How to Date a Sagittarius Man (3 Simple Steps to Woo Him)

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Trying to get with a Sagittarius man and hold onto him?

Here is how to date a Sagittarius man:

  • Snag your first date by being witty, flirty and mysterious
  • Instead of planning, be spontaneous on dates and make them fun
  • Get him hooked by being great friends as well as lovers
  • Keep the intellectual discussions flowing
  • Never put pressure on your relationship

If you want to make sure a Sagittarius man isn’t just playing with you and takes you seriously, you need to be able to read his mind.

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How to Date a Sagittarius Man

Step #1: How to get a first date with a Sagittarius man

Getting that first date with the Playboy of the zodiac himself can seem like an impossible task.

If you still haven’t snagged yourself a Sagittarius, this part is for you.

1. Go on, flirt with him!

A Sagittarius man is very open to having you walk up to him and compliment how he looks in his button-down shirt.

He won’t be bashful, so don’t worry about embarrassing him. Sagittarians are big-time flirts.

They’re also equal opportunists—if they’re single, they’ll take it as an opportunity to start flirting right back.

Some good old-fashioned flirting with bicep touching and hair-tossing will do the trick with a Sagittarius man.

Crack a few jokes while you’re flirting, and he’ll have a hard time saying no to you.

2. Play a little mysterious

Sagittarius is a truth-seeker. He lives to unravel a mystery and figure it out for himself.

This same concept applies when you’re flirting with him.

That is, you should let him struggle to figure you out.

Answer his questions honestly and don’t lie, because this man doesn’t deal with liars.

However, you can purposely keep some things to yourself so as to say to him that he’ll have to try harder.

Now that’s exciting! And it gives him way more motivation to ask you out.

3. Get him to chase you

If you haven’t tried to date a Sagittarius man yet, you should know that they need to chase. 

Once you’re flirting with one and he seems engaged, then you should play it cool and let him be the hunter.

When he texts you, keep your responses brief but interesting.

Don’t jump to answer him every time.

Let him sweat it out, getting more and more hyped up about talking to you again.

4. Ask him out

If a Sagittarius man hasn’t called yet and you’ve given it some time, take matters into your own hands by doing the asking out.

The best way to approach it is informally.

Pick something out of the norm to invite him to, like an art opening or the go-kart track to satisfy his thrill-seeking side.

If that doesn’t float your boat, try a low-pressure evening like a party.

Think “friendly date,” where you can get to know each other better in a social setting.

This can be especially appealing if you’re not the only one the Sagittarius man is flirting with and he’s been keeping his options open.

Instead of feeling like he’s getting tied down, he can explore how he really feels about dating you without the expectations that come with an expensive dinner.

Step #2: On your first date

You’ve got a date (woohoo!). What’s next?

Don’t fret!

Here are the most important things to impress your Sagittarius man.

1. Don’t do hard plans

Sagittarius men adventurers—they like it when things happen spontaneously.

If you want to make the date spicy for him, throw in some unexpected twists and turns.

If you walk by something that looks exciting, chuck your more tame plans and do that instead.

Or, leave your evening pretty open so you can see where the night takes you.

Tell your Sagittarius man that you want to get into whatever mischief you can.

That should tickle him and make him want to go out on more dates with you.

2. Make it fun

Your focus on a date with a Sagittarius guy should be to make sure it’s as fun as can be.

If it’s filled with laughter and silliness, you’re doing it right.

A Sagittarius man adores a carefree woman who has a brilliant sense of humor.

Whatever you have going on for your date, even if it’s pretty mellow, you can find opportunities to make it more fun.

Like making up backstories for strangers at a party.

If the fun-loving Sagittarius man has a better time with you than anyone else, he’s definitely going to want more of that.

3. Keep it commitment-free

At the end of your date, don’t tell the Sagittarius man you’ll call him tomorrow.

Make no promises—remain somewhat mysterious so that he’ll keep on being intrigued by you.

But there’s more to it than that.

Sagittarius men are so terrified of losing their freedom that a slight whiff of a “relationship” too early in dating makes them want to run.

And yet they’re in love with love and can fall hard and fast for the right woman.

Anna Kovach explains how to balance a Sagittarius man’s urges and calm his fears in Sagittarius Man Secrets.

Ultimately, he can be enticed when there’s no pressure on the future.

He’d rather wait and see if you had a good enough time to text him.

4. Get intellectual

Fun + great conversation = the ultimate date for a Sagittarius man.

He loves it when a woman can hold her own in a discussion and make him think.

He has a runaway imagination, so the sky’s the limit when it comes to interesting subjects to discuss.

Arts? Culture? Science? Philosophy? 

