How Do You Know When a Scorpio Man Is Done With You? (10 Signs)

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How do you know when a Scorpio man is done with you?

Here are the telltale signs:

  • He’s meaner, harsher and more petty than he’s ever been
  • He no longer shares his life or his feelings with you
  • He tries to put physical distance between you
  • The way he talks and acts, it’s like he knows he’ll be single soon
  • Finally, he cuts you out of his life completely

If you don’t want to push a Scorpio man to cut off contact, beware of using traditional emotional tactics.

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How Do You Know When a Scorpio Man Is Done?

1. No more Mister Nice Guy

Scorpio men have a tendency to become cold and perhaps even mean right before they decide to end a relationship.

While a Scorpio is known to tell it like it is, a Scorpio man who’s done with you won’t attempt to spare your feelings with more gentle phrasing or gestures.

Plus, he can get testy and impatient with you where he used to be calm and understanding.

In fact, when he’s over it, it’s like he doesn’t have an interest in understanding you at all anymore.

As a result, he becomes harsh.

And he’ll use any small disagreement to lash out, then ice you out.

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2. He cuts you off emotionally

Has your Scorpio man suddenly become closed off?

No matter how hard you try, you can’t get him to show you affection.

He doesn’t share his feelings with you.

And he doesn’t want to share yours.

The emotional tether becoming undone means that the Scorpio man can no longer justify staying in a relationship as his heart isn’t in it.

Even if he still cares for you, he’ll be wary of letting you see it.

3. He puts physical distance between you

As a Scorpio man loses interest in the relationship, he gets further and further away from you—literally.

He’ll get in the car and drive out of town to go do something alone, without you.

Not just once in a while, but every time you have a chance to spend time together.

You wake up in the morning and he’s not there.

He puts himself on an opposite schedule.

The less time he’s physically near you, the less painful or upsetting it is for him.

4. He stings you

Revenge is the Scorpio’s specialty.

That Scorpion stinger is not to be trifled with on a good day.

But as a Scorpio man detaches from you, he’ll start getting more petty and vengeful.

If you do something to irritate him, he’ll make sure he pays you back.

Often cruelly, he will have no problem using your insecurities against you.

Chances are, he’s pushing you away to prep you for a breakup.

5. He starts making plans without you

If you hear a Scorpio man stop using “us” when referencing the future, pay close attention.

If he’s only talking about himself and his own life as he maps it out, he’s not taking you into account.

It’s as if he’s dropping hints that he doesn’t see a future with you.

Even if he hasn’t said it, you can tell by the way he becomes very self-oriented.

Maybe he starts planning a big move to advance his career, but he doesn’t ask you if you’d move with him.

He’ll make separate arrangements that clearly draw a line between your life and his.

6. You don’t know what’s going on with him anymore

Scorpios are secretive, that’s just a fact.

But a Scorpio in a happy relationship will not be like a stranger to you the way he will be if he’s on his way out of the relationship.

Not only will he stop sharing his emotions with you, he’ll stop sharing everything, period.

You won’t know where he is during the day.

You’ll feel like he’s deliberately keeping you in the shadows.

His need for privacy will grow to the point that you just won’t feel like you know him anymore.

Which is unfortunate because this is a critical time to turn things around and convince the Scorpio to stay.

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7. He has a new “friend”

This is not going to happen with every Scorpio man, but I’ve personally seen it happen before.

Typically, if a Scorpio man is going to start showing interest in another woman while he’s in a relationship, he’s the type of Scorpio you want to stay away from.

The “player” type—which really means the confused type of Scorpio man who’s never sure he’s in the right relationship.

If you’re with a Scorpio man who seems to have made a new female friend he’s spending time alone with, don’t ignore it.

We’re not talking about a woman he was friends with long before you.

Maybe it’s a coworker or someone you don’t know at all.

But a Scorpio man’s longing for a connection can drive him to open up to other women.

8. He talks like he doesn’t want to be in a relationship

It’s clear when a Scorpio man wants to be with you from the way he talks.

