How to Know If a Capricorn Man Is Falling in Love With You (14 Signs)

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Need to figure out how a Capricorn guy feels about you?

Here’s how to know if a Capricorn man is falling in love with you:

  • You’re a big priority in his life now—even over work
  • He says incredibly romantic things at the perfect moment
  • He knows everything about you and remembers what you say
  • He’s protective and wants to fix your problems
  • He cools off a little to keep things slow but steady

Where women mess up with Capricorn men is making rash decisions based on misinterpreted signals.

If you’re worried about this blocking your relationship, we recommend learning how a Capricorn thinks with a guide like Capricorn Man Secrets by Anna Kovach.

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What Is a Capricorn Man Love Language?

A Capricorn man’s love language is that of acts of service.

He prefers action over talking, and he goes out of his way to show the person he adores just how much he cares.

This is far more valuable to him than saying, “I love you.”

If you’re with a Capricorn, it’ll be tough if you’re the type of person who needs to hear those words often.

But to the Capricorn man, talk is cheap.

He would be hurt if you didn’t look at all the things he does for you that show his commitment to you.

Below, we’ll explain more of what he might do to show you his love.

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How to Know If a Capricorn Man Is Falling in Love With You

1. He stares at you

Capricorn men will stare at you for two reasons: they’re attracted to you, or they’re in love with you.

When attracted, the Capricorn will gaze directly into your eyes and listen to you intently.

He still does this when he’s in love, but there’s an added softness in his look. 

You might catch him standing in the doorway, gazing at you while you write your grocery list or brush your hair.

You’re his favorite person to study now, and you look so beautiful to him doing the most mundane things.

2. He makes you part of his social life

Until you get to a certain level with a Capricorn man, you won’t be a huge part of his life. This includes his social life.

Which means that if a Capricorn man is regularly taking you out wherever he gets invited to, his feelings run deep.

Socializing is no small thing for him—he’s highly selective of who he keeps around.

Partly because he’s introverted, but also because his public image is really important to him.

If he’s always asking you to be at his side, you know he’s put some long, hard thought into being seen with you in the long term.

3. You’re as important as his work

Most Capricorn men are happy to work weekends instead of going on a date.

They’re so career-focused, they just don’t have time to let anything get between them and their future successes.

But, if a Capricorn man is falling in love with you, he’ll make extra room for you in his tight schedule.

It might seem like run-of-the-mill, normal quality time to you. For the Cappy, it’s a sacrifice.

But it’s one he’s happy to make because he wants to strengthen your bond—and your love.

4. He’s taking things slowly with you

Feel like your relationship is going at a drip-drip pace?

When you’re with a Capricorn man, he’s slow to reach the typical dating milestones—even physical intimacy.

Rest assured, he’s taking your relationship seriously.

Actually, it’s because he’s so serious about you that he wants to make sure everything falls into the right place.

It’s the Capricorn who’s throwing caution to the wind that you should worry about, not the one who makes you wait a little longer than you’re used to.

If you’re not sure what exactly is going on with your Capricorn, you might want to see what’s motivating his behaviors in Anna Kovach’s Capricorn Man Secrets.

5. He wants to solve your problems

Stressed out about something at work?

Having a fight with your best friend and not sure how to fix it?

The Capricorn man who loves you will be at your side, problem-solving along with you (or usually, for you!).

This is where you’ll see some of his secret nurturing side.

He’s right there to give emotional, mental and physical support and guide you through the rough patches.

6. It’s in the way he holds you

It may sound unfair, but a Capricorn man may purposely withhold saying he loves you.

But hold on! It’s not to be mean.

In his mind, it’s to make his actions and body language more meaningful, since words can be taken for granted.

So pay attention to how you feel in his arms.

Do you feel your body melting into his? The tenderness in his embrace?

You can be sure, a Capricorn man who doesn’t love you will not be so cuddly. Nor will he hold you like he does when he’s head over heels for you.

7. He’s proud to introduce you to his closest friends

Have you been formally introduced to those nearest and dearest to your Capricorn man?

If you have, consider yourself lucky.

Capricorns have to have faith that things will last to make that kind of effort.

It’s sort of like an audition.

The Capricorn man in love is trying to see how you get along with his inner circle.

At the same time, he’s showing you off to his friends and letting them know that he’s getting serious about you.

8. You’ve earned his trust

Trust is required for a Capricorn man to be able to surrender his heart to you.

So when your Capricorn man is showing signs of trusting you, take notice!

He may do little things like leave you alone in his apartment or rely on you for help accomplishing important tasks.

If you know things about him that other people don’t, that’s another huge sign.

Capricorn guys fear vulnerability, but they also want to find that one person they can be totally vulnerable with.