These are some of his favorites, but they are by no means the only things he’ll talk about.

Just don’t let the conversation dry up!

Ask him what he thinks and offer your own unique perspectives.

And don’t be afraid to admit you don’t know something when talking to your Sagittarius man.

He loves to teach and is very attracted to an open-minded, curious woman.

Step #3: Keep him coming back for more

Now you want to get the Sagittarius man addicted to you.

As we explain in our full guide How to Keep a Sagittarius Man, keeping a Sagittarius man coming back again and again depends on how good you make him feel.

Here are the basics:

1. Apply no pressure

Let your relationship develop.

Resist the temptation to ask him where things are going unless you think he’s playing you.

He won’t feel like he owes you anything, so it’s impossible to try to sweet-talk him.

If a Sagittarius man is going to fall for you, it has to be out of his own free will.

2. Build a friendship

Romance begins with familiarity for the Sagittarius.

While you never want to let the passion cool and become friends more than lovers, the goal is to be both at the same time.

Enjoy each other’s company. Focus on that when you’re with him.

It shouldn’t be all romance and drama with no goofing around. 

3. Get outside

A Sagittarius feels a strong pull to the great outdoors.

It’s his happy place, and he spends a lot of his free time in it, so you should exercise with him outside.

Hike in the woods in the fall and ski in the winter.

Enjoying nature as a couple brings you closer together. 

4. Explore in the bedroom

Between the sheets, make things exciting!

If it’s too vanilla or worse, routine, the Sagittarius man will want to spice things up.

In general, don’t let boredom set it—stay adventurous.

5. Never cling

Neediness turns Sagittarius guys off.

They like independence in a woman, not to feel obligated to take care of her.

Be confident in yourself and your relationship and give each other space.

Put your own life first. Don’t give up your hobbies and interests for the sake of spending more time with the Sagittarius man.

And remember, absence makes the heart grow fonder.

Other Sagittarius Man Questions

What is Sagittarius man attracted to?

The great thing about a Sagittarius man is that he has no solid type.

However, if you want to know how to attract a Sagittarius man, here are the things that catch his eye:

  • A fun-loving personality
  • A good sense of humor
  • Your smarts
  • A nice set of legs
  • Confidence and self-respect
  • An optimistic attitude 

What a Sagittarius man wants in a relationship?

A Sagittarius man only wants a relationship that he can have a true, equal partner in.

He wants you both to have your own lives and stay independent.

What are your passions?

A Sagittarius man wants you to follow them, and he’ll follow his—while you support each other each step of the way.

How can you tell if a Sagittarius man is in love with you?

You can tell by the way that he suddenly switches gears into super romantic mode.

Instead of a quick peck, he’s giving you smoldering kisses to say goodbye.

He’s opening up to you and showing you his emotional side because he’s OK being vulnerable with you now.

And he’s now super invested in your happiness and will do what he can to make you happy.

Read more signs in How to Know If a Sagittarius Man Really Loves You.

Why is it so hard to date a Sagittarius man?

It just takes a certain kind of connection to make a Sagittarius man stop and think about you in that way.

Most Sagittarius men are happy to have a one-night stand or a brief fling.

But their fear of commitment often keeps them from even wanting to open that door.

It’s the Sagittarius man’s biggest weakness in love.

That’s why only a woman he feels is truly compatible will get past his fear.

How to know if a Sagittarius man is playing you

Look at the way that he treats you.

Is he treating you like his girlfriend, or like a side chick?

Does he take you out on dates or just go to your apartment (and not sleep over)?

Do his friends know about you?

Check his social media accounts—is he flirting with other ladies while he’s seeing you?

The more he keeps you in a bubble isolated from his life and emotions, the greater the chance that he’s playing you.

When a Sagittarius man is not interested

He’ll put you in the friend zone by how he reacts to you. 

If you flirt or come on strong, he’ll dodge you and laugh uncomfortably.

He won’t touch you affectionately or chase you at all.

Actually, you’ll probably have difficulty reaching him on the phone at all, unless you happen to be very good friends already.

How to understand a Sagittarius man

You can understand a Sagittarius man’s behaviors more easily when you accept that he is and always will be a free bird.

It seems selfish, but his priorities are his own goals and experiencing life to the fullest.

Even in a relationship.

If anyone interferes with that, he feels the need to shed that relationship that’s holding him back.

Compromise is possible within a long-term relationship with a Sagittarius man, but nothing comes quickly or by twisting his arm.

Getting expert advice from an in-depth guide like Sagittarius Man Secrets can give you a major boost if you want to get inside his head.

You’ll learn what actually makes him tick and how to use it (responsibly) to wrap him around your finger.

Get a peek at Sagittarius Man Secrets here.

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