How to Keep a Sagittarius Man Interested in You (10 Clever Ways)

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Don’t want the Sagittarius man you’re dating to get bored?

Here’s how to keep a Sagittarius man:

  • Have a strong friendship first
  • Have interesting conversations and make him think
  • Be as independent and free-spirited as he is
  • Never stop having fun together
  • Be passionate in and out of the bedroom

Fair warning—a Sagittarius man is afraid of commitment and goes through girlfriends like no other sign.

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How to Keep a Sagittarius Man

How do you keep a man who freaks out about anything that sounds remotely like commitment?

Since he’s afraid of being tied down, he’s one of the toughest signs to get.

So what do you do?

Simple as it may seem, the trick is to make his life better with you in it.

Then he’ll want to keep you close.

And since he won’t feel forced, it won’t compromise his freedom.

Stimulate his mind, body and soul by:

  • Inspiring his sense of wonder and curiosity
  • Having a fun, passionate sex life
  • Helping him grow as a person

Ready to start?

Let’s get into the tips.

1. Enjoy good conversations

Number one, Sagittarius men need a lot of intellectual stimulation.

This is thanks to their huge imaginations and curiosity.

As such, you should try to spark new ideas for him by diving deep into subjects that interest him.

Don’t be a passive listener.

Engage with him and take new perspectives.

He plays a great devil’s advocate, so try not to take everything he says too seriously and instead see it as an opportunity to expand your own mind.

An open-minded woman energizes the Sagittarius man, which makes him even more attracted.

He can chat about anything, but his favorite topics include philosophy, science, culture and many times, spirituality.

2. Be great friends

A Sagittarius man is the type to fall in love with his best female friend.

Any relationship will need to be a friendship as well as a romance if it’s going to work.

Friendships are about having fun and just enjoying each other’s company.

He needs that playful, carefree type of vibe.

Share plenty of laughs together and don’t be afraid to show him your goofy side.

It’ll only make him fall harder for you.

3. Ask him to go on day trips

Sagittarius men want to experience the world with you.

They can and will do so on their own, but they love it when they can share this passion with someone special.

Sagittarius people live for world travel, but it’s really new experiences that they crave.

Which means you don’t have to travel far to inspire him.

Even traveling to a neighboring town that you haven’t visited yet—with no set agenda—can be exciting for him.

Learning through experience nurtures the Sagittarius man’s soul.

By encouraging it, you’ll make him want to take you with him everywhere.

4. Avoid clinginess

As you probably can imagine, a clingy person makes a Sagittarius man run for the hills.

You should always remember that Sagittarius men need their freedom.

Even women married to Sagittarius men have to keep this in mind.

To give him his freedom, allow him plenty of space to do what he needs to do solo.

He may not respond to your texts for a couple of days if he’s off on a trip or extremely busy, which he often is.

Don’t start texting and calling him constantly in response.

It’ll cause him to wonder if you can’t handle it, in which case he’ll put distance between you.

Stay busy. Trust him and don’t smother him. 

He’ll pay you back in tons of affection and attention.

5. Be supportive of his goals

A Sagittarius man has goals for his life.

He has a good idea of what he wants and he’s got the will power to go and get it.

What he doesn’t have time for is a distraction.

If you’re standing in between him and his goals, he’ll have to say goodbye.

On the other hand, if you support him in his desires, he’ll want to make it work, together.

One way to support him is to not try to change his plans for his future to better match your own.

If things get serious, he has the ability to adapt and find ways to compromise.

But before you get there, you have to show that you’re willing to let him achieve his dreams.

6. Keep your emotions balanced

Although Sagittarians have deep feelings, they’re weirded out by extremes.

What they like is a partner who is pretty chill for the most part.

They’re not super comfortable handling their own strong emotions, let alone yours.

You never want to overwhelm the Sagittarius man.

You’re better off keeping things light in the beginning and sharing your emotional side a little at a time.

On that note, if you’re in the very beginning of dating, you might want to let him gush over you before you tell him how madly in love with him you are.

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7. Have your own zest for life

Being passionate about something is important to Sagittarius men, and they’re strongly attracted to women who have a similar zest for life.

Whether it’s painting, hang-gliding or volunteering at the animal shelter, having your own interests excites the Sagittarius man.

He’s inspired by your passions.

He greatly respects and admires you for them and will encourage you to pursue them.

Being inspired by you will make him want your energy around all the time.

8. Be passionate between the sheets

Save some of that passion for life for the bedroom!

Most Sagittarius men have very healthy sexual appetites and love everything about sex.