With trust comes love, so don’t underestimate the power of this sign.

9. He talks about you on social media

He may not be posting pictures of you together just yet, but if he’s mentioned you on social media, that’s big.

He works hard to cultivate his public image. Usually, he’s not the type to post about his dating life or other personal things going on with him.

But, as he gets more and more sure about his feelings for you, that can change.

It’s because he knows he’s in it for the long haul.

And he’s pretty sure you are too.

10. He wants to learn everything about you

The more smitten he is, the more the Capricorn man will become intensely curious about you.

It’s more than just a test to figure you out.

Because he’s emotionally attached to you, he purposely remembers everything you say.

Even things you mentioned forever ago—your childhood memories, for example—and gets every detail right. 

He’ll use his steel trap of a mind to get you the perfect gift—because it’s exactly what you wanted.

This is the romantic side of the Capricorn man you’re bringing out!

11. He takes care of you

Your Capricorn man’s number one concern is your safety and wellbeing.

Whether you ask him to or not, he’ll want to take care of you.

His M.O. is to work behind the scenes, making sure you have everything you need to be happy, healthy, safe and secure.

He’ll protect you, surprise you on your birthday and help you pay your bills if that’s what you need.

When the protective nature of the Capricorn male comes out like this, it’s a sure sign that he’s got strong feelings for you.

12. He pulls away

This is one of those confusing things a Capricorn guy does.

But it’s actually not a bad thing if he starts to retreat a little, taking one step forward and then one back.

He won’t straight up disappear on you.

It’s more that he may need some privacy and space after opening up and feeling so raw and emotional. 

But this is a necessary step for him, after which he can commit his whole heart and soul to you without hesitation.

13. He says sweet things at random times

A Capricorn man has the power to take your breath away with the beautiful things he can say to you.

As he falls harder, he’ll say them unprompted, when you least expect it.

I’m not talking about a compliment like “You’re so gorgeous.” 

Sweet and sincere, the Capricorn man will verbalize his true thoughts about you in a way that’s simple and incredibly meaningful.

Thoughts of how deeply he admires and respects you, and how you complete him.

They’ll be the most magical things to say in the moment because they’re inspired by his true feelings.

14. You can depend on him

The love-struck Capricorn man will prove to you that you can rely on him.

He’d take a red-eye flight across the country this weekend if you needed him to.

(But don’t test this just to find out! He’s careful not to be taken advantage of.)

Loyal to the core, he’ll never say he can do something for you and not follow through.

It’s a big deal because the Capricorn man never makes himself available for anything he doesn’t feel is worth his time.

So if you can call on him any time, day or night, you are incredibly special and important to him.

Other Capricorn Man Questions

How do Capricorns act when they like someone?

If he’s got a crush, a Capricorn man will find ways to impress you like crazy.

He’ll casually show off whatever he has that other people might envy.

He won’t be flattering you nonstop—instead, he’ll focus some intense attention on you.

He’ll explore your mind, starting deep, intellectual conversations with you and ask questions to find out more about you.

His intense interest in you will happen all of a sudden, after he’s had enough time to study you from a distance.

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Does a Capricorn man fall in love easily?

Capricorn men definitely don’t fall in love easily.

They don’t believe in love at first sight, either.

In fact, they’ll take their sweet time assessing their own feelings about you.

Patience is a virtue to a Capricorn man, so be sure to demonstrate you have plenty.

How do you win a Capricorn man’s heart?

Starting off on the right foot is crucial if you want a Capricorn man’s heart.

He needs to get to know you slowly but surely, without a swirl of emotions getting in the way.

This is why friendship is important to establish right away.

Don’t push physical intimacy with him too quickly, either.

Help him to trust you, rely on you and see your wife potential.

How does a Capricorn man test a woman?

Capricorn man tests will mostly be difficult to impossible to detect.

When you’re still learning about each other, treat every conversation as a test.

This is simply because he’ll be analyzing everything you say, weighing and measuring how good you actually are for each other.

Throughout your relationship, he’ll test your loyalty, your faithfulness, your independence and resilience.

All to find a woman who’s strong and devoted enough to be with him.

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Signs a Capricorn man is playing you

You can tell if a Capricorn man is playing you by how much distance he keeps between you.

Is it impossible to get a response, other than the few times he calls you?

And when he calls, is he just telling you how attracted he is to you?

If he’s using you, he won’t share any personal information. He won’t try to hang out.

Everything will be on his terms, and you’ll fear losing him if you don’t comply.

If you want to know how to get through to this complicated man, read Capricorn Man Secrets.

This guide trains you to bypass those huge Capricorn hang-ups—you know, so you can be together!

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