How to Make a Taurus Man Miss You Like Crazy (14 Sly Ways)

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Wondering how to make a Taurus man miss you so bad, he can’t stand another second without you?

Here’s how to get a Taurus man to miss you like crazy:

  • Have your own life and your own goals to achieve
  • Be mature, grounded and stable
  • Never chase a Taurus man—let him chase you!
  • Be sensual, sweet and extremely well-dressed
  • Maintain some mystery about yourself
  • Remind him of the good times you’ve had

Taurus men are notoriously difficult to keep.

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How to Make a Taurus Man Miss You

1. Live it up

It’s easy to make a Taurus man miss you if you’re not focusing all your energy on him.

You need to get out there and grab life by the horns.

Let him see that you’re living well, without him.

Go out with your friends, post pictures of your adventures on social media.

Show that you’re not sad or moping without the Taurus man around.

When he sees how much fun you’re having without him, he’ll get just a teensy bit jealous.

You’ll see, he’ll start trying to claim more of you to himself.

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2. Be coy

Whether you’re trying to get your Taurus ex back or you want an aloof Taurus man to pay more attention to you, you have to show a little interest first.

So flirt!

The key to flirting the way a Taurus guy likes it is to be warm and friendly, sensual and cute in your flirtations.

Avoid doing anything he would consider raunchy, immodest or crude.

He likes a classy lady and will not be able to stop thinking about you if you can be coy and demure.

3. Get his sentimentality to kick in

Believe it or not, Taurus men are susceptible to some mushy feelings about the past.

They do a great deal of reminiscing on their own and are easily swayed by memories that bring up good feelings for them.

So take advantage of the Bull’s surprising sentimentality—and remind him of the good times he’s had with you.

Text him a picture of the two of you on a romantic hike and type, “Remember this gorgeous sunset? ♥”

Or say, “I still have that blue button-down shirt you wore when we went to the farmer’s market and you bought me flowers.”

If you can, throw in a compliment to make him extra swoony.

“…You know, the shirt that makes your eyes look super blue and gorgeous.”

He’ll be thinking about you romantically, and feeling sexy—a potent love potion for a Taurus man.

4. Look hot

Has your Taurus man seen you looking smoking hot lately?

If not, you need to get him to set eyes on you in your most curve-hugging, classy dress.

Taurus men like women who dress in a sophisticated, yet feminine way that makes them look voluptuous.

A gorgeous looking woman has the power to stop a Taurus man dead in his tracks and ask for her number.

So be sure to look stunning when you run into him. That image will stick in his mind for days.

5. Text him some cute selfies

While you’re looking amazing, why not snap some selfies and send them to your Taurus man?

Take a picture doing something adorable, like hugging a puppy. It will melt his heart. 

Just make sure you look good enough to eat.

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And that’s all you really need to do to get him fantasizing about you.

6. Put a higher premium on your time

You want a Taurus man to miss you?

Don’t cater to him.

Don’t be available at his every whim or be at his beck and call.

You have to show that your time is valuable, which is something this materialistic sign understands.

Stop yourself from picking up his phone call when you’re busy—you can call him back. 

Don’t bend over backwards to rearrange your schedule because he wants to get together but didn’t bother making plans with you.

You have other priorities and while you enjoy him and would like to see him, he’s not your whole world.

You’ll instantly up your value in his eyes.

7. Embrace your sensuality

A Taurus man is sensual.

He digs sensual women who use their whole bodies to communicate and experience life.

Women who use lots of soft, suggestive touch and give great massages.

A woman who will literally stop to smell the roses, pick one and brush it across his lips to smell and taste.

If you want a Taurus man to miss you, live in the moment with him.

Be sensual and teasing. Hold his gaze when you talk to him. Wear a seductive scent.

Intoxicate his senses with beauty, luscious smells and soft touches and he’ll be putty in your hands.

8. Let him chase you

Are you playing the aggressor with a Taurus man?

If so, you’re barking up the wrong tree.

A Taurus man wants to chase you, and not the other way around.

He’s a masculine man who wants a traditional relationship with a woman who lets him lead and call the shots.

As long as you’re letting him fulfill his fantasy of being your knight in shining armor, he’ll fall all over himself to chase you.

But you have to give him a chance…so have patience!

Entice him with gentle flirting, but give him some time to call you and ask you out for dinner or coffee.

The key is to let a Taurus man feel like he’s in control.

9. Be extra sweet to him

If you really want to stand out in a Taurus man’s mind, be sweet as honey to him.

Tend to him, pamper him, mother him a little.

Text him to ask how his day is going.

Ask if he’s eaten lunch and then bring him a sandwich from his favorite deli.

Offer to listen when he’s had a bad day with no strings attached.

Taurus men love classically feminine women who are sweet-natured and nurturing.

So give him a little extra love if you want him to miss your company.

Make him miss your home cooking, your compliments and your warmth.

It may seem like trivial stuff, but it really makes a comfort-loving Taurus come to enjoy and rely on you.

10. Show him you only want him

Loyalty is everything to a Taurus male.

His ideal partner is one with whom he can trust his life, and most certainly a woman he doesn’t feel insecure about when it comes to other men.

