Why Taurus and Aries Don’t Get Along (7 Toxic Reasons)

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Do you want to know why Taurus and Aries don’t get along?

Read on, because we’re explaining what goes wrong in this relationship:

  • Taurus and Aries do things at completely different speeds
  • Aries thinks Taurus is boring, Taurus thinks Aries is reckless
  • They won’t apologize to each other
  • Neither sign is good at backing down

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Why Taurus and Aries Don’t Get Along

1. Taurus bores Aries

What’s better than making dinner and plopping in front of the TV on a Friday night?

That’s what Taurus thinks, but Aries wants to scream from boredom.

Aries are fiery, and they need constant outlets for their energy. Baking brownies with the Taurus is just not their idea of a thrilling time.

Aries likes going out and meeting new people, while Taurus likes staying in and seeing the same people.

There’s a time and place for binge-watching Netflix, but not when there are other things for the Aries to go out and explore.

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2. Aries is too impulsive for Taurus

Aries are excitable people with big ideas, and they almost never look before they leap.

Tauruses are slow, methodical and overly cautious about what they get pulled into.

Put them together, and you can see why they can have problems.

The way Aries goes about things on a wing and a prayer, Taurus can see the messy outcomes from a mile away.

Usually, they’ll laugh at it—until the Aries pulls them into the chaos.

Taurus needs stability, but with Aries, they lose their much-needed control.

After being thrown into a few uncomfortable situations, Taurus won’t want to touch Aries and their zany ideas with a ten-foot pole.

3. Taurus is too passive for Aries

While the Bull loves saying “I told you so” when the Aries’ ideas go wrong, Aries claps back about the Taurus letting life pass them by.

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Taurus takes the passive approach. They won’t stick their neck out, preferring to watch and wait until taking an action seems logical and beneficial for them.

This means Taurus is comfortable with nothing changing, which drives Aries crazy.

Aries is always seeking higher heights, bigger opportunities.

When their fortunes are tied up with the Taurus’s, as in a business partnership or relationship, they see it as a threat to their future and wellbeing.

Feeling stunted by the Taurus’s slowness to act, the Aries often decides to cut their losses and find greener pastures.

4. Aries has a short fuse

Aries is so bold and confident, it’s surprising how touchy they are.

Often called the “baby” of the zodiac for being the first of the 12 signs, the Aries has less patience than others, and they tend to blow up over minor irritations.

As a laid-back earth sign, Taurus finds this funny. But also annoying.

In response, Taurus will tease the Aries or make sarcastic comments.

Fortunately, the Aries’ temper cools off as quickly as it erupts, so the Taurus’s patience usually gets them through it without a fight.

But if they really start baiting each other, all bets are off.

The Ram and the Bull will lock horns until one of them is pushed off the mountain.

5. They’re both willful

You can’t make a Taurus do anything.

You might have better luck talking an Aries into something, but you’ve got to have some major alpha energy.

Suffice it to say, both of these signs want to do what they want to do, and you’re not convincing them otherwise.

Usually, a friendship or relationship of any kind requires that one person is willing to give in once in a while.

Not so with an Aries and a Taurus.

Taurus clings to their comfort zone and routines, and Aries rams through anything that seems like an obstacle blocking their path.

Not an ideal combo for compromise.

6. They shut each other out

An Aries will let you know immediately when you’ve offended them.

They can’t help it—their emotions explode to the surface.

This puts the Taurus off, and their response is to back off and go silent for a while.

The issue is, the Aries really wants the Taurus to apologize.

Meanwhile, the Taurus is unlikely to confront the situation—they’ll try to wait it out until the Aries (hopefully) forgets about it.

Thing is, Aries won’t forget. They’ll just wind up seeing the relationship as a waste of their emotional energy, and they’ll quickly cut the Taurus off.

So sadly, rather than apologize or relent, both signs would rather shut down and block each other out until eternity.

7. They both think they’re right

Try to convince a Taurus they’re wrong—I dare you.

At the same time, an Aries is equally intimidating to challenge.

Aries thinks they have the right medicine for everyone to take, but they’re not great at getting a taste of their own.

And Taurus has their famous stubbornness, so they won’t budge an inch.

Thinking they’re both always right, it’s hard to get along peacefully all the time.


Why do Taurus and Aries fight?

Taurus and Aries typically fight about ego-related stuff.

Aries gets offended easily by the Taurus’s brash sense of humor and teasing, and Taurus won’t apologize because they think Aries is overly sensitive.

In a relationship, they fight because they’re used to dominating with their own ideas.

So they’re both in danger of trying to push their own agendas.

Are Aries and Taurus toxic together?

The real toxic component of a Taurus and Aries together is the gruesome fighting.

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Taurus has a ton of patience, but when their anger comes out, it isn’t pretty.

Aries is the type to engage, so when they go toe-to-toe, things get nasty and they don’t back down.

They can be toxic together if they don’t put their compassion first and listen to each other.

The truth is, they’re not likely to last very long together if they don’t master this quickly.

Can Taurus and Aries fall in love?

Sort of surprisingly, it’s not terribly uncommon for Taurus and Aries to fall in love.

Many times, they’re attracted to each other for the very things that repel them later on.

Taurus loves the Aries’ fiery enthusiasm, and Aries loves how the Taurus slows them down enough to savor experiences.

Can Aries and Taurus be best friends?

If an Aries and a Taurus end up being best friends, they’ll likely have a sibling type of dynamic where they laugh a lot, but also fight and bicker.

Usually, it’s a situation or environment that brings them together in the first place, like working together or going to the same college.

Aries and Taurus compatibility percentage

On the low side.

Aries and Taurus have about a 40% compatibility percentage overall.

Aries man Taurus woman sexually

Even though Aries and Taurus don’t have the highest overall compatibility, an Aries man and Taurus woman are very sexually compatible.

They’re both passionate with high sexual appetites.

This is one area where Aries likes the Taurus’s slow approach.

And Taurus man loves how free and uninhibited the Aries woman is.

This allows him to unleash all of his passion and for the two of them to explore the limits of sensuality together.

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