15 Juicy Pisces Man Facts (Traits, Behaviors, Love & Sex)

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Need the low-down on Pisces men?

In this article, we’re covering Pisces guy basics as well as the juiciest details about his personality and behavior.

Here are the Pisces man facts you need to know:

  • A Pisces man is romantic AF
  • He’s profoundly spiritual and emotional
  • He’s shockingly sexual
  • It’s impossible to manipulate or control him
  • He is the most talented person you’ve ever met

If you want to bag yourself a Piscean, you need to know how to get inside his head—before this slippery fish slips out of reach.

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Quick Pisces Man Facts

First, let’s start with the basics—the core Pisces man facts:

  • Season: Winter—born between February 19 and March 20
  • Modality: Mutable—Pisces men are flexible, enjoy change and go with the flow 
  • Element: Water
  • Symbol: Two fish swimming in opposite directions
  • Motto: “I believe”
  • Key gems and stones: Aquamarine, yellow sapphire, amethyst
  • Ruling planets: Jupiter (traditional), Neptune (modern)

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Pisces Man Personality Traits

If you were to sum up the Pisces man personality, here are his most noteworthy traits:

  • Creative
  • Sensitive
  • Spiritually advanced
  • Sensual
  • Selfless
  • Adaptable
  • Quirky
  • Accepting
  • Deeply compassionate

But you’ve got to take the good with the bad!

Here’s the dark side of the Pisces man:

  • Wishy-washy
  • Indecisive
  • Prone to escapism
  • Moody
  • Noncommittal
  • Naive
  • Overly sensitive
  • Secretive
  • Self-indulgent

15 Juiciest Pisces Men Facts

What are the most interesting things about a Pisces man?

We’ve put together a list of what makes Pisces guys fascinating, frustrating, unusual and unique.

…And sexy!

1. A Pisces man lives and breathes romance

Do you want to find a man who’s straight out of the movie The Notebook?

Pisces is as close as you can get.

This man is sentimental to his core, and he needs lots of mushy romance in his relationship.

He’s the type of man who will dance in the rain with you.

Who will give you handwritten cards for Valentine’s Day.

He’s a man you can take home to mom and make her heart melt.

If you want to know what storybook romance feels like, get yourself a Pisces man.

2. Pisces men aren’t clingy, exactly

This Pisces man fact needs to be cleared up right here, right now.

Because women keep getting this wrong about them.

It’s said that Pisces guys are clingy and needy, but trust me—if you make that assumption, you’re going to screw up with a Pisces man.

The truth is that the emotional Pisces does need physical closeness and a strong emotional bond with someone he’s romantically involved with.

But he also needs a lot—a lot—of space.

He will not want to be with you 24/7.

In short, he’s super introverted. He needs time alone to recharge and reconnect with his inner thoughts. And sometimes, just brood.

So don’t treat him like he’s supposed to be attached at the hip with you.

Because that will surely drive him away!

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3. He has lots of ups…and downs

Okay, so you’ve heard Pisces man is moody—we can’t deny that’s true.

Ruled by the water element, Pisces lives in his emotions.

He feels everything deeply and powerfully.

It’s not something he can help—nor would we want him to change that. His high emotional IQ is truly beautiful about him.

But the price is a little bit of emotional instability.

A Pisces man might be cheerful one moment and weepy the next because he heard a song that reminded him of his long lost love.

The good news is that, like with a Gemini, the moods don’t usually last long.

But it’s all part of the package with a Pisces man.

4. A Pisces man is extremely sexual and sensual

Did you know Pisces men were so damn sexual?

It’s a fact that flies under the radar next to overtly sexual signs like Scorpio and Taurus.

And Pisces men seem so sweet and quiet, you wouldn’t really suspect.

But get around a Pisces man who’s feeling your vibes, and you’ll see what we mean.

A Pisces man uses sexuality to express love and affection and indulge his (and your) every sense in pure pleasure.

He’s a giver, so he’ll want to make you climax again and again.

And he’s always up for round after round in the sack.

5. He’s always dreaming

At his core, a Piscean is an idealist, which makes him prone to looking at what could be, rather than what is.

So he sometimes gets called unrealistic.

Yes, he is a dreamer. But that’s what makes him so otherworldly in a charming and wonderful way.

He’s the ultimate optimist, capable of seeing the best in everyone.

When a Pisces man looks at you, he doesn’t see what everyone else sees.

He sees your intentions, your dreams, the goodness in your soul.

How can we not love a Pisces man for that?

6. You can’t control a Pisces man

This can be a very confusing and difficult lesson to learn when dating a Pisces man.

So it’s best to learn it upfront, before anyone gets hurt.

Pisces may be a flexible mutable sign.

But that doesn’t mean you can mold or change him.

Pisces men are adaptable and changeable, but only on their own terms.

They do not do well dating someone who is putting their foot down, expecting them to be someone they’re not.

If you want a Pisces man, you have to accept him wholly and unconditionally.

That’s the only way to earn his love.

Otherwise, he’ll swim far away from you.

7. He needs encouragement

Pisces men are plagued by self-doubt.

They can be uber confident one minute, only to question everything the next.

In love and dating, a Pisces man does best when you give him plenty of praise and support.

Show him that you enjoy his company if you’re trying to bag a Pisces man.

And reassure him if you’re dating him by showing affection openly and frequently.

Do this and his late-night analytical brain won’t get the better of him when it comes to analyzing your relationship.

Because if he doesn’t feel like you really want him, he might decide it’s too risky to invest his emotions.

If you want an easy, proven formula to keeping a Pisces man interested, check out Pisces Man Secrets.

8. He’s incredibly sensitive

Pisces is so emotional.