Taurus men are possessive to the max. They need reassurance you’re not interested in anyone else.

Don’t try to make them jealous—usually, they’ll sense that’s what you’re doing and refuse to play the game.

Alternatively, you could succeed, but then you’ll have to pay the price.

You will be written off as “not worth it.”

It’s not that you want to appear clingy or like you’re waiting for him. You just have to make it clear that you’re not taking any other men’s numbers.

Dealing with a Taurus man’s possessiveness can be tricky, so we highly recommend making it easier with Anna Kovach’s techniques in Taurus Man Secrets.

11. Be a tad mysterious

A Taurus man doesn’t want you to tell him your entire life’s story.

He wants the story of who you are to unfold slowly.

He wants to feel teased by the prospect of finding out what makes you tick.

So be a little elusive with your answers.

When he asks what you’re up to these days, say something like, “Oh, a little of this and a little of that. You’ll have to come and see.”

Get him intrigued. Make it worth the wait.

He’ll be so eager to see you, he might just forget to play it cool like he usually does.

12. Have financial goals

Taurus people are a hardworking bunch.

They crave financial stability and want a mate who will help them build the lavish lifestyle they desire, which takes focus and ambition.

Show that you’re equally motivated to become financially secure.

Work on your career goals. Climb the ladder at your job.

Save your money instead of spending it on frivolous things.

A Taurus man may push you away if he feels like being with you will keep his wallet empty.

But if you can show that you’re smart with money, a Taurus man will feel you have important values aligned and will be more interested in hitting you up again.

13. Have confidence

Confidence is key in making a Taurus man miss you.

Stand tall and walk with your head held high.

Be willing to state your opinions even if others disagree with you.

A Taurus man wants a strong, independent woman to complement his own independent and ambitious nature.

A self-reliant woman who knows what she wants and will stop at nothing to go after her goals.

Keep that air around you when you interact with a Taurus man, and he’ll want more of it for himself.

14. Give him space

Last but not least, never hound a Taurus man.

He moves slowly and likes a lot of space to go at his pace.

If you bug him to ask him where he is and what he’s doing, he’s going to feel like you’re trying to control him.

Plus, Taurus guys go quiet sometimes while they’re working out their thoughts and feelings, or simply when they’re really busy.

If you don’t give them a chance to get through it, they’ll push you away to re-stabilize and ground themselves, alone.

You want to offer positive, pressure-free interactions only.

He’ll miss you if you’re his safe haven, so offer him comfort, understanding and patience.

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And let him do his thing!

Taurus Men FAQ

How do you know if a Taurus man misses you?

Basically, it can’t be any clearer that a Taurus man misses you if he’s taking the time to reach out to you.

You have to understand, Tauruses are lazy and will not bother to contact you if you’re not on their minds.

So it’s a big deal when they want to talk to you, especially if they try to set up a time to see you in person.

How to make a Taurus man miss you over text

Be funny when you text him.

Make him laugh, and then make him smile by saying something extra sweet and caring.

“Just wanted to make you smile today.”

“I woke up thinking about you. Must be a good day!”

“Have you eaten? I’m going to bring you lunch from your favorite lunch spot.”

Don’t over-text!

Save your texts for when they can be really meaningful.

How do you make a Taurus man obsess over you?

If you want a Taurus man to be obsessed with you, you have to really take care of your appearance.

Be well-groomed, act mature and give off crazy confident vibes.

Be active and have goals.

When you’re with the Taurus man, bat your eyelashes, fawn over him and be the feminine, nurturing type he adores.

But when you’re apart, do your own thing without waiting by the phone for his call—remember, let him come to you.

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How do you get a Taurus man’s attention back?

Some effective ways to get a Taurus man’s attention back are to:

  • Use social media to post all the good things happening in your life
  • Work on your goals, but do it for yourself—a Taurus man has a ton of respect for a self-sufficient woman who makes things happen for herself
  • Let him know you’re there for him, but never pressure him
  • Be your sweet, kind self and never criticize him
  • Appeal to his romantic and sentimental nature

What will make a Taurus man chase you?

A Taurus guy will chase you if you:

  • Look amazing
  • Smell amazing
  • Let him know you think he’s handsome
  • Text him, but then let him pick it up from there
  • Play up your femininity

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How to make a Taurus man regret losing you

A Taurus man will regret losing you if he feels you’re kind of too good for him.

So show him everything he’s missing—as long as you don’t make it obvious you want his attention!

Be friendly with him, but maintain a respectful distance.

He has to know that you’re not wrapped around his finger, and that he doesn’t “own” you.

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No contact rule with a Taurus man

The no-contact rule with a Taurus man can work if you broke up and want him back.

Use the no-contact rule immediately after a breakup and stick to it if you want to be successful.

Don’t make him jealous, and have plenty of patience.

It’s a waiting game with a Taurus.

He’s either going to reach out to you because he can’t help himself, or use it as an opportunity to cut the cord.

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Signs a Taurus man is playing you

Here’s how you know a Taurus man is a player:

  • He won’t go out in public with you
  • Sex comes with no emotion or cuddling
  • You can’t contact him—he only contacts you when he wants
  • You never know where he is or how he spends his time
  • He doesn’t try to hide the fact that he’s interested in other women

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