How to Seduce a Gemini Man (15 Turn-Ons and Turn-Offs)

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Met a sexy Gemini man and need to know how to make him yours? This is the place to find out. Today, we’re going to talk about how to seduce a Gemini man.

How to Seduce a Gemini Man on the First Date

First, you’ve got to seduce his mind.

Geminis are known to be quite brainy. They live in the mental sphere, and their thoughts turn over so quickly that it can be a challenge to keep up.

Here are the important things to pay attention to in order to get the mental fireworks going (so the rest will follow).

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An open communication channel is key here. The planet Mercury, which governs everyday communication, rules Gemini. So you can imagine how much it colors everything Geminis do.

Be ready to respond to his questions, opinions and offbeat ideas. Have questions of your own for him. Engage him. 

Show him how clever you are. Bring interesting topics of conversation that you’ve really thought about to the table. Don’t be afraid to get scientific or philosophical. A Gemini man will find a  match in someone who excites his mind.

Use Humor

Geminis also appreciate a date who can surprise them with witty banter. A great sense of humor is high-priority. That’s because humor is a big way that Geminis relate to others and to the world. Ask a Gemini a serious question and don’t expect a serious answer. At least not at first.

Roll with his jokes (provided they’re funny, of course) and make jokes of your own. Super sexy to Gems.

Think about asking him to go to a comedy club for your first date, and don’t worry that it’s too nontraditional. These guys have no need for the orthodox.

Enjoy Adventure

Speaking of the nontraditional, it would be in your interest to embrace opportunities to do things that aren’t the usual for a date. You don’t have to go out of your way to brainstorm a skydiving event, but keep your eyes peeled for interesting things to do if you’re asking him out.

If you’re on your date and he brings up doing something completely off-plan out of nowhere and it sounds like something you’d like to do, be open to it. A date who can rival his passion for life is a sure turn-on.

Be Fun

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Don’t leave the inner kid who loves carnivals and silliness far behind. 

You may have noticed a certain youthful twinkle in your Gem’s eyes. Even as Geminis get older, it never fades. This wonderful quality shines through their personalities and keeps them forever young. 

While we non-Geminis may never know the secret to their eternal youth, it’s probably safe to say that always allowing themselves to have a good time is part of it.

Join him. Don’t be afraid to loosen up if you’re not used to it. Let the Gemini bring your inner kid out to play.

I know from experience that these tips really do work. But if you’re looking for more, Anna Kovach spells out exactly how to flirt with, seduce and please a Gemini man in her eBook Gemini Man Secrets.

How to Seduce a Gemini Man in Bed

If you’ve moved on to the hot and heavy stuff, astrology can tell you exactly what your Gemini’s fantasies are.

We’ll go over some of the top Gemini turn-ons as well as the turn-offs (just as important to know!).

Gemini Turn Ons

1. Sexy Talk

Nothing turns a Gemini guy on like hearing his partner put passion into words. You don’t need to move out of your comfort zone, but know that you can be downright dirty if you want to be. Throw the rule book out of the window with your Gemini lover.

2. Funny Moments

Let’s face it. Sex can be hilarious sometimes. Unexpected things happen and you can either ignore them or laugh at them. Go ahead and laugh with the Gemini. It’s sexy as hell to him that you’re not too uptight.

3. Teasing

Do a strip tease for him but don’t let him touch you. Run your hand along his thigh when you’re out to dinner. Give him a little preview of what’s to come.

4. Role Playing

Do you have a specific role playing fantasy? Now’s the time to act it out. Geminis love using their imaginations and getting creative in bed. Pull out your naughty nurse outfit or make up a scenario that gets you both into it.

5. Kinky Stuff

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Bring out the handcuffs and the blindfolds. Rock his world by adding excitement and intrigue into the mix. You might be surprised at how kinky you can get without him raising an eyebrow.

6. Giving Direction

Afraid that you’re going to come across as if you’re ordering your lover around if you direct him? Don’t be. Especially not with your Gemini. He thrives on communication, remember. Especially sexy communication like that.

7. Toys

If you love toys, here’s your man. He’s not going to shy away when you make the suggestion. In fact, he might suggest something himself. Plan a trip together to find something new you’ve never used before. Geminis can’t resist novelty.

8. Giving Him Control

If you tell him that he’s in total control tonight, it’s going to drive him wild. In fact, you can take turns with this. Try telling him early on before you’re intimate and see if he can even wait.

Gemini Turn Offs

1. Clinginess

Gemini guys don’t like the idea of someone needing them all the time. They value independence not only for themselves, but for their partners. If he feels like you’re incapable of being on your own or you complain every time he makes plans without you, it could drive him away.

2. A Stick in the Mud

Not every Gemini is a party goer, but in general Geminis like excitement and adventure. If you’re never up for it, it’s going to cost you some points.

3. Routine

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Boredom is pretty much intolerable to Geminis, and routine is a one-way ticket to Boring Town. In and out of bed, predictability can kill the mood. The Gemini may feel stuck in a rut long before you do unless you’re switching it up.

4. Humorlessness

If you’re a super serious person and the Gemini can’t make you laugh, it’s going to put a damper on things. 

5. Over Sensitivity

There’s no doubt about it, men born under this sign can thrive on controversy. But they also like to joke around with you a lot. If they feel like they can’t be themselves with you, it’s definitely a turn-off.

6. Poor Hygiene

Of course expecting good hygiene doesn’t have to be star sign specific, but you’ll find that Geminis will actually talk about how important this is to them. Smelling clean and luscious is high on their lists.

7. Poor Communication

Last but certainly not least, it will shock no one to hear the bad communication skills will put a Gemini off. That includes saying you’ll call when you don’t or making plans to meet at a certain time and showing up an hour late without sending a text first. Don’t underestimate this one!


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