It’s like a superpower for him, making him strongly empathetic and compassionate.

He’s sensitive to others’ needs and automatically in tune with you.

You never need to explain yourself to a Pisces man, because he gets it.

He can feel you.

But at the same time, his incredible sensitivity means that he gets his own feelings hurt quite a bit.

This is why many Pisces have developed what seems like a tough guy attitude on the outside.

But it’s all a facade, trust me.

Inside, Pisces men are total mush.

9. A Pisces man would give up everything for love

There are few true romantics like Pisces men.

Love means everything to them.

And they would go to the ends of the earth to find it.

Pisces wouldn’t let something like time or distance stand in the way of an epic love story.

When he finds his soulmate, he will move mountains to be with them.

Sometimes, when a Pisces man has been hurt in love, he will retreat into his shell.

So the next woman who tries to win his heart is in for an emotional roller coaster.

But even if a Pisces man has been burned, deep down, he just wants someone to remind him that true love really does exist.

10. Escapism is his greatest weakness

A tendency to escape can be a major problem for the Pisces man.

He doesn’t like anything that feels bad or confrontational.

Guided by his ruling planet Neptune, planet of fantasy and illusion, he has a number of means to avoid reality at his disposal.

He might just ignore it.

He might convince himself that a bad relationship is a good one.

Or, could wind up going down a darker path of drugs and alcohol to soothe his woes.

These are just some of the escapist tendencies of Pisces, though it doesn’t mean every Pisces man is reckless or chronically avoidant.

They’re tendencies—not absolutes.

Nevertheless, it’s something the Pisces has to be wary of as he moves through life.

11. He likes fantasy in bed

You may have noticed a theme by now that Pisces is all about fantasy.

As it happens, he also likes fantasy in bed.

He likes to role play, pretend to be different people and indulge every and any secret fantasy you’ve ever dared to imagine.

He’s shy about expressing his own fantasies, but once he gets more comfortable with you, you should definitely ask to fulfill them.

You might be his dream woman.

12. He’s musically and artistically gifted

What do Kurt Cobain, James Blunt and Jensen Ackles have in common?

They’re all extremely talented Pisces men.

Pisces men make incredible musicians, actors, painters, dancers and performers.

They’re trend setters, icons.

If you know a Pisces man, ask him about whatever creative thing he’s into.

For sure, there’s something you don’t know about that he’s shockingly good at.

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13. Pisces men may tell white lies

Here’s one of the bad parts of being ruled by the planet of illusion.

Pisces have trouble with truth.

More precisely, they can delude themselves into believing things and reshape the truth until it looks more pleasing to them.

They don’t like to outright lie. It’s more like storytelling.

They’ll tell a version of the truth that they like much better.

But rest assured, the Pisces man fully believes it himself.

14. No two Pisces men are alike

Okay, here’s something interesting—and also contradictory—about Pisces men.

No two are alike.

There are underlying traits and characteristics under the surface, but all Pisces men will appear to be radically different from one another.

There are macho Pisces, gentle Pisces, quiet Pisces, loud Pisces and everything in between.

This is partly because Pisces is an extremely impressionable sign.

That is, they’re strongly influenced by those around them and the environments they grew up in.

Another factor is that Pisces, being the last of the 12 zodiac signs, has a little bit of every other sign in it.

So you see lots of traits from various signs in Pisces.

It makes pinning a Pisces man down sort of difficult. But also explains a lot when you get to know them!

15. He’s probably the most spiritual person you’ve ever met

Whether he’s spiritual or religious, a Pisces man is sure to have a strong interest in the unseen aspects of life.

He seems wise and knowing, like an old soul.

In fact, Pisces is said to be the oldest soul.

As such, he’s spiritual in his expression and personality.

He likes talking about all things spiritual and metaphysical and exploring the hidden realms of existence.

If you’re into that, too, then a Pisces man is your kindred spirit.

Pisces Man FAQ

What is Pisces man attracted to?

A Pisces man is attracted to a woman who is both strong and gentle.

She’s emotionally resilient and doesn’t ask for what she wants—she simply goes after it.

But she is in no way selfish or insensitive.

This is why if you want to attract a Pisces man, you have to balance both sides of yourself.

A Pisces man likes a woman who is strong and independent, but never loses sight of what’s important.

That is to be kind, compassionate and generous.

How does a Pisces man test you?

A Pisces man tests you in plenty of sneaky ways.

He’ll test your emotional maturity, your trustworthiness and how cool you are under pressure.

But the thing is, he’ll do it in ways that will really challenge you.

Like canceling plans at the last minute and testing your reaction.

No matter what, you need to keep a level head!

He just wants to make sure you’re capable of accepting him as he is.

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What is a Pisces man’s weakness?

Definitely his tendency toward escapism.

A Pisces man has trouble with reality when it doesn’t match his ideals.

So he needs to be careful that he doesn’t retreat into a fantasy world.

Is Pisces man loyal?

Yes, Pisces man is loyal to a fault.

If a Pisces man trusts and believes in you, he will put his absolute blind faith in you.

He will support you unconditionally.

Nothing and nobody will deter him.

And he will not give up on you when you mess up.

What body type does a Pisces man like?

Traditionally, Pisces likes curvy body types.

Large busts, butts and hips.

But honestly, looks only get so far with a Pisces man.

Personality matters way more, so if yours impresses him, he won’t care what your body type is.

If you want to be with a Pisces man, you need to know what he really wants, which a guide like Anna Kovach’s Pisces Man Secrets will teach you.

Knowing his hidden fears and desires, you can get around the Pisces man’s defenses and do what other women struggle to accomplish—get him to commit.

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