How to Drive a Gemini Man Crazy (10 Ways to Get Him to Chase You)

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Want to make sure a Gemini man can’t get you out of his mind? I’m going to show you how to drive a Gemini man crazy with some simple but super effective tips.

How to Drive a Gemini Man Crazy

closeup of a woman winking with a quote about being charming to drive a Gemini man crazy

If you want to know how to drive a Gemini man crazy, all you need to do is mirror his behavior. That is, be charming, intriguing and flirtatious with a hint of unpredictability.

Gemini men don’t have a preference as to whether they pursue you first or you pursue them. You just need to capture their attention.

To do that, you should stand out in some way. Geminis are fascinated by the unconventional, but they’re also intrigued simply by a woman who dazzles their eyes and minds.

Maintain a sense of humor, put your intelligence on display and reel him in with these highly successful tactics.

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10 Ways to Get a Gemini Man to Chase You

1. Pay attention to him.

woman and man walking and talking and drinking coffee with a quote about letting a gemini man know you are interested in him

First and foremost, let a Gemini man know you’re interested. He craves your attention—how else is he going to impress you with all his wit and charm?

He’ll get tired quickly if he feels like you’re not reciprocating. Playing a little too hard to get is not the way to keep his attention, or he might figure it’s not worth the effort.

That being said…

2. Play a little hard to get.

Presenting a challenge to the Gemini is a surefire way to captivate him. You want to demonstrate clear interest. Be up front about it. But you don’t want to cling to him. 

You see, Gemini men are a little contradictory. They can be super into you for a short period of time and then get bored with no warning and disappear.

They want your attention, but they get weird if you give 100 percent of it to them all of the time.

Think of it this way: He wants to earn it, not feel like the game is in the bag from the start.

3. Tell him he’s attractive.

You sure can deliver the unabashed compliments to let him know in a not-so-subtle way what you think. 

If being forward doesn’t suit your style or you feel like he’s a bit of a shyer type of Gemini, you can find other ways to say it.

Tell him he looks good in that cardigan he’s wearing. Compliment his eye color.

You know what to do.

4. Have good one-liners.

woman and man sitting and talking with a body of water in the background and a quote about keeping a gemini man mentally stimulated

What’s far more compelling than your physical appearance to Gemini men? Your beautiful brain.

Seriously, it’s very important that you hook him mentally. With the fast-talking Gemini, the way to do this is with smart one-liners.

A witty lady is a match made in Heaven for him. Quick responses are best. He likes the flow of a fast-paced exchange.

5. Be mysterious.

Geminis are natural puzzle solvers. They particularly like to solve the puzzle of who you are as they talk to you and become familiar with you.

While they’re solving this puzzle, they’re making a judgment about whether they want to pursue you.

Make it harder for them. A bit of mystery kicks their imaginations into high gear, which excites them.

6. Play up your appearance.

OK, your brain is your most valuable asset when it comes to driving a Gemini man crazy. But that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t try to appeal to his eyeballs, too.

Good grooming is important to Geminis. Taking care of your physical appearance and smelling good will check off that box automatically.

You may also want to dress up for a Gemini man. Just wear something you feel confident in. Something that will catch his attention the minute you walk into a room.

7. Tease him.

Tease him both jokingly and flirtily. Geminis will have no problem dishing out little remarks meant to lightly poke fun, and you can do the same. (As long as it’s good-natured.)

Combine this with light caresses of his arm, come-hither looks and whatever your signature moves are. He’ll get the right idea and it will give him chills.

8. Limit your availability. 

Be sure that meeting up with him isn’t always on his terms. That is, if he calls you to see what you’re doing that day or over the weekend, don’t jump to clear your schedule.

Don’t lay your cards out on the table all at once. Play your hand smartly.

And don’t worry, he won’t lose interest. It’ll make him work even harder to get some of your time. He’ll hardly be able to wait until the next time he gets to lay eyes on you.

9. Send him flirty texts. 

man smiling and reading a text message on his cellphone with a quote about banter driving a gemini man crazy

Just because you limit your availability doesn’t mean you can’t drive him crazy via text.

Some sizzling banter will make him melt.

At this point, you two have a rapport. Keep it going with the occasional and unexpected back-and-forth.

10. Break rules. 

As I mentioned before, he’s attracted to the unconventional. You don’t have to follow all the rules. In fact, you should break at least a couple.

Dates don’t have to be dinner and a movie. You can throw out the plans and make up new ones on the spot. Buy him a gift instead of waiting for him to buy you something.

Follow your own rules and your Gemini man will be more than happy to fall into line.

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