Cancer Man: How to Get A Cancer to Like You (Do These 11 Things)

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If you haven’t yet gotten a Cancer man to like you as more than a friend, there are things you can do to change that.

Here’s how to get a Cancer to like you:

  • Be as kind to strangers as you are to him
  • Don’t try to hide your feelings or pretend to be someone you’re not
  • Avoid cynicism and embrace deep conversations
  • Form an emotional bond with him
  • Get him to feel comfortable with and around you

Because Cancer men go hot and cold so quickly, many women end up pushing their Cancers way out of their comfort zones and losing them for good.

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How to Get A Cancer to Like You

1. Focus on him

Time to put your phone down.

When you’re with the Cancer guy you like, show him that he’s important by really paying attention to him.

If you’re at a party, talk to him somewhere where the two of you can be away from the noise and make lots of eye contact while you’re talking.

Cancers don’t typically love being in the spotlight, but they do love it when they get all of your attention in a one-on-one exchange.

It makes them feel validated, and often, more interested in you.

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2. Be empathetic

No Cancer will suffer an @*!hole for long.

What Cancers, both men and women, are really attracted to is a genuinely caring, compassionate person.

You can show empathy not only toward him, but also toward your friends, your coworkers and even strangers.

Listen to people’s stories and engage with them. Sympathize with your Cancer man’s problems at work.

A kind partner is what the Cancer man is looking for.

3. Make meaningful conversation

While Cancers are plenty adept at chit-chat and social niceties, they crave a conversation about the deeper stuff of life.

Depending on the Cancer’s interests, it can be a conversation about metaphysics, philosophy, art or even politics.

But giving him the opportunity to explore the subject in-depth and, more than that, his feelings on it is going to make him feel closer to you.

4. Be OK with expressing your emotions

So it’s probably important to mention here that Cancer men will run the other way if you’re an emotional wreck.

However, someone who is cool and seemingly unemotional is not his cup of tea, either.

He’s a sensitive person ruled by the emotional Moon and can’t relate if you’re detached.

Don’t be afraid to show your true feelings around a Cancer man. He can probably tell how you feel whether you say it or not, anyway.

Also, if you’re not afraid to show your feelings, he’ll be less afraid to show his.

If you want, you can speed up getting him to open up to you with the techniques Anna Kovach talks about in Cancer Man Secrets.

5. Be sensual in an understated way

OK, you want the Cancer man to like you beyond coworker or friendship status.

How to get a Cancer to like you like that does at least in part come down to how you put your sexuality on display.

To Cancer men, nothing is sexier than the implication of your sensuality, not having it flaunted in from of them.

Rather than flirting hard with this guy in your lowest-cut top, class and a touch of innocence to your approach will get you much further.

6. Share a secret with him

Cancers feel like they can intuit who you are underneath.

But when you share something that nobody else knows or show him “the real you,” you create an instant bond between the two of you.

He’ll start to look at you in a different light.

It makes him feel like he has something to protect about you, too.

This is good because it taps into his White Knight ideology—and you can be sure that your secret will be safe with him.

7. Be sincere

Cancers can smoke out the fake person in the group within the first meeting.

What you say and what you do should align with your beliefs. If not, you risk alienating the Cancer man.

Even a disingenuous compliment is obvious to him, and you can use that knowledge to your advantage if you’re only giving him sincere compliments.

8. Avoid being cynical or sarcastic

There’s a fine line between being realistic and pessimistic.

While it’s not necessary to pretend you’re in a good mood if you’re not, a generally positive attitude is best to get a Cancer man to like you.

Even with the best of intentions, if you’re constantly dropping super sarcastic comments, it can wear down the Cancer man emotionally.

It’s easy for Cancers to get sucked into the negativity and end up feeling down, so do your best to bring hope to heavy topics and keep the atmosphere feeling good.

9. Don’t push him beyond his comfort zone

For Cancers, feeling safe and secure is top priority, and the only way you’re going to get anywhere with them.

Try not to push subjects of conversation that seem to make them uncomfortable. Also, avoid dragging them out to a bar with your friends if they’re not feeling the big group vibe.

Prying into their personal lives will also make them clam (or crab) up.

Ultimately, staying within the Cancer’s boundaries while you’re getting to know him will help to establish trust—and a greater amount of comfort around you.

10. Be dependable

If you said you were going to do something for a Cancer, do it.

Flighty people usually only get so far with Cancers—and that’s still miles away.

But it’s not just about following through on your word.

It’s also about being a generally mature, stable person. Someone he feels safe about putting his trust in.

11. Do something nice for him

Want to offer to lend a hand if your Cancer man is moving house?

Whether he takes you up on it or not, he’ll certainly appreciate it and think of you as a kind person.

If you work at an office together, you can surprise him by bringing him a better cup of coffee from the cafe than the old, stale stuff in the break room.

Even offering to listen to him vent about something that’s got him feeling anxious will go a long way.

Is there more you can do to get a Cancer man to like you? Absolutely. But these tips can at least get you in the door.

If you want to take it to the next level, and especially when you’ve gotten your Cancer man’s romantic attention and you want to have a long-lasting, healthy relationship with him, read Cancer Man Secrets.

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