How to Keep an Aquarius Man Hooked and Obsessed With You (21 Ways)

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You don’t want an Aquarius guy to like you. You want him obsessed.

Here’s how to keep him hooked on you for the long term:

  • Be independent, and never be a follower
  • Have mind-blowing intellectual conversations
  • Embrace your quirky side and laugh with him
  • Be good friends
  • Don’t show jealousy in any way

It’s much easier to keep an Aquarius from losing interest if you understand how this intelligent man’s mind works.

The best introduction to his psyche that we’ve found is Aquarius Man Secrets by relationship astrologer Anna Kovach.

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How to Keep an Aquarius Man Hooked and Obsessed

1. Have your own life

woman with sunglasses smiling and a quote about aquarius men liking independent women

Aquarius men are only looking for independent partners.

Any woman who wants to “merge” with the person she’s dating need not apply.

If you want to make an Aquarius man obsessed, make your personal life a priority.

Pack your schedule with your hobbies, projects and interests. And don’t neglect your social life just in case he calls you up to hang out.

The good news is, he’s not deterred by having to chase you a little.

However, he will get bored easily if there’s not a whole lot to discover about you because you don’t have much going on for yourself.

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2. Don’t follow the crowd

If there’s one thing you need to understand about the Aquarius male, it’s that he enjoys being thee most independent and unique zodiac sign.

This man is proud not to care about style trends or popular opinion. He lives by his rules, in his own reality.

Want him to be hooked on you? Don’t be a follower.

It’s not only okay to go against the grain, it’s encouraged.

Show him that you think for yourself, and you’ll get an Aquarius man obsessed without even trying.

3. Avoid looking high maintenance to the Aquarius male

woman sitting on a beach in a bikini with a quote about aquarius men liking casual looking women

Other guys may like a woman who wouldn’t be caught dead without a full face of makeup and her hair blown out.

But Aquarius guys would rather spend quality time with you than wait three hours before you’re ready to go out.

(Tip: They prefer a more natural look anyway!)

He’s laidback to the core and typically dates a jeans-and-t-shirt kind of woman.

So fretting over chipped nail polish doesn’t really fit his type.

4. …And any high-maintenance behavior

But it’s not just about your style—it’s your whole attitude and vibe.

Be easygoing with a capital E.

Don’t make big demands on his time, like expecting him to text you every night to say goodnight.

The more effort it takes to be around you, the shorter his attention span.

5. Showcase your intellectual prowess

Like the other air signs, Aquarius needs a lot of intellectual stimulation.

Feed his curiosity!

Science? Art? Philosophy? Aliens?

If you have any nerdy fascinations, he’d be thrilled to geek out with you.

Don’t be intimidated by his intelligence—he doesn’t care if you know a bunch of facts.

He just cares that you’re a deep thinker, like he is.

Give an Aquarius man a window into your thoughts and he’ll be totally fascinated.

6. Be super fun

couple hugging and laughing with a quote about being fun with an aquarius man

It’s not all brains and science with Aquarius men.

They like entertainment like the rest of us.

If you want to show an Aquarius a good time, then loosen up and have fun with him.

Laugh, joke around and go on adventures. Go with the flow and don’t take yourself too seriously.

He likes group activities, so don’t hesitate to invite him along when you and your friends get together.

Be in the moment with him and you’ll capture his heart.

7. Be his best friend

In the beginning stages of a romance with the Aquarius male, there has to be a solid foundation of friendship.

Pretty much every romantic partner he’s ever had started out as his friend.

So if you want a romantic relationship with him, show him you could be one of the guys.

Hang out as pals, and don’t put pressure on him to take you out on a fancy date.

By the time he realizes you’re one of his best friends, he’ll already be hooked.

8. Appreciate his weird sense of humor

woman smiling and leaning back on man with a quote about an aquarius man sense of humor

If you get his jokes, it’s like an aphrodesiac for an Aquarius guy.

His humor is quirky and subtle, and he doesn’t expect most people to get it.

So if you’re enjoying his odd little jokes and out-there sense of humor, he’ll feel like you’re sharing his brain.

Even when he says the weirdest things, don’t tease him. Join him.

Create your own little world to escape into together, and he’ll need his daily dose.

Before he can throw a famous Aquarian wall up, he’ll catch feelings.

9. Don’t be the jealous type

In the Aquarian’s opinion, jealousy doesn’t look good on a woman.

Aquarius men like women who aren’t so insecure that they feel the need to compete with other women.

If he talks to another woman, don’t throw yourself at him to try to get all the attention.

