How Do Taurus Flirt? (11 Signs They’re Not Just Being Friendly)

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Trying to figure out if a Taurus is interested in you, or just being friendly?

You need to know—how do Taurus flirt? 

If you’re short on time, here’s the quick answer:

  • Tauruses flirt by touching, hugging and making physical contact
  • You’ll see it in their eyes
  • They use compliments to pump up your ego
  • They’ll try to be helpful to you in some way
  • They’ll get you gifts and shower you with attention

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How Do Taurus Flirt?

1. Tauruses flirt with touch

The number one way a Taurus will flirt with you is through touch.

Making a physical connection is important for a Taurus to express their feelings and desires.

Touch is their love language, so it’s no surprise that they like to graze their skin against yours when they’re feeling flirty.

A Taurus man or woman might run their fingertips lightly down your back or playfully touch your cheek.

They will initiate physical contact to get your attention, like putting a hand on your arm or shoulder.

Where there’s a good excuse to touch you gently, the Taurus will be all over it.

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2. With body language

Check to see how a Taurus is standing when they’re talking to you.

Are they standing super close to you? Like in your personal space?

Is their torso facing you? 

Even if the Taurus’s head is turned, the rest of their body will be relaxed and generally aimed toward you.

You can always tell when a Taurus is in the zone trying to seduce someone because all of their energy is directed at that one person.

Remember, Tauruses are physical folks, so their bodies will do a lot of the talking.

3. They get that look

Taurus men and women both get a sparkle in their eye when they’re flirting.

It’s both frisky and romantic, full of lightheartedness, yet slightly mischievous.

If a Taurus is flirting with you, that look will get pretty intense.

They’ll lock eyes with you and hold your gaze intently.

It’ll feel like they’re trying to “claim” you, to tell you subtly that you’re “theirs” just with their eyes.

It’s highly effective—you’ll know it when you see it!

4. Hugs and cuddles

The sensual Taurus’s flirting style is pretty affectionate.

Equal parts sexual and sweet, the Taurus will be liberal with the hugs and try to drape their arm around you.

Their hugs and squishes will be friendly, but if you let them, they’ll hang on past the point of “just friends.”

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If you want to test the waters, go in for a cuddle.

If the Taurus seems like they never want it to end, that’s a big green light!

5. Pumping up your ego

The compliments will pour forth if a Taurus is getting flirty with you.

You’ll hear how gorgeous, funny and cool you are.

Watch that your head doesn’t get so big it won’t fit through the door when you leave, because the Taurus will have you believing you’re the best at everything, the smartest and the most attractive.

You’ll be blushing nonstop!

It’s the Taurus’s secret weapon to make you want to stick around and hear more about how amazing you are.

6. Offering to help you out

Caring and practical, the Taurus will show a genuine desire to be of service to you.

Need help spring cleaning your apartment?

The Taurus will offer to help out and ask for nothing in return.

It may take you by surprise how willing they are to lend you a hand when they barely know you.

But proving they’re reliable is part of the Taurus’s charm…and how they’ll get to see again!

7. Showing their loyalty

If you didn’t know before, loyalty is the most important thing to a Taurus.

So naturally, a Taurus will show their loyalty to you if they want you to like them.

When flirting with you, the Taurus will give you the sense that they have your back no matter what.

You’ll see they’re not looking at any of the attractive people in the room—just you.

And they’ll make sure you know that although they’re single, they’re not out there mingling.

You’re the only one they want to flirt with and get to know better.

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8. Smiling

Think a Taurus might be flirting with you?

If they have a big smile on their face the whole time they’re talking to you, you’re probably right.

A Taurus is naturally upbeat and friendly, but they won’t be able to stop grinning if they’re attracted to you.

Call them out on it and see if they get shy and bashful.

If so, they’re definitely flirting with you!

9. Getting you gifts

When the presents start showing up, you know the Taurus is trying hard to put on the charm.

Gift-giving is part of the Taurus’s seduction repertoire.

The gifts will usually be small and maybe not all that expensive, but they’ll be meaningful.

It might be a little stuffed animal you mentioned you loved when you were a kid.

