The Gemini Man: How Do Geminis Act When They Like Someone?

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Not sure how to tell if a Gemini man is actually into you or not? How do Geminis act when they like someone?

Here’s a quick summary of what they do:

  • They get particularly goofy around you
  • They want to know everything you think and feel
  • They get brazen and start showing off
  • They want to go exploring with you

If a Gemini man likes you, you need to act fairly quickly, or he may lose interest seemingly overnight.

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How Do Geminis Act When They Like Someone?

1. They make you feel like you’re the most interesting person in the world.

Geminis love to talk.

Mercury is their ruling planet, which is all about communication. So they’ll definitely be chatting up a storm with you.

But more than that, if a Gemini guy likes you, he’s going to be all about you in the conversation.

When he’s not cracking jokes and trying to get you to laugh, of course!

Geminis want to get to know you. Specifically, how your mind works.

What you think about, what your opinions are, what you care about, and where the two of you have common ground.

He may touch on a variety of subjects from sports, to music, to movies, to politics and ask you a flurry of questions. Maybe even some that nobody has ever bothered to ask you before.

You’ll feel like not only is he really listening to you and absorbing what you’re saying, he also really cares!

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2. They show off

When a Gemini wants to impress a woman, his brain is his best weapon.

Don’t be surprised when he answers every question right during trivia and can name every Star Wars character from every film. This man is a walking encyclopedia.

Any chance he gets to flex his intellectual muscle, he will. He’s sharp, witty and intelligent, and he knows exactly the right thing to say at any given moment to impress you.

He also might get up to some goofy antics to get your attention.

Nothing is too silly or daring for a Gemini. He may even get himself into some slight trouble just to show off in front of you.

If he busts out his craziest dance moves when there’s no music playing or challenges a friend to a battle of wits every time you come around…

…he might have a little crush on you.

3. They pretend they don’t actually have a short attention span

Did you know that Geminis get bored easily?

You probably did—it’s one of the most obvious things about them.

It’s not rare to find a Gemini yucking it up at a party with someone new every five minutes. Their active minds need to be stimulated.

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So if you’re holding a Gemini man’s full attention, take notice!

When you’re out in a loud bar, does he lean in close to listen to you and maintain eye contact with you?

Does he resist the temptation to check his phone every few seconds while he’s engaging with you?

If so, chances are, he fancies you.

4. They act like they have a very active social life

This is probably true about your Gemini guy. He probably does have a full schedule of social activities with friends and acquaintances.

But the thing to look out for is the Gemini making it kind of obvious.

He’ll tell you about his social life. He’ll mention where he went out Wednesday night, with whom, what band was playing and what jokes were told.

He’ll tell you about his friends and tell stories about them.

He’ll position himself as a super funny, fun guy in these stories.

See what I mean?

He won’t just get out there on the social scene. He’ll tell you about it, in detail.

He wants you to find him fun, sociable and energetic. A likable guy.

Because he wants you to like him back!

5. They make time for you

He’s a busy man and is always on the go. You’ll hardly ever find him sitting around doing nothing.

Even if he doesn’t plan too far into the future, he always finds something to keep him occupied.

However, when he finds a special someone, making time for her will become a priority.

He may work from sunup til sundown, but he’ll make sure there’s hangout time with you.

Even if all he can do is drop by your work to bring you coffee and say hello.

Gemini men won’t make you feel like you’re getting special treatment getting so much of their time, either (even though you are). You might not even realize how busy they usually are.

That’s because all that matters is getting some one-on-one time with you.

6. They want to try new things with you

Because he enjoys taking risks, the Gemini man is always up for trying new things.

Though he loves his solo adventures, he’ll want you to join him when you can.

Pretty much anything fun and different is on the table. It doesn’t have to be big, either.

He might want to try a new cuisine he’s never had before, with you as his companion.

You bring out his adventurous side!

Doing novel things together is also a way for Geminis to bond with you.

So go ahead and explore the world with your Gemini guy!

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