How to Attract Cancer Men (15 Dos and Don’ts You Should Know)

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Cancer guys are sweet, charming and oh-so romantic. Wondering how to attract Cancer men? Luckily for you, we’re going to talk about what makes them desire you in this article.

How to Attract Cancer Men

Three things are really important to know about Cancer men if you want them to be attracted to you.

They are:

  • Cancer men are attracted to women they feel have relationship material,
  • An emotional bond is necessary for the Cancer man to want to pursue you, and
  • They love highly feminine, nurturing women.

man hugging a woman under a tree with a quote about cancer men in relationships

A fling is not the typical kind of encounter with a Cancer man. As a highly emotional being, the Crab needs secure spaces, which take time to create. This is why relationships are preferable for Cancer men.

They’re attracted to the emotional connection they share with you more than anything else, physical appearance included.

That being said, a feminine appearance—as well as a general feminine vibe—is a powerful aphrodisiac for men of this sign.

The following list of what to do (and not do) to attract a Cancer man will help you understand his mindset and avoid the big blunders.

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OK, ready to learn how to attract Cancer men?

Here we go.

What You Should Do

1. Be open and friendly

man in a hat with ear buds in with a quote about cancer men fearing rejection

The unfortunate reality is that many Cancer men who are initially super attracted to you will put their desire aside if they struggle to approach you.

Though it seems like men are usually the ones to go out on a limb and ask for your phone number, Cancer men fear the possibility of rejection.

In fact, it worries them so much that they’ll typically turn their attention elsewhere unless you show some signs of being receptive.

Just being nice to them is a great start. Lean in when they talk, smile and show interest in what they have to say.

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2. Be genuine

Cancers can smell insincerity from a mile away. They’re not the only sign that has this power, but they’re one of the signs that will run a mile away from you if they sense it.

Whatever you do, be real with a Cancer man. Say only things that are true, and mean what you say.

Keep this in mind especially as you appeal to his emotional nature. He needs to feel like he can trust you for any kind of attraction to last. 

3. Show him you’re a kind person

Mean people need not apply.

You’ll often see Cancer men dating genuinely nice people. That’s because Cancers are attracted to what’s underneath—the person’s character.

No need to try to squeeze your monthly donation to a hunger relief charity into a conversation (unless you’re already talking about something related).

Just be kind to those around you and you’ll get instant points.

I can give you some additional tips on that in How to Impress a Cancer Man.

4. Listen to him

man and woman sitting at a cafe table smiling with a quote about attracting cancer men by listening to them

Cancers are known to be great listeners—they’d rather hear what others have to say than talk for the sake of talking.

But of course, they do like to express themselves verbally. They just tend to pick and choose when to do so.

When a Cancer man shares something with you, be a good listener for him. Really listening to him helps him feel that you care. Seems like a small thing, but it’s sexy to him.

5. Let him pursue you

When it comes to the male/female dynamic, Cancer men are quite old-fashioned. That is, they like to woo you and feel like they’re courting you.

That’s even if you’re the one to ask him on the first date.

Let him guide things as he starts to open up to you. It will build his confidence, not just indulge him. 

6. Wear something ladylike

Want to get a Cancer man to ogle you? Contrary to what you might believe, there is no requirement to be a classic bombshell in a miniskirt and tall high heels.

Actually, modesty is one of the Cancer man’s values.

He’s more likely to go for a woman who generally wears tasteful but feminine clothes.

7. Show your nurturing side

Cancer men love domestic goddesses, it’s true. But that’s far from the only way to show your nurturing side.

All you really need to do is be supportive of him. Nurture his goals, and definitely nurture his emotions by creating an atmosphere of safety for him to express them.

More on this (and a few other tips on this list) in How to Seduce Cancer Man.

8. Be interested in his family

Have you heard that Cancers are super family-oriented? It’s totally true.

It’s not like a Cancer man is definitely going to bring up his family if you hang out with him. But if he does, be prepared to ask questions, identify with him and talk a little about your own family, too.

It’s kind of a bonding thing for him.

9. Be OK with vulnerability

man kissing a woman's head with a quote about cancer men wanted to protect their significant others

He wants to be your protector. All Cancers do, men and women alike.

He’s a sensitive man, and he connects with others on that level. So you don’t have to pretend you’re in complete control of every aspect of your life.

I’m not talking about being a damsel in distress. It’s more that Cancer men understand that we’re all only human.

Being willing to be vulnerable with him naturally kickstarts his desire to be a force of good in your life. In a relationship, he likes to feel needed. And your willingness to be vulnerable with him allows him to do the same.

10. Take your time

Definitely need to have patience with a Cancer man.

Remember, he’s the Crab of the zodiac. He spends his whole day carrying around his protective shell, retreating inside for comfort and safety.

He’ll come out of it at his own pace. You can help him do that if you’re willing to take it slow.

What Not to Do

1. Be crude, lewd or rude

Vulgarity turns Cancer men off. Being prim and proper all the time is definitely not necessary, but constantly making sexually explicit comments about him is probably not going to win him over.

2. Try to jump into bed with him immediately

man and woman lying on the grass with their heads touching and a quote about cancer men not liking one night stands

Cancer men don’t like to be rushed. They like to feel in control of their environments and what happens within them, so attempting to rush things might put them out of their comfort zone.

Another thing is that Cancer men tend to have traditional values. They’re not really one-night stand types, so bear that in mind if you want a Cancer man to pursue you.

3. Make fun of him

When a Cancer man shares something with you, don’t brush it off or tease him about it, because he’ll take it to heart. And he might hold a grudge about it.

If someone is going to tease him, he’d rather it be him with some self-deprecating humor.

4. Tell him to get over it when he’s upset

The moods of a Cancer can be difficult to understand, but that doesn’t mean they’re not very real in the Cancer’s experience.

Validate his feelings rather than trying to get him to get over it quickly, even if you mean well and you’re just trying to cheer him up.

5. Dis his family

Ooo, that’s a big no-no for Cancers. Remember when I mentioned that they’re really family-oriented?

Criticizing any of his family members, even if he’s talking about family issues, may cause him to get defensive.

Don’t underestimate his dedication!

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