And never guilt him for having female friends, which Aquarius men always do.

Trust me—he’ll test you on this, which is why it’s good to have a weapon like Aquarius Man Secrets in your back pocket.

Show that you’re not possessive, and you’re not threatened by anyone else he gives some attention to.

10. Like yourself

Confidence and self-love are huge attractors for Aquarius guys.

When you embrace who you are deep down, you let everything that’s unique and interesting about you shine.

Have the guts to like yourself the way you are.

Show that you’re above anyone else’s judgmental attitude.

Not only is it healthy for your self-esteem, but it also shows you’re not afraid to be an individual, which is the true secret sauce to getting an Aquarius man obsessed.

11. State your opinions

woman talking to a man sitting at a table with a quote about sharing your opinions with an aquarius man

Conversation is so important to Aquarius men.

Not just conversation, but an exchange of new ideas.

The best way to get an Aquarius man to stay interested in you? Have something to say.

Don’t just nod your head—say what you really think. Give him something to chew on.

By doing this, you’ll encourage him to share more of his ideas ideas and build the solid mental connection he needs to develop an emotional attachment to you.

Next time he sees you, he’ll only have eyes for you.

12. Be a humanitarian

Here’s a secret about Aquarius people: they have big hearts.

While they’re emotionally reserved on a personal level, they care a great deal about people and humanity at large.

Which means, you can win them over by doing things like volunteering.

Being kind to everyone you meet. Donating your old clothes and giving your spare change to someone who needs it.

Be kind to animals, too—every living creature.

If anything can tug at this man’s heart strings, it’s adopting an older dog from a shelter and posting the two of you snuggling on Instagram.

13. Always work on self improvement

close up of a woman smiling with a quote about aquarius men liking ambitious women with a good heart

Aquarius men have high standards for themselves. And by extension, the women they date.

They may not care what other people think, but you can be sure they’re always working towards whatever their definition of success is.

So take a page out of their playbook and work on yourself.

You don’t need money, fame or power.

But you should have your own goals to achieve, and always strive to balance ambition with being a good person.

Just be sure that whatever you do, you’re not doing it for show.

Aquarius men are all about authenticity and can tell if you’re just trying to impress people.

14. Reveal your creative side

Pretty much every Aquarius man you’ll meet is explosively creative in some way.

Many are musicians, artists, writers and inventors.

So if you’ve got a creative spark yourself, time to show it off.

You don’t necessarily need to wield a paintbrush if you don’t have an artistic bone in your body.

Any type of thinking outside the box or creative problem-solving impresses him.

Got a theory about how to solve world hunger? He wants to hear it, and he’ll be genuinely fascinated.

15. Don’t be ruled by emotions

Emotions are tough for Aquarius men.

They have them, but they’re also detached from them.

Emotional outbursts are sure to spook them, and you’ll never see them getting wrapped up in a relationship with a lot of drama.

Show the Aquarius he’s not headed over an emotional cliff with you.

Be calm and even when you hang out.

And never confront him about his feelings for you, unless you want to lose him fast.

16. Be spontaneous

An Aquarius will try anything once.

He wants what life has to offer. He’ll throw a dart at a map and buy last-minute plane tickets without hesitation.

While you don’t have to do anything that drastic to get him to want to spend time with you, you should be open to going where the wind takes you.

If he suggests chucking your dinner plans to go to an art museum instead, be up for it.

Surprise him with your own spontaneous actions, too.

Keep him guessing, and you’ll keep him interested.

17. Get in with his friends

group of friends walking and talking with a quote about making an aquarius mans friends like you

Aquarius is all about friendship, if you haven’t guessed by now.

An Aquarius looks at their core group of friends as a unit, one that needs balance and can’t be thrown out of whack by something like a girlfriend no one likes.

So while you’re wooing the Aquarius, make sure you woo his friends, too.

Seeing that you’ve won their approval and you fit perfectly into his social scene, it’s only logical that you two end up together.

And then he’ll start scheming about how to make you his.

18. Never be petty

One of the worst turn-offs for Aquarians is pettiness.

Doing things like gossiping, not considering other people’s feelings and seeking revenge will have an Aquarius man seeing you in a bad light.

You always want to let things roll off your back and rise above.

Don’t put other women down to make yourself look better, and always be the first one willing to forgive and forget.

The Aquarian is a big-picture thinker, so don’t get stuck in trivial details.

19. Be curious

Have you ever heard the phrase, to be interesting, you should be interested?

A woman who is curious about the world around her and wants to learn all that she can is fascinating for a lot of reasons.

For one thing, she can hold a conversation on just about any topic.

