Pisces Man Silent Treatment (Here’s the Right Way to Respond)

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Are you at your wit’s end with a Pisces man ignoring you?

We’re covering the reasons Pisces guys give the cold shoulder and the best way to snap them out of it.

Here’s how to handle the Pisces man silent treatment:

  • Identify the reason he’s ignoring you
  • Give him space if he’s emotional so he feels calm and in control
  • Be understanding, apologize if you need to—bare your soul to him!
  • Ask his friends for help
  • If he’s still not talking to you, go to his home to talk one-on-one, or give the silent treatment right back until he comes around

A Pisces may not tell you how bad things are until he’s quietly breaking up with you.

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Why Do Pisces Ignore You?

Before we get any further into this guide, you need to stop and think about why the Pisces might be ignoring you in the first place.

Pisces is as confusing and unpredictable as a zodiac sign gets.

So there’s no single, A-B-C formula you can apply to get the results you want.

Instead, you have to subtly change your approach to match their vibe.

Because if you come out of left field with a reaction that clashes with the energy they’re putting out, they’ll try to shake you off like a bad dream.

Below, you’ll find the typical reasons a Pisces gives the silent treatment.

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You just had a fight

Did you and your Pisces argue, and now you can’t reach them on the phone?

This is classic behavior of the non-confrontational Pisces.

For sure, they have a lot of feelings about your fight, but they aren’t sure what to do with them yet.

Another reason a Pisces will ignore you after a fight is, quite simply, to make you pay.

They know better than anyone how well the cold shoulder works!

They need space

Sometimes, a relationship is just moving too fast.

A Pisces who feels this way will not know what to do other than pull way, way back.

And that probably will look like ignoring you for a bit.

It won’t be forever, but it is necessary to give the Piscean space if they need it.

They’re trying to figure out how they feel about you

Pisces is famous for going back and forth about how they feel.

They have a hard time sorting through all of their strong emotions, and they can even have feelings that are straight up contradictory.

If they’re confused about how they feel about your relationship, their instinct is to take some alone time to figure it out.

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They don’t want to hurt your feelings

A caring and kind soul, the Pisces would do anything not to tread on your feelings.

So if they have some news for you that they think will hurt you, they’d rather avoid you than lie.

You see, Pisces feel an immense pressure to uplift everyone around them and make the world a better place.

So being in a position where they know they’re going to hurt someone goes against what they stand for.

In this case, they’ll attempt to ignore it altogether.

They’re escaping from reality

Unfortunately, a major Pisces weakness is escapism.

When the world becomes too much for the sensitive Piscean to handle, they’re known to lock themselves away in their apartment and not contact anybody.

They just want to live in a fantasy world they can control.

It might have nothing to do with you—it’s just the Pisces drifting away from reality.

You hurt them

If you hurt a Pisces’ feelings, their reaction is not to lash out at you.

Again, because the Piscean doesn’t like confrontation, they’ll disappear.

They’d rather turn the other cheek than start a cycle of payback and revenge.

But they can end up being just as hurtful by ignoring someone who has hurt them first.

They’re going through something right now

The personal life of a Piscean is shrouded in mystery.

Since a Pisces is tight-lipped about their private world, there are bound to be times when they’re going through something you don’t know the extent of.

They could be suffering emotionally, but they’ll make it sound like it’s nothing.


Because Pisces people feel like they’re supposed to be the saviors.

They want to be the ones to heal and support others, but they can forget how to allow others to heal them too.

They got distracted

Plain and simple, it’s possible that you haven’t heard from the Pisces in a while because they got busy.

Something grabbed their attention and completely absorbed them.

This is not unusual for a Pisces with their head in the clouds and a loose grasp of things like time and schedules.

In this case, don’t worry!

Just keep contacting the Pisces with a gentle nudge and they’ll eventually come up for air.

They’re trying to break it off with you

It’s the last thing you want to hear.

But if a Pisces is trying to break up with you gently, they’ll start disappearing from your life.

Ignoring you is easier than looking into your eyes and breaking your heart.

How to React to the Pisces Man Silent Treatment

As we mentioned earlier, the way you respond to a Pisces man’s silent treatment depends on the reason for it.

Which is what we’ll show you how to do below.

If you fought or hurt his feelings

If you had a disagreement or you said something that you’re pretty sure offended your Pisces man, you need to:

  • Give him space first
  • Then accept responsibility and apologize
  • Lastly, reassure him

A Pisces man is easily overwhelmed by all the emotions swirling around—both yours and his.

He’s empathic, taking on your frustrated feelings during an argument.

So first, give him space and let him feel his own feelings for a few days.

Then, reach out to him—whether you text or call—and admit your wrongdoing.

He can hold out for as long as it takes you to come clean!

Follow up with a heartfelt apology and an explanation for your actions.

A Pisces man wants to understand how you operate, so you’ll need to dig deep and lay bare your soul to him.

Lastly, assure him you will not do it again—as long as you can stick to that promise.

Because if you break it, he may not come around a second time.

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If he’s not sure about your relationship

Pisces is waffling about being with you? You need to take the initiative to slow things down.

Follow his lead—stop communicating for a few days, or maybe a week.

Give him that space to breathe, and then reach out to him gently with a text.

Something like, “Hey, I miss hanging out with you. Is everything okay?”

If you don’t get a response, you can continue: “I feel like things are off between us and I’m feeling a little anxious about it. Can we talk about it?”

