a genuine connection with someone who understands him.

But at the same time, he’s careful not to reveal too much too soon.

If he’s sharing intimate details of his life and personal thoughts with you, take notice.

Often, a Pisces man will do this as a test to see your reaction.

Make him feel appreciated and accepted, and you’ll pass.

If you want to make sure you have the right responses, we highly suggest following Anna Kovach’s guide Pisces Man Secrets.

10. He’s there for you

Sweet and incredibly caring, the smitten Pisces man will be there for you no matter what.

Giving you plenty of good advice is one way he’ll try to support you.

He’ll also be a fantastic listener when you need someone to vent to.

And he’s completely nonjudgmental.

If he’s the one you would call after having a bad day because he’s your rock, that’s a good sign he’s caught feelings.

11. He gives you thoughtful gifts

A Pisces man who likes you will want to give you things.

Not generic gifts, but personal ones that have sentimental value.

Like, he might hand-make a gift for you.

Or give you a book from his own collection.

He might write a song about you and play it for you on his guitar.

For sure, gifts from a romantic Pisces man will definitely give you butterflies.

12. He fishes for information about how you feel

This is one of the indirect ways a Pisces will show he likes you.

Before he’s ready to let you know how he feels, he needs to gather evidence that you’re into him.

So he’ll lure you in by giving you compliments and saying sweet things that catch you off guard.

You’ll hear him say how gorgeous you look in your dress, or how good you make him feel when he’s around you.

Comments like these are intended to make you blush and get you to reveal how you feel about him.

So if you’re wondering, “Did he just say that because he likes me?”

Try telling him you think he’s cute and you’d like to spend more time with him.

That’s all he needs to hear to ask for a date.

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13. He tries to impress you

Has a Pisces man been putting a lot of effort into showcasing his talents around you?

Pisces men are extremely talented in pretty much any creative endeavor, whether it’s art or stand-up comedy.

And they’ve got no problems with leveraging their talent in order to impress you.

They might not be flashy or try to make you believe they’re rich and successful.

But if they’re trying to show their creative side, they’ve got a good reason.

Because they know women fall for them when they bust out their artistic pursuits.

14. He wants to know what you believe in

Does the Pisces man ask you lots of questions in a conversation?

Is he constantly exploring your mind, opinions and beliefs?

The Pisces man wants to soak it all in, getting to the root of who you are.

Shared beliefs are important to him, especially with a lover.

He’s an idealist and a dreamer, and he wants to understand your world so that he can bond with you on a more spiritual level.

If that’s the case, you can bet that he has feelings for you.

Pisces Men FAQ

What are Pisces men attracted to?

Pisces men are attracted to women with strong personalities and gentle hearts.

They like a woman who speaks up for herself and isn’t afraid to express herself.

At the same time, she’s kind, compassionate and unselfish toward others.

Physically, a Pisces man likes feminine features, though looks only go so far in attracting him.

Do Pisces guys make the first move?


A Pisces male has no problem making the first move. 

That is, as long as he feels super duper sure that you want him to.

But he’ll typically wait until he gets plenty of clear signals from you first.

He may also test the waters.

Like holding your hand or kissing your cheek to see if you recoil.

How do Pisces get turned on?

Pisces are turned on by fantasy.

Talking about your fantasies, acting them out, role playing and being immersed in your imaginations.

They’re also turned on by a strong emotional connection.

If you’ve just had a deep conversation where he feels you connected on a soul level, he’s probably feeling both bonded to you and turned on.

How does a Pisces Man test a woman?

A Pisces man tests you by shaking up your perceptions of him and challenging your ideas of a traditional courtship.

He probably won’t chase you the way you’re used to being chased.

And as he gets to know you, he’s going to show you all sides of his personality.

If he seems like he’s all over the place, he may just be testing your reactions to him.

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How do you get a Pisces Man to chase you?

You can get a Pisces man to chase you by making him feel secure.

He wants to feel like you’re really attracted to him, and that you won’t mess around with his emotions.

At the same time, you have to know when to give him space and not appear too needy.

Even when he starts to come on strong, keep the pace slow and steady!

That way he won’t burn himself out, and he’ll be even more interested in unwrapping the mystery of you.

Signs a Pisces man is sexually attracted to you

When he’s sexually attracted to you, a Pisces will use lots of physical touch.

He’ll hug you, offer foot rubs and try to hold your hand.

His skin is sensitive and the sensation of touching you is magnified by 1,000 if he’s into you.

Signs a Pisces man likes you through text

If he likes you, a Pisces man will text you randomly, but consistently on a day-to-day basis.

It might be a three-in-the-morning text about his random thoughts, but it shows that he’s thinking about you.

He’ll flirt with sweet, romantic language and pet names for you.

If he’s creative, he’ll text you about his creative projects, like wanting to show you a new song he wrote.

He wants your approval, and maybe also to get your opinion on the poem he just secretly wrote about you…

Signs a Pisces man is serious about you

You can tell a Pisces man is serious about you when he starts acting committed.

He will be responsible and reliable.

And you’ll notice a sharp turn in his behavior from being wishy-washy to acting confident about your future together.

If you want a Pisces man to commit, we recommend following Anna Kovach’s simple but highly effective steps in Pisces Man Secrets.

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