Why Are Taurus So Pretty? (8 Most Gorgeous Traits of Tauruses)

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They’re so pretty it hurts.

If life were a club, Tauruses would be the beautiful people on the A list.

Why are Taurus so pretty?

  • Their beauty is all natural
  • They look young no matter what their age
  • They’re just as gorgeous on the inside
  • They have “classically” attractive facial features and body types
  • They’re super confident

Let’s dive into what makes the Taurus woman and Taurus man so gorg.

Why Are Taurus So Pretty?

1. They’re natural beauties

Tauruses are those people who wake up looking gorgeous and refreshed while the rest of us have to wear shades to conceal our puffy eyes.

They could not wash, moisturize or exfoliate for a month, and they’d still have perfect skin. 

Taurus men and Taurus women look like your classic Greek busts, chiseled out of flawless stone.

Taurus women need no makeup.

If looks could kill, a Taurus man’s face and smile would be deadly.

They’re like a gift to humanity from Venus herself.

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2. They don’t age

They say you can’t tell a Taurus’s age by looking at them.

And they’re absolutely right.

What is it about the Taurus’s refusal to age like everyone else?

Even when they start getting fine lines decades after us mere humans, they still maintain a foxiness that the years cannot erase.

If you want to know what I’m talking about, look at Megan Fox, Channing Tatum, Robert Pattinson, Jessica Alba and George Clooney.

All timeless Taureans.

3. They care about their appearance

While Tauruses would look good no matter what they did (or didn’t do), they are very much into maintaining their appearance.

That means keeping their hair styled and glossy and their clothes fresh.

You’ll never see a Taurus look sloppy.

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They invest a lot of pride into their appearances, not only for others, but mainly for themselves.

Taurus men and Taurus women alike enjoy a mani-pedi for the luxury of it.

Looking good makes them feel good, and Taurus is all about pleasure. 

It just so happens that they look good to the rest of us, too.

4. They’re pretty on the inside

Though they have the outer looks, Tauruses know that what counts is on the inside.

They’re sticklers for associating only with people who are genuine and sincere, as they are.

There’s nothing fake, cruel or cunning about them.

Tauruses may hold grudges like nobody’s business, and they’re stubborn as all get-out.

But they’re peaceful, caring and nurturing, and the most loyal friends and lovers you will ever have, hands down.

A Taurus just gets more and more attractive as you get to know them.

5. Confidence

They say Leos are confident.

Have they met Taurus?

Tauruses have a refreshing kind of don’t-care attitude.

It’s the kind where they don’t sweat it when someone is judgy toward them.

They act on principle and do what they think is right, not what someone else thinks they should do.

But they’re not cocky, and they don’t even realize that their assertiveness shines through and attracts other people to them.

Confident, yet modest—who can resist that combination?

6. Their big doe eyes

Tauruses are so pretty with their big, dreamy doe eyes.

There’s a gentleness to them, and also innocence.

They’re soft and warm, and their eyelashes are long and thick.

Nobody can bat their eyelashes like a Taurus.

All Tauruses also have bedroom eyes, making them instantly seductive.

7. Their sensual lips

No description of a Taurus is complete without talking about their lips.

Tauruses have sensual mouths, and Taurus women especially tend to have soft, pouty lips.

They’re kind of the definition of “kissable.”

Taurus women usually skip lip shades that are dramatic in favor of the warm, honey-color ones and soft pinks.

This makes them look pretty as a rose.

8. They’re the classic “beautiful” body types

Fashion looks and “ideal” body types come and go, but the Taurus body shape is always considered a masterpiece.

Taurus women have sensual curves, excellent proportions and apple bottoms.

And Taurus men tend to be muscular, particularly in their upper bodies.

The Taurus body has been worshiped for millennia.

And will continue to be worshiped because, well, it’s bangin’.

Taurus FAQ

What do Taurus look like?

Tauruses have a pleasing look.

It’s attractive yet approachable, since there’s a friendliness in their appearance.

Tauruses have thick, shiny hair, an athletic build and nice proportions.

There tends to be a roundness to them, like in their face shapes.

Their foreheads are also on the large side, as are their eyes.

What does a Taurus woman look like?

A Taurus woman looks very feminine.

Her features are softened by her Venus rulership.

Taurus women tend to have smaller noses, larger foreheads and pillowy lips.

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Their bodies are strong with prominent curves in their hips, butt and chest.

And their skin is to die for.

Why are Taurus so hard to love?

Taurus people are challenging to love for a lot of reasons.

Their lack of trust in others almost always stresses their partners out.

And they’re extremely set in their ways.

Want to change their minds about something? Good luck.

You’ll need a ton of patience.

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What makes a Taurus woman special?

Taurus women are a unique combination of being nurturing, gentle and feminine, yet stubborn (it’s not always a bad thing!), extremely strong and independent.

A Taurus woman doesn’t tolerate any foolishness from anyone.

And if you give her your loyalty, she’ll be by your side when you need her for life.

What is Taurus eye color?

Tauruses tend to have eyes that are darker in color.

Even blue-eyed Tauruses have the more gray-blue shades of blue.

But it’s very common to see Tauruses with warm brown eyes that are either honey-colored or a deep chocolate brown.

After all, Taurus is an earth sign, and the earthy colors dominate.

Are Taurus cute or hot?

Tauruses are hot.

That’s not to say that they can’t look or act cute, because they’re masters of the cute selfie.

But they’re so sensual, they can’t help but be sexy.

Are Taurus women tall?

Taurus women are not usually tall.

Often, they’re on the short side, like below average for female height.

However, a Taurus woman’s personality will for sure make her seem a lot taller!

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