Gemini Man: 10 Signs a Gemini Is Upset (Even If He Won’t Tell You)

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If you suspect your Gemini man isn’t as OK as he says he is after a fight, you need to know.

Here are some key signs a Gemini is upset:

  • He’s unusually touchy and argumentative
  • His jokes are darker or ruder than usual
  • If he feels like you hurt him, he may try to retaliate
  • He goes cold and ignores you

If it’s something you did, an upset Gemini is going to get over it. BUT…a Gemini man who feels wronged will simply walk out and close the door behind him.

If you’re not sure whether you’re walking that line, you can take action and learn his logic, hidden emotions and triggers with a guide like Gemini Man Secrets.

Check out the guide now, or find out how to tell your Gemini guy is upset below.

10 Signs a Gemini Is Upset

As the communicator of the zodiac, the Gemini man in a state will use words in one way or another to let you know what’s up.

Think that makes it easy to tell when he’s upset? Not necessarily!

Just because he’s highly verbal doesn’t mean that he’s going to come right out and say what he’s feeling.

He’s extremely clever, and his anger or sadness will be wrapped up in his wit, humor and know-it-all communication style.

Pay close attention to these classic Gemini behaviors that reveal he’s upset, whether he says it or not.

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1. He tries to put on a good face

When feelings get heavy, Geminis have a hard time dealing.

They’re very dynamic, sociable people, so it’s actually easier for them to just hide their emotions than confront them.

This is true regardless of whether you hurt their feelings or they’re upset about something else.

Admittedly, this isn’t the clearest sign to go by because honestly, when a Gemini man is pretending like nothing happened, you may not even notice.

But if you look hard enough, you can see the cracks. Maybe he’s looking a little pensive in between jokes.

Watch how he reacts when he thinks no one is looking.

2. He gets more serious than usual…even in his jokes

Geminis love to stir the pot.

They’ll play devil’s advocate and argue points that even they don’t believe in just for the hell of it, and you can tell that it delights them.

However, an angry or upset Gemini man is going to have some extra bite.

Instead of maintaining his usual carefree demeanor, he’ll be touchy and easily set off.

Casual debates turn into full-blown arguments.

Even when he kids, it’s darker than usual.

3. He says mean things

If he feels like you’re attacking him, he’ll defend himself…by criticizing you.

He’ll criticize you for things he never has before or has only lightheartedly joked about in the past.

And he’ll go for the jugular.

It’s not the most enjoyable trait of his, and his words can cut deep for the more sensitive types.

Ordinarily, Geminis can easily laugh it off if they’re feeling a bit vulnerable.

But if he’s actually upset, he won’t hold back.

Once he starts he won’t stop until he’s said everything that’s on his mind.  

4. He cuts you out

Again, this is a sign that a Gemini man is upset with you in particular.

If a Gemini man is past the point of being upset in any normal capacity, chances are high that’s he’s going to try to ignore you completely.

He thinks: Why bother giving energy to someone who puts him down rather than raises him up?

This certainly may not be your intention, but if it’s how the Gemini man is thinking, it can be hard to get him listening again.

This is why it’s important to pay attention and nurture your relationship with your Gemini, which you can learn how to do in Gemini Man Secrets.

But whether they get over emotional pain on their own or decide that cutting you out is the most logical course of action, Geminis are some of the quickest to put hurt feelings behind them.

5. His humor is particularly dark

Dark humor can be part of any Gemini man’s repertoire.

But the jokes can start to get especially self-deprecating or uncomfortable when he’s got something on his mind.

If you know your Gemini man well, you should be able to start picking up on these jokes and making a mental note to check back in with him.

Geminis like to be in control of their pain, and the quickest and easiest weapon in their arsenal is the wisecrack.

A dark joke may be nothing.

But don’t be surprised if later on he reveals that something got under his skin.

6. He gets louder

When very upset, Geminis turn into yellers.

After all, they’re not really the quiet type, are they?

A Gemini man’s voice will get louder as he gets more and more—impassioned? Enraged? Overly excited?

Check, check, check.

Of course, Gemini men are also loud when they’re having a good time.

The takeaway to know is that strong emotional input tends to produce loud verbal output for Gemini men.

7. He tries to get even

If a Gemini man feels like you’ve crossed a line, he may try to revisit that line later and turn the tables on you.

Whether it’s something that you said or did, if you notice that he seems to be throwing it back in your face when you least expect it, you know that he was secretly mad about it the whole time.

Geminis are generally impatient people, but they have a steady hand when it comes to striking at the key moment.

He’ll plan it so that you can’t help but take notice.

Making this one of the most obvious signs.

8. He comes right out and says it

Sometimes you don’t even need to try to interpret the signs a Gemini is upset.

Unlike many other zodiac signs, Geminis are not particularly affected by what you think of them.

This gives them the freedom to speak their minds and let you know what they’re feeling—on their terms, and when (and if) they want to.

Ever the logical sign, a Gemini who is telling you that he’s upset will likely also tell you why, what started it and how he sees things playing out from here.

It should be no secret what he wants from you because he’s perfectly willing to tell you that, too.

If he shares this information with you, it sure makes it a lot easier to help!

9. He gives you the silent treatment

He can talk a good talk, but he can also withhold.

Ignoring your texts? Barely returning a “hello” when he sees you? Not in his usual chatty moods all of a sudden?

If it feels like he’s doing his best to pretend you don’t exist, something is probably up.

Gemini guys who have had their feelings hurt may not be quick to engage with you for a little while.

They may also be testing to see what you’ll say or do in response.

Here’s some advice: Don’t chase them down and force them to talk, but don’t ignore them back, either.

Stay friendly and light while allowing them to maintain their distance until they’re feeling comfortable enough to get back to normal again.

10. He withdraws

A Gemini man doesn’t always use communication to express his feelings, whether directly or indirectly.

Sometimes, the Gemini male will just go into hiding for a while.

Or that’s what it will seem like to you.

Really, he’s just taking some “me time” to work out his emotions and get back into a good head space.

And it’s easier to do this alone than with an audience.

Let him do what he needs to do and chances are, he’ll come back as his old self again.

If you’ve made it through some hard times with your Gemini boyfriend, you can be sure that he feels strongly about you.

If you want to continue to nurture that feeling and do everything in your power to keep your connection strong, check out the guide Gemini Man Secrets.

Here’s a link to the guide.

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