What Attracts a Taurus Man to an Aries Woman? (8 Ways She Tempts Him)

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What attracts a Taurus man to an Aries woman? She’s a fireball, and he likes it!

Here’s why he can’t resist her:

  • She’s fun and exciting to be around
  • He adores her spunky attitude and passion for life
  • She’s a straight shooter who won’t mess with his head
  • She has a ton of drive and independence

Aries and Taurus can be a great match, but there are many pitfalls. The Aries can accidentally push too hard—meanwhile, the Taurus backs out.

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What Attracts a Taurus Man to an Aries Woman?

1. Her zest for life

The Aries woman is passionate and full of energy.

The Taurus is slow-moving and mellow, but he’s secretly waiting for a woman like the Aries to come along and bring his adventurous side out.

She’s fun and gives him a new lust for life.

Because she lives in the now and enjoys each experience, she makes every sensory experience for him more intense.

She’ll expose him to new ideas, new cuisines and new places, but she can also make the average dinner date more interesting with, say, a random dip in the pool.

There’s no such thing as boring with an Aries.

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2. Her no-bull attitude

A Taurus man may be an alpha male.

But he also likes a woman who is going to keep him in line.

The feisty Aries woman will put the Taurus man in his place if he crosses a line.

He respects that about her and likes that he knows exactly where her boundaries are so there’s no confusion.

This saves a lot of drama, which the Taurus man can’t stand.

It’s totally refreshing for him.

3. Her straightforwardness

The Taurus man knows when an Aries woman is into him.

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This is very appealing to him. It’s the games that he feels some other women play that make him lose his attraction.

She’s open and honest and says what’s on her mind.

Sometimes this can intimidate the Taurus, who tends to hold more in.

But truthfully, he knows he needs it.

An Aries has no need to put the Taurus man through a crisis trying to figure out what she wants. She simply asks for it—that’s sexy to the Taurus man.

As long as she doesn’t become demanding.

If she gives the Taurus space to do things his way and she doesn’t push him to jump when he’s not ready, he’ll be motivated to live up to her expectations.

4. Her curiosity

An Aries woman is intelligent and curious about the world.

This makes for stimulating conversations that keep the Taurus coming back for more.

The art of good conversation appeals to the Taurus man’s sociable Venus rulership.

He’s very analytical by nature, creating a strong attraction to women who can spice up chit-chat with some intellectual stimulation.

In this area, the Aries woman will never let him down.

5. Her independence

A woman’s independence is important if the Taurus is going to remain interested.

He needs his own space and privacy, and he doesn’t like feeling like a crutch. Or like a woman is using him for what he can do for her.

The Aries woman is as self-reliant as they come.

She’s driven and she keeps her schedule busy.

She’ll make the Taurus guy plan ahead to get some of her free time, making the chase much more exciting for him.

The only thing she needs to watch out for is making a move too soon, which takes the control away from the Taurus and sends him back into his shell.

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6. Her realness

The motto for the sign of Aries is “I am.”

The Aries woman is who she is. She couldn’t pretend to be anything else even if she tried.

It’s something the down-to-earth Taurus relates to and desires about her.

Taurus men have a serious aversion to anything that looks, sounds or feels like lying or fakery.

He will ignore a woman who is putting on a false front, even to impress him.

But with the Aries woman, she has no need!

He loves that she’s a live wire, and in any case, she knows she’s amazing.

That double shot of authenticity and confidence is hard for a Taurus man to turn down.

7. Her extroversion

Taurus personalities tend to be a good mix of introverted and extroverted.

While they love to chill out at home in sweats, surrounded by their creature comforts, they also enjoy a night of socializing in the mix. Especially to reconnect with friends.

Being a highly social person herself, the Aries woman will liven up the Taurus man’s own social life.

While they’re out, he’ll see the Aries’ talent for working a room and impressing everyone with her wit and intelligence, making him all the more attracted to her.

She will challenge him to keep up, but challenge accepted!

8. Her ambition

Taurus men would prefer a partner who’s going places in life.

They tend to avoid lazier women who might not do their fair share, whether that’s bringing in money or keeping the home tidy.

The Aries woman is a go-getter. She’s got her own aspirations and wants to make her own money.

So the Taurus man knows that she won’t be a drain on his resources. 

He sees in her a woman he can build something with. 

Looking to the future, they’ll work together to obtain everything they want, from the big house to the nice cars in the garage.

Other Taurus Man Questions

What attracts Taurus man the most?

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Outward beauty definitely appeals to the Taurus man, but he doesn’t just fall for a pretty face.

What attracts him much more than that is what’s deep down, which is why being genuine is a huge factor in winning a Taurus man over.

If you’re a woman he vibes with and feels relaxed around, that’s a great start.

Be down-the-earth and work on attracting the Taurus man through great conversation first.

Then you can really hook him by playing to his senses, like wearing delicious-smelling perfume and making your voice sound buttery and sensual.

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Taurus man and Aries woman sexually

A dynamite combo.

Since they both enjoy taking the lead in bed, they will love giving in to each other as sharing that sexual power is erotic for them.

The Taurus man is incredibly sensual and takes his time to please a woman.

He’ll slow the Aries down so that every second is pure pleasure for her, and she’ll thrill him with her adventurous side.

The two won’t likely have any issues in this department!

Can Aries fall in love with Taurus?

Oh yes.

Aries people often do fall in love with Tauruses exactly because the Taurus is so different from the Aries.

Taurus provides stability where Aries is more impulsive.

The Taurus is highly romantic and sensual, opening up the Aries to exploring physical delights and comforts they may have passed up before.

It’s not all sunshine and roses as the Bull and the Ram are sure to butt heads at some point, but the profound love that they share easily makes it worth working out.

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