They’re steamy lovers themselves and want someone who puts equal effort in.

Show the Sagittarius man how much you want him.

Let him bring out your animal side!

If you really want to blow his mind, be open to trying new things and keeping it spicy.

His sex life is a very important element of a Sagittarius man’s happiness.

Keep fueling his desire and he’ll be putty in your hands.

9. Get active together

You’re pretty much never going to meet a Sagittarius man who sits idly around his apartment.

He loves to get outside and burn off some of that fiery energy.

Go with him!

Staying physically active together is important to the Sagittarius man.

It’s an interest that you can easily have in common, and it helps to establish a strong friendship between you.

Go hiking, get on bikes, swim or go rock climbing.

If you don’t have any physical hobbies of your own, try one of his.

Or get him involved in one of yours.

The key is that you’re doing it together!

10. Be a good person

Sure, a Sagittarius man likes a pretty face.

But what he’s really attracted to is a woman with a good heart.

He likes unselfish people who would never step on someone else to get what they want.

Sagittarians themselves are very generous with a strong humanitarian streak.

They love helping people and would gladly give you the shirt off their backs.

While you don’t have to start donating all your money to a local charity, just showing the Sagittarius man that you’re a kind and caring person draws him to you.

Be good to other people and animals.

Show your compassion and don’t be quick to judge others.

The Sagittarius man will pick up on it and be proud of you.

Other Sagittarius Man Questions

How do you make a Sagittarius man obsessed with you?

A Sagittarius man becomes obsessed with the fire burning inside of a woman.

If you’re passionate, creative and intellectual, it won’t be tough for you.

You can up your chances by showing the Sagittarius man your wild side but staying just out of his reach when he calls.

Find out how to do it in How to Make a Sagittarius Man Obsessed With You.

How do you know if a Sagittarius man is into you?

The more attention he shows you, the more he likes you.

You’ll find that he replies to your texts right away and tries to make room in his schedule as much as possible to hang out with you.

Little things like how he touches you and talks about you with great respect also give him away.

We explain here in How to Tell If a Sagittarius Man Likes You.

How do you keep a Sagittarius man on his toes?

Don’t let him think he can get you any time he wants to.

Be harder to reach on the phone and let him know that you’re busy.

Then when he sees you, take him on an adventure and completely surprise him.

Basically, you want to shake things up and give him a great time, yet never be eating out of the palm of his hand.

How do you know if a Sagittarius man misses you?

If he calls you, texts you or makes an effort to start a conversation with you, you know that he misses you.


Because Sagittarius men don’t slow down for anyone who isn’t important to them.

So if he’s doing his best to connect with you, he truly misses you.

How to get a Sagittarius man to miss you

You’ll have to show the Sagittarius man that he’ll be missing out on a lot of fun and adventure without you.

Use social media to your advantage and let him see what a fabulous life you’re leading.

If you broke up, steer clear of uncomfortable conversations and blame-throwing and focus on making him feel good.

Learn how to make a Sagittarius man miss you.

What is a Sagittarius weakness?

A BIG Sagittarius weakness is letting things slip due to their noncommittal nature.

A Sagittarius man thinks opportunity is around every corner and hates to close off his options.

When dating, this can prevent the relationship from progressing as he’ll choose his career and other options ahead of the relationship.

Or he’ll figure that he’s not quite sure you’re the one…

How to Get a Sagittarius Man to Commit shows you what you need to do.

Do Sagittarius men like to cuddle?

They’re very affectionate and do plenty of PDA, but still, Sagittarius men aren’t your traditional cuddlers.

That is, they probably won’t spoon you for hours while you’re talking.

They have too much energy and need to get up and do something!

Just know, it’s not that they don’t want to be near you. They simply need to get that next project done.

How do you know when a Sagittarius man is serious?

A Sagittarius man is serious about you when he starts acting like a team.

Instead of keeping you separate from his private life, he’ll start opening up to you about his emotions.

Because he wants you to stick around, he’ll try to make you part of his future.

Get more signs in How to Know If a Sagittarius Man Really Loves You.

How to get a Sagittarius man to open up emotionally

Sagittarius men are emotional, but they would feel much better about letting you in on that if you make a safe space for them first.

Be patient and allow the Sagittarius man to trust you first.

Use some friendly humor to make things low-pressure for him.

Also, try sharing your own emotions first.

If you’re determined to get a Sagittarius man absolutely wrapped around your finger, check out Sagittarius Man Secrets.

The key is to get inside his head so he has no excuses to pass up a real opportunity for love.

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