Or dropping you off a home-cooked meal when you’re swamped at work.

Pretty much anything that the Taurus gives you is a sign of their affection.

10. Putting all their attention on you

If a Taurus is trying to flirt with you, you’ll feel like you’re the only person that matters to them.

They won’t let anything distract them.

No glancing at you before going back to playing with their phone or scanning the room like they’re waiting for someone.

When you’re speaking, they’ll pay close attention and remember all the details with impressive accuracy.

All of their senses are trained on you, and it’ll be super obvious.

11. Making you feel good

A Taurus’s priority is to make you feel comfortable and relaxed around them.

They want to make sure you’re not too cold, not too hot and surrounded by the softest pillows at their place.

They’ll go out of their way to pick up a bottle of wine they know you like.

Sensory experiences are important to them, and they believe in pampering and spoiling the object of their affection.

So if the Taurus seems overly concerned about your comfort, take that as a hint that they’re flirting.


Are Taurus naturally flirty?

Tauruses are very flirty by nature.

Because Tauruses are so flirty, other people can have a hard time figuring out if they like them.

But a Taurus might not own up to being so flirty because they don’t see their behavior that way.

This sign is sensual and friendly in their interactions, so their version of just being nice can give mixed signals.

That’s why it’s important to watch their body language, physical touching and that goo-goo eyed look to know if they’re really flirting with you. 

How do Taurus men flirt?

Taurus men flirt by becoming more masculine and manly around a woman.

They might deepen their voice and act protective.

They’ll also subtly flaunt what they’ve got or what they’re good at to impress her.

But more than anything, they’ll show their sweet, caring sides and let their romantic nature take hold.

How do Taurus flirt over text?

Tauruses flirt over text with sweet messages saying good morning and asking how your day is going.

It’s these little gestures of showing that they care that gives them away.

They’ll also send you selfies when they look good to try to tempt you.

And of course, compliment you any time they get the chance!

How do Taurus act when they have a crush?

Tauruses tend to act differently around their crush.

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They can get quieter because they’re self-conscious, slightly goofy or bashful.

They might be more lively and animated because they’re on a high from just being near you.

But they will definitely seem different around you than around everyone else.

How do you know if a Taurus likes you?

Both Taurus men and women show they like you through paying massive amounts of attention to you and doting on you.

A Taurus man likes you more than a friend if he shows off and asks around about you.

And you know if a Taurus woman likes you if she dresses cute around you, laughs a lot and texts you regularly.

All Tauruses will use body language and touch to express how they feel about you.

And if they get jealous, well, that’s another big sign they don’t want anyone else to have you.

How to flirt with a Taurus woman over text?

You can flirt with a Taurus woman over text by sending her cute messages.

Being consistent with your texts (but not overwhelming) establishes a rapport, and being sweet melts her heart.

Take a video of yourself saying goodnight to her snuggled up under the covers of your bed, wishing she was there to cuddle with you.

And don’t rely solely on texting to get her attention—she needs to see your face to make a connection with you.

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Are Taurus good at seducing?

Yes, Tauruses are masters of the art of seduction.

They’re all about pleasure, and they know just how to make you feel good in every way.

Slow and sensual, they can tease you and build up the sexual tension like nobody’s business.

So if a Taurus is trying to seduce you, it’ll be hard to resist!

Are Taurus usually shy?

You wouldn’t exactly call a Taurus shy.

On the quiet side, maybe.

But Tauruses are notoriously opinionated and unafraid to say what they think.

They’re introverted, but when they’re out socializing, they have no problem putting on the charm.

So you can’t really call a Taurus shy in the traditional sense.

Expect when they like you…then they might start acting a little shy and nervous.

How does a Taurus man test a woman?

It’s hard to catch a Taurus man testing you because he’s subtle about it.

But he’ll be assessing a woman’s honesty, integrity and loyalty.

He wants to make sure that she’s reliable, trustworthy and won’t play with his emotions.

He’ll listen closely to make sure your stories match up, and he’ll check to see if you’re flirting with any other men when he’s not around or on social media.

Once he’s sure about you and feeling secure, he’ll ease up on the tests.

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