How to Attract a Gemini Man Sexually (6 Tips That Work Like a Charm)

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Trying to get a Gemini man to notice how good-looking and amazing you are? If you want to know how to attract a Gemini man sexually, buckle up, my friend. He’s going to take you on a wild ride.

What Gemini Men Are Like

It’s important to know a few things about the Gemini mind and personality before you try to entice him. Because this is a sign that will move on quickly if you don’t keep his attention, which is more challenging than you might think.

Perhaps the most famous trait of the Gemini is the so-called dual personality, though this is somewhat misleading. It’s more that Geminis are spontaneous and unpredictable. They’ll keep you on your toes, that’s for sure—there won’t be a dull moment with this sign.

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Gemini men are also known to have many different skills, hobbies and interests. They seem to know a little bit about everything, like walking encyclopedias. Actually, their knowledge is more like the answers on the back of trivia cards: fascinating but not incredibly in-depth. It’s because they’re interested in so much that they can’t possibly have time to dedicate themselves to knowing everything there is to know about just one subject.

Gemini guys bring this energy into flirting, romance and sex. They thrive on intrigue and constant change. This is, after all, a mutable sign, which pretty much means “changeable.” They feel suffocated by routine and stagnation. And they’re pretty easily bored. Like, more easily than most.

That’s one of those traits you want to think about when trying to attract a Gemini man. You’ve got to be interesting to him. Keep him guessing. We’ll talk about how shortly.

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What’s Sexy About Gemini Men

People can’t help but be attracted to the Gemini’s dynamic personality. He’s fun, quirky and devastatingly charming. His Mercury rulership gives him the gift of gab, and he can easily seduce you with his words if you’re not careful. Even if he doesn’t have the looks, trust me, he has the charm.

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Here are a few of the things that are damn attractive about Gemini guys:

  • They’re bold. They’re not afraid to approach you in any situation, flash a mischievous smile and tell you why you should give them a chance to rock your world.
  • They’re super confident, and of course, confidence is a trait most people find sexy. 
  • As I mentioned, they’re very skilled in the art of language. Hearing a Gemini man not just compliment you, but make you feel like you’re the only woman in the room will have you walking on air.
  • They’re exciting. Their fun-loving and adventurous nature is exhilarating, and they’re sure to make your life more exciting, too. You might not know what to expect from one date to the next!
  • They’re smart. If you love brains to go with that winning smile, Geminis have that in spades. Your conversations will be full of intellectual stimulation, twists and turns.
  • They’re funny. No one will have you in stitches in two seconds flat like a Gemini.

Sound like your type? This next section will outline how to attract a Gemini man sexually—no friend zoning or losing his attention.

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How to Attract a Gemini Man Sexually

1. Make a statement with your look.

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If you’re a feminine woman, feel free to play up your femininity in a body-hugging ensemble for when you’re meeting up with your Gemini man. But this is by no means the only look Geminis are into.

If you’re a fiery Leo with a taste for the dramatic, go ahead and put on those spike stilettos and cherry red mini dress when you know you’re going to be seen by your Gemini. If you’re an earthy Virgo, let your natural beauty shine and your hair flow freely and flirtily. 

Whether it’s punk rock, uber fem, vintage or quirky, have confidence in your style and let it shine for the Gemini to keep his eyes on you.

2. Be social.

Geminis live for excitement. Often, that means that their social lives are pretty jam-packed. If you want him to be your arm candy, you’ve got to follow suit.

Be lively and fun in a social setting. Talk to people, not just the Gemini. Let him see that you’re interested in and interesting to other people. It’s one way to spark a little competitiveness in him where he’ll want to vie for your attention.

3. Flirt. Actually, flirt a lot.

Want to seduce him? Let’s see your best moves. Bat your eyelashes, touch him and use body language to convey your attraction to him. But use words, too.

Feel free to sprinkle sexual innuendos in when you talk to him. He’s a sucker for clever wordplay.

If you’ve just met him, you might even try being flirty with others in front of him. Again, he’ll see that you’re not so easy to keep interested (like someone we know) and it’ll make him want you even more.

4. Speak boldly.

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If you’re into a Gemini man, by all means. Have the spunk to let him know! You’re not going to intimidate him by being a straight shooter. The opposite is the reality—Gemini men are super turned on by it.

In fact, you can tell him exactly what you think of him, what you would like to do with him and what you want him to do to you. He can handle it, and he’ll absolutely love it. Be prepared for him to reciprocate!

5. Be open-minded.

Something that turns Geminis off pretty quickly is a narrow-minded individual. They’re own minds are always at work considering different ideas and new angles. Actually, it’s not uncommon to hear them contradict themselves and state the opposite of what they said a second ago like it’s no big deal. 

You’ve got to roll with it. Geminis like to be provocative, so get ready. Try not to get defensive when they try to poke holes in your theories, because they will. They’re just being playful and inquisitive. If you can be playful and inquisitive, too, you’re tapping into their greatest erogenous zone: their minds.

Be as open to new ideas and new things as they are. The same applies in bed…when you get there.

6. Surprise him.

When you present new sides of yourself to the object of your desire, you keep him guessing, which drives him crazy (in a good way). You don’t have to go out of your way to pretend you’re a different person every time you see him, but do recall that he thrives on change and spontaneity.

He’ll see that there’s more to you than what meets the eye. To the curious Gemini, this is irresistible. He’s attracted to a mysterious lady like a bee to honey.


If you’ve had success attracting and seducing a Gemini man, were any of these moves on your list? If not, what were the winners for you?

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