How to Date a Sagittarius Man (3 Simple Steps to Woo Him)

how to date a sagittarius man

Trying to get with a Sagittarius man and hold onto him? Here is how to date a Sagittarius man: Snag your first date by being witty, flirty and mysterious Instead of planning, be spontaneous on dates and make them fun Get him hooked by being great friends as well as lovers Keep the intellectual discussions … Read more

How to Text a Sagittarius Man (What to Text and How to Do It)

how to text a sagittarius man

Wondering how to text a Sagittarius man? Here’s the short answer: Make your texts either entertain or intrigue him Make him laugh out loud Flirt with him over text in a playful way Send him pictures of your travels and adventures Get philosophical and ask him some deep questions If you’re not the only woman … Read more

Are Taurus and Sagittarius Soulmates? (Their Real Compatibility)

are taurus and sagittarius soulmates

Have you ever wondered, are Taurus and Sagittarius soulmates? We’re going to answer that question in-depth below. But if you’re short on time, here’s the scoop: Taurus and Sagittarius aren’t your typical soulmates from the perspective of sun sign astrology If Taurus and Sagittarius can figure out their differences, they will grow from their relationship … Read more