Why Are Taurus So Ugly? (Top 9 Ugliest Things About Them)

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Taurus is known to be one of the best looking signs of the zodiac, but they have a dark side.

Here are the ugliest things about Taurus:

  • Taurus is borderline pathologically stubborn
  • When they get mad, things get ugly
  • They can be selfish
  • They’re jealous and possessive in relationships
  • They’re materialistic and can be superficial

Why are Taurus so ugly, you ask? Keep reading as we dive into this subject below.

Why Are Taurus So Ugly?

1. They’re hella stubborn

The Taurean stubbornness is so famous, it might be the one thing you’ve heard about Tauruses.

And it’s no joke.

Tauruses aren’t your average “I’m right, you’re wrong” type of stubborn.

They will fight you in the face of being clearly and provably wrong.

And make no mistake, they will stoop to schoolyard antics if you try to beat them.

They’ll defend an ignorant opinion aggressively.

And if they think they have the moral high ground, a Taurus won’t budge an inch, even to save a relationship.

So save your effort if a Taurus has gotten on their high horse. Or bull, as it were.

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2. They have an ugly rage

As a credit to the Taurus character, Taurus men and women are generally mellow and emotionally even.

Though it’s hard to get them bothered, they have a limit.

If you betray them, lie, cheat or threaten to take what’s theirs, they will snap.

And all that mellowness and their nonchalant attitude will disappear, revealing the raging bull underneath.

Their anger is ugly and downright scary.

They may smash a thing or two if they really get going.

In fact, best to leave them alone until the storm passes.

3. They’re materialistic

The sign of earthly possessions, Taurus likes their stuff.

A Taurus is driven to collect nice things and bask in whatever luxury they can afford, which is all well and good.

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But sometimes, they can be a little superficial.

A Taurus may judge their frugal date too harshly, or not give you the time of day because you wear thrift store t-shirts and don’t pay attention to trends.

Tauruses may spend their 20 bucks on some luxury underwear rather than pay a bill on time, but don’t try to deny them their little pleasures!

4. Their “me first” attitude

As kind and generous as a Taurus is, sometimes Tauruses can be really blind to how they treat people.

They don’t mean to be selfish, but they’re so focused on getting what they want in life that sometimes their relationships can become casualties.

They may not think of someone else’s point of view before making a decision that affects that person.

Or they may demand that their partner does all the bending and compromising in the relationship, because why should the Taurus have to?

On a good note, you can turn this around if you make it clear how a Taurus’s behavior gets you down.

A Taurus won’t purposely step all over someone they care about.

5. They’re crazy possessive

Tauruses demand loyalty from the person they’re dating, which is understandable.

But the way they go about it can rub a romantic partner the wrong way.

Extremely possessive and often suspicious, Taurus will make you recite every last little detail of who you were with and at what time when you went out last night. 

They’ll get defensive if you have friends of the opposite sex and ask you what’s up with your friendship like it’s a threat.

And if they’re not satisfied with your answer, they’ll try to find whatever they’re looking for behind your back by stalking your social media and asking people who know you.

If someone else so much as flirts with you, a Taurus can’t handle it.

You may find yourself walking on eggshells trying to appease a jealous Taurus and win their trust.

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6. Laziness

On the one hand, you have the hard-working image of the Taurus.

On the other, you have the opposite—the lethargic Taurus lazing around on the couch with potato chip crumbs all over them.

Taurus needs a good reason to get motivated about something.

If you have two hands and you’re willing to wash the dishes, that’s just fine. The Taurus is going to have a beer and watch TV.

That being said, if a Taurus commits to doing something, they will not do it halfway. No cut corners.

Just don’t bother them for several hours while they clean the kitchen stove, because they’re not going to go any faster for you.

Which can be equally annoying.

7. They’re blunt

Filter? What filter?

Tauruses are blunt, to the point of being hurtful.

You have to remember, Taurus is ruled by Venus, the planet of pleasure, which means Taurus is all about self-gratification.

And part of that is saying what they want to say, when they want, to whom they want.

They may use sarcasm to get their point across, which can add to the sting.

One thing’s for sure, if you want the truth, be prepared to handle it!

8. Their passive-aggressive behavior

Tauruses don’t like confrontation, but that doesn’t mean they let others take advantage of them.

Taurus prefers a passive-aggressive approach.

So they’ll do things like ignore you, give you the cold shoulder, make snarky comments and openly criticize your flaws when they’re irritated.

They’ll make sure they’re not available if they don’t want to do something.

If they’re mad at you, they’d rather get everyone else to be mad at you, too, than admit you hurt them.

And nobody gets joy out of singing out “I told you so” like a Taurus.

9. They’re vengeful

You wouldn’t peg a peaceful Taurus for one who delights in getting revenge.

It’s not exactly that they get joy out of it, but more of a calculated move to pay you back exactly what they think you deserve.

Mind you, a Taurus has to be really, really upset to get vengeful.

It’s usually something that hurts their feelings deeply, which is not the easiest thing to do.

Since they’re so patient, they can wait for the perfect moment to strike—then laugh and walk away.

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Taurus FAQ

Is Taurus an attractive sign?

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In short, yes. Taurus is an attractive sign.

Actually, Tauruses are thought to be some of the most gorgeous in the zodiac.

Ruled by Venus, they have physical beauty in spades.

Taurus men are classically masculine and Taurus women are classically feminine, and both are extremely sensual.

Why are Taurus so hot?

Tauruses are hot because they have it all—looks, charm, confidence and a romantic soul.

Taurus is a lusty sign, giving them a sexual appeal not many possess.

On top of this, they’re stable, ambitious and strong in body and mind.

There’s not much to not find hot about Taurus.

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What do Taurus look like?

You can tell a Taurus by their soft, sleepy doe eyes, sensual mouth and thick, shiny hair.

Their foreheads are usually prominent, and it’s not uncommon for them to have wide-set or deep-set eyes.

Taurus men have a medium build and are either muscular or heavy-set.

They have broad shoulders and a slightly mischievous smile.

Taurus women are curvy with good proportions.

Their faces are typically rounded or heart-shaped, and their noses tend to be on the petite side.

Is Taurus awkward?

Taurus isn’t known for being particularly awkward, but that doesn’t mean they don’t have their awkward moments.

Sometimes when they really like someone they can get awkward because their difficulty expressing their emotions clashes with their straightforward approach.

But the wonderful thing about Taureans is that they’ll call out an awkward moment like they see it, providing a much-needed source of comic relief.

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