Why Taurus Man Likes Aries Woman (9 Reasons He’ll Chase Her)

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Spunky and energetic, Aries women are intoxicating to cautious, sensual Taurus men.

Want to know exactly why Taurus man likes Aries woman?

Here’s the answer:

  • The Aries woman is direct and doesn’t play games
  • Aries women are ambitious, which is important to the materialistic Taurean
  • The Aries woman will never revolve her life around the Taurus man
  • Aries women are fun, loyal and strong—all qualities Taurus man looks for

Even though Taurus and Aries have high attraction, their compatibility is kind of low.

But here’s the thing—it’s not your sun sign that matters. It’s how well you understand your Taurus man.

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Why Taurus Man Likes Aries Woman

1. An Aries woman is a straight shooter

The Taurus man appreciates the Aries woman’s directness.

He doesn’t mess around with women who play games or make him compete with another man for their affection.

With an Aries woman, a Taurus guy knows exactly where he stands.

From day one, she’s open with him and clear about her intentions.

He feels secure with the Aries woman, which is important to a grounded earth sign like Taurus.

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2. Aries women are going places

Ambition is the Aries woman’s middle name.

She wants to be the best at what she does, and the Taurus man respects that.

He sees her working hard to achieve her goals, a value they have in common.

Practical and materialistic, the Taurus man sees the long-term value of an Aries woman’s ambition.

He can easily imagine combining forces to create a comfy, financially secure future together.

3. Aries is self-sufficient

An Aries woman doesn’t need a man.

If she chooses to share her life with someone, that man will be her equal.

The Taurus man desires an independent woman like this. 

He loves that she has her own life and makes her own money, knowing that she will never be needy or spend all his dough.

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Ruled by material possessions, his money is always on his mind, so that’s super important to him!

4. Taurus men admire Aries’ courage

The Bull likes a woman with chutzpah.

An Aries woman isn’t afraid of anything, and she never shies away from a challenge.

In love, she’s fierce, ready to take risks if it means following her heart.

The Taurus man is more cautious and passive, but he also knows that he needs someone willing to make a move.

The Aries woman, with her boldness and bravery, provides a nice balance and inspires him to take more emotional risks.

5. She embraces her natural beauty

No matter how decked out and made up an Aries woman gets, she’s equally comfortable in sweats and makeup-free.

A lover of the fresh-faced look, the Taurus man thinks she’s gorgeous either way.

She’s healthy and vibrant, often with sun-kissed skin from spending time doing outdoor sports.

A real nature girl, the Aries woman easily attracts the nature-loving Taurus guy.

6. He appreciates her honesty

Taurus men put a high priority on honesty.

So do Aries, which is a key attraction factor for Taurus.

Both of these signs stick close to their morals, and they can’t stand cheaters and liars.

So trust comes more easily for a Taurus man being with an Aries woman, which is a pretty huge feat.

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7. She’s a boatload of fun

Your average Taurus guy gets a bad rap for being a boring old hermit who doesn’t like to have any fun.

But that’s not quite accurate.

On the social scale, Taurus men are more introverted. But they have a hungry social side that loves attention and intrigue when they go out.

The Aries woman serves up carefree fun and mystery by the boatload with her lively personality and desire to experience everything.

Her enthusiasm is contagious to the Taurus, who will have the time of his life tailing after her.

As long as he can keep up!

8. She’s strong

One thing a Taurus man can’t resist is a powerful woman.

Strong and willful, the Aries woman is a goddess in her own right.

A natural leader, she’s got boss energy in any room.

But she’s also emotionally strong and resilient, not the type to get consumed by drama or troubles.

She’s the type of woman who the Taurus man can be vulnerable with, knowing that she’s strong enough to handle it.

9. She keeps her promises

If the Aries woman says she’s going to do something, the Taurus man can rely on her to do it.

In a world full of flaky people and empty promises, this is incredibly valuable to the Taurus.

Practical and grounded, the Taurus man needs to feel firm ground beneath his feet to build a relationship on.

That means finding someone dependable, which is a never a question with an Aries.

In fact, she will expect the exact same thing from him.

She’ll hold him accountable for his promises, which he likes.

If he’s like the solid earth, she’s like roots that anchor them.


Why are Taurus so attracted to Aries?

Taurus is attracted to Aries because the Aries breathes new life and excitement into the Taurus’s slow-paced world.

It’s something different for the Taurus, and as a sensual creature, he likes to be exposed to new sensations.

This is something that the bold and playful Aries is sure to do for the Taurus.

On top of this, Aries people are confident, socially charming and have a certain innocence about them, which the Venusian Taurus is very attracted to.

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Taurus man, Aries woman sexually

Taurus man and Aries woman really crank up the passion between the sheets.

Highly sexually compatible, the Aries woman is bold enough to initiate when it comes to fulfilling fantasies, and the Taurus man lives to serve and please.

She won’t be disappointed in his prowess, and he will find that her sexual appetite is strong like his.

Sex for them is pleasurable and playful, but also straightforward, the way they like it—a great physical release, and they’ll never get sick of each other.

How do you know if a Taurus man likes you?

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You know if a Taurus man likes you by how focused he is on you.

Notice that he’s hovering close by when you’re around him?

Is he giving you the “Taurus stare”? Treating you differently than everyone else around him?

Being such a sensory sign, he can’t help but focus all his senses on you if he likes you.

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How does a Taurus man test a woman?

Taurus men are famous for testing the women they’re interested in dating.

On a first date, the tests begin with asking questions and determining whether the woman is trustworthy or not.

The tests continue as the Taurus man does his hot-and-cold dance, checking to see how determined the woman is to win his affection.

And the tests don’t stop in the relationship until the Taurus man feels you’ve proved yourself to him.

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Aries woman and Taurus man pros and cons

When it comes down to it, there are some pretty huge benefits and drawbacks for a relationship between an Aries woman and Taurus man.

Here’s a rundown of the pros: 

  • They’re good at taking turns leading and following
  • They are both ambitious and are more capable of reaching bigger goals together
  • Their loyalty builds a strong foundation of trust and emotional closeness

And now the cons:

  • Aries’ short fuse can be a problem for the mellow Bull
  • Taurus’s fast pace and Aries’ slow pace are ultimately at odds
  • Their headstrong personalities can clash

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Does Taurus fall in love easily?

Not really.

Although Taurus is incredibly romantic and longs for a real love, the truth is that the Taurus is also skeptical.

Tauruses need time to ease into a relationship and see proof that they should invest their emotions.

So while a Taurus is likely to feel sexual attraction strongly, he’ll take longer to let himself fall in love.

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