Beyond speaking of your future together, he talks about you in possessive terms. As if you’re “his.”

On the other hand, a Scorpio man who doesn’t feel like you’re right for each other anymore won’t use possessive language.

He may go so far as to verbalize his doubts about being together.

He’s incapable of being emotionally dishonest and it’ll come out through the way he talks to you.

9. He cuts you out

Toward the end when a Scorpio man is ready to end things, he’ll get ready to move on.

Once he’s pulled the plug on your relationship, he simply won’t stick around.

There may be a brief explanation of his desire to leave you, but he won’t attempt to console you for very long or stay in touch.

Severing ties will likely be sudden and there will be no room for negotiation.

Afterward, you simply won’t hear from him.

Similarly, he won’t keep your stuff around his apartment since he’ll want a clean break.

It’ll be like he’s erased you from his life.

10. He doesn’t seem to care about your pain

No amount of pleading will move the Scorpio man who has committed to ending things between you.

You can’t appeal to his emotions.

If he feels guilty, which he very well might, he will not allow it to sway him just to ease his conscience and make you happy.

He isn’t heartless, but the way that he refuses to show his emotions or give you an inch makes it seem like he has no sympathy for you.

The reality is that he’s strong-willed and once he’s made up his mind, begging for another chance or trying to make him suffer for leaving will cause him to lock up his heart tighter.

Other Scorpio Man Questions

How do you know when a Scorpio man is hurt?

Since Scorpios are very good at hiding their feelings, you might not realize that you’ve hurt them.

If you suspect that you may have, don’t listen to what the Scorpio is saying so much as how he’s behaving.

Is he acting cold, aloof and unresponsive to you?

These are classic self-defense mechanisms for the secretly sensitive Scorpio man.

At some point, a hurt Scorpio may seek revenge.

If you realize that he’s just done something to get even with you, you must have done something in the past (maybe not even recently!) that upset or angered your Scorpion.

He’s masterful at wielding that stinger, and he’ll use it to right the wrongs the Scorpio way.

Will my Scorpio man come back?

It really depends on the specific situation.

Scorpio men have been known to come back to an ex years after breaking up, once they’ve recognized that they can never find real love like that and they’re ready to let their guard down again.

On the other hand, many breakups for Scorpio guys are final.

This is usually the case when either the Scorpio native concluded that you just didn’t have a good connection, or you betrayed his trust by doing something like cheating or lying about something big.

Read How to Make a Scorpio Man Want You Back to learn the proper way to do it.

How do you know if a Scorpio man still loves you?

Usually, when you’re interacting with a Scorpio man who still loves you, he’ll treat you tenderly.

Beyond this, he will still be paying attention to you.

Scorpios don’t give any of their attention to those who aren’t important to them because they don’t see the point.

And he’ll keep an eye on you and your whereabouts even if you don’t realize it’s happening.

Because he’s incapable of not being possessive where his heart is concerned.

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How do Scorpios break up with you?

Scorpios rip the band-aid off all at once and break up with you seemingly overnight.

You won’t necessarily have any warning as the Scorpio man keeps to himself particularly when he’s brooding and considering his feelings.

Most likely, you’ll be broken up with in person.

This is because Scorpio guys afford breakups the seriousness they deserve and can even get a sense of closure by getting to look you in the eye while they’re doing it.

Signs a Scorpio man is playing you

A Scorpio man who isn’t serious about you likely will not show any true devotion or commitment to you.

As in, he won’t take you out on dates, he won’t introduce you to anyone close to him and he won’t be around when you need him.

Everything will always be his way and seeing him will only be on his terms, and you likely won’t get to see him for an entire evening.

He either has a girlfriend or another love interest, or he’s not really interested in you.

How to know if a Scorpio man misses you

After a breakup or if you’re taking a break, a Scorpio man will start checking up on you if he misses you.

He’ll find out about what’s going on in your life and who you’re spending time with to make sure you’re not dating anyone.

Most likely, he’ll text you to ask how you’re doing and ask you these types of questions directly.

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