The worst thing in the world to the Pisces is hurting someone, so admitting your feelings can spur him into action.

Tip: A text (or email) can be easier for him than a phone call.

Since he freezes up during uncomfortable interactions, a phone call might be too real for him.

If he’s going through something

Do you have the sense that something is weighing on him?

Maybe you can gauge this by asking his friends what they think.

In this case, it’s a good idea to contact him right away.

Let him know you’re reaching out because you haven’t heard from him in a while and you want to make sure he’s okay.

His friends can also pass on the message that you’re trying to look out for him.

This can push him to respond to you as he’ll appreciate the effort you’re putting into having his back.

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If he just forgot

If he’s gotten distracted, the simple answer is to send him a friendly reminder!

Make a joke about it.

Just don’t be harsh, make fun of him or scold him for not having you at the forefront of his mind.

Remember, a Pisces is sensitive and dreamy.

They can’t help being themselves, and sometimes they just get wrapped up in their own world.

Try not to hold the Pisces too strictly to what they say about making plans.

If you can be flexible and handle yourself gracefully, the Pisces man will be much more relaxed and responsive to you.

If he wants to leave you

Sorry to say, there’s not a ton you can do if the Pisces wants to break up with you.

If he has his mind and heart set on it, it’s pretty much a done deal.

But, if there’s any part of him that isn’t sure yet, you may be able to sway him.

You can do this much better in person than by bombarding him with text messages.

In other words, knock on his door.

Try going to his place when you know he’ll be home (and not busy).

It’ll be much harder for him to turn you away when he’s looking into your eyes.

Level with him and let him know how you feel and what you want.

The truth will speak to him, and seeing your emotions will tug at his heart strings.

You may be able to get past the blockade he’s thrown up this way and restore your relationship.

If he won’t respond to you

Pisces man continuing to ignore you no matter what you do?

The only card you have left is to not contact him.

No contact may be the wake-up call the Pisces guy needs.

One thing you have to understand about Pisces men is that they hate having their options taken away.

It throws them into a tailspin and makes them wonder if they did wrong letting someone they cared about slip away.

This is the last best bet to get a Pisces male to break his silence.

But you should go in without the expectation of it working.

Because the truth is, it may not.

A Pisces is just as likely to let you drift away like a dream. But you don’t have a ton of control over that result, anyway.


If a Pisces man is giving you the silent treatment, you have to look at the cause so you know how to react.

Sometimes he’ll need space, and sometimes he’ll need you to extend a friendly helping hand.

Worst case, he’s avoiding you to break up with you.

The more you push, the further away a Pisces will get.

You need to re-attract them with caring, vulnerability and openness—or be willing to let them go entirely.

That’s what he knows, and the only way to get him to respond.

Pisces Men FAQ

Will a Pisces man come back after no contact?

It’s possible, yes.

Losing contact with you can make a Pisces man scared of that happening permanently.

Pisces is a mutable sign, which means they’re prone to changing their minds.

Not contacting a Pisces man can be just the stimulus to change his tune and send him running back.

How do you know when a Pisces man is no longer interested?

Ultimately, a Pisces man will tell you he’s not interested if you press him.

He’ll try to avoid it so as to not offend you, but asking him directly will force him to tell you the truth.

Before that, he’ll try to gently pull away from you and un-link himself romantically.

That means talking to you a lot less, treating you like he treats every other acquaintance and definitely not being open and emotional with you.

How do you get a Pisces man back in your life?

The two main strategies are to open up to him and completely ignore him.

If you show your emotions without reservation and let him know you want him back, make sure to add how things will be different the second time around.

A Pisces man is afraid of being a emotionally manipulated, so he’ll want your word that he won’t get pulled into drama.

If that fails, you can try to move on without him.

Seeing that can make him feel a sense of panic and loss, in which case he will impulsively get in touch with you.

Then you have a shot at rekindling your romance.

What happens if you ignore a Pisces?

It really depends on the circumstance.

If you ignore a Pisces for attention, you won’t get it.

They’ll just refocus their attention on something or someone else that gives them back good energy.

But if you’re ignoring a Pisces because you broke up and you’re trying to send the message that you’re moving on, it could motivate them to try to win you back.

In the end, ignoring a Pisces will have mixed results that you can’t really rely on.

It’s a gamble because the Pisces is contradictory, unpredictable and changeable from moment to moment based on mood.

When a Pisces man ignores your text

Just wait.

A Pisces man may get distracted and forget to text you back.

If you don’t hear anything, send a non-confrontational text in a few days.

Don’t make a big deal out of not hearing back, just in case the Pisces man meant nothing by it.

You’ll know soon enough if he’s ignoring you on purpose, and if he just needs some space.

What to do when your Pisces man backs off

When a Pisces man backs off, it usually means he’s seen some behavior that he doesn’t like. 

You will need to make him feel safe and secure with you by upping your positivity around him and showing him that you’re there for him.

Be a beacon of light in his life.

Appreciate him.

Be supportive, nonjudgmental and compassionate.

Be someone he can look up to and admire, and he’ll stop being so cautious and pursue you again.

If you really want to save your relationship with a Pisces man, it takes getting to know him on a deeper level.

Since he may shut you out, it can help to get his friends on your side.

Or, you can get help from a guide like Anna Kovach’s Pisces Man Secrets.

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