But also, she’s much more open to having new experiences with the Aquarius man.

Exploring this thing called life with him is sure to create a bond, deepen your friendship and make him all the more attracted to you.

20. Stay positive

woman throwing the peace sign at the ocean with a quote about having a positive attitude with an aquarius man

Aquarians never dwell on the negative.

They prefer to look on the bright side, and they surround themselves with people who do the same so they don’t drag them down.

Bring that same energy if you want the Aquarius to want to look forward to seeing you.

Maintain a positive atmosphere and when things go wrong, demonstrate your ability to see the good in any situation.

And when all else fails, laugh. Laugh at an absurd situation, or at yourself.

Maintain your bubbly spirit and lightness wherever you go and he’ll want to be around you all the time.

21. Don’t be in a rush for a relationship

The typical Aquarius is scared of commitment.

It’s no surprise then that he’ll back away the moment you start talking about the future.

Instead, you’ll have to act like it’s not important to you one way or another.

Focus on getting the message across that you enjoy his company when you’re with him—but your life doesn’t revolve around him.

In his mind, he doesn’t choose to get into a serious relationship. It just sort of happens when the time is right.

Make sure you’re not trying to rush things along, or you risk alienating him.

Aquarius Men Questions

How do you make an Aquarius man obsess over you?

If you want to get this man obsessed, stop trying so hard!

Okay, I’m sort of joking.

But in a very serious way, you have to make it seem like you’re not too invested in the outcome.

He’ll be interested in you if you’re friendly, intellectual and somehow different from everyone else.

But he’ll only be obsessed if you’re too busy living your life to worry about whether he calls you or not.

How do you know if an Aquarius man is obsessed with you?

You probably won’t really know when an Aquarius man is obsessed with you because he’ll hardly be able to admit it to himself, much less show you.

But some subtle signs that he’s hooked and obsessed include:

  • Choosing to hang out with you instead of his friends
  • Constantly smiling around you and having a blast with you
  • Doing any form of PDA (Aquarians don’t do a lot of this)
  • Random acts of affection
  • Doing something out of character like following you around or asking you to call him on a daily basis
  • His friends wanting to get to know you to make sure you’re good for him

How do you make an Aquarius man miss you?

Whether you’re in a relationship rut with an Aquarius man or he’s your ex, you can make him miss you by creating a little distance between you.

Here’s why it works.

Not having you available to him so much forces him to notice your absence.

Which then gets his wheels turning—how does he feel about that?

Having to face that question is the best way to get him to feel his feelings and start missing you.

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How do you make an Aquarius man feel loved?

By being there for him.

Aquarius men can be surprisingly insecure about how a woman actually feels about them.

But they also know that words can be too easy to say without really meaning them.

Instead, show you’re as steady as a rock. Prove that you’ll be there at the end of the day no matter what happens.

It expresses your love in a way words can’t.

What an Aquarius man needs in a relationship?

The number one thing the Aquarius male needs in a relationship is freedom.

He needs the freedom and support from his significant other to be himself without feeling the pressure to conform.

Which also means you can’t pressure him to conform to some of the social norms and customs you might expect in typical romantic relationships.

Other than that, he needs a strong mental connection, friendship, loyalty and understanding.

A lot of understanding—this zodiac sign is full of contradictions that require plenty of time and patience from their partners.

How do you make an Aquarius man addicted to you?

Getting an Aquarius man addicted to you takes becoming part of his life in a totally natural way.

You should just fit, like a puzzle piece.

This means sharing hobbies, being the greatest of friends and generally making time spent together the highlight of his day.

However, keeping healthy space between you is also essential.

Basically, you should never neglect your own life.

Keep it separate from his so you always maintain an element of intrigue and never run the risk of seeming attached at the hip.

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How do you get an Aquarius man’s attention?

With an Aquarius man, you don’t really want to do anything too bold or attention-seeking to get his attention.

You actually just want to be the chillest, friendliest person in the room.

He’s magnetically drawn to laidback, upbeat personalities.

That will get him turning his head—then when you talk to him, you can show off your intellectual side to get him even more intrigued.

What turns on an Aquarius man?

Intelligence. Wittiness. Open-mindedness.

If you want to turn on an Aquarius, you have to do it through his mind.

Have fascinating conversations and connect with him that way.

He’s not your average guy where you can look smokin’ hot and stroke his inner thigh. It won’t do a thing if he’s not in that head space with you.

Physical attraction and passion always follow mental stimulation for an Aquarius.

How do you make an Aquarius fall in love with you?

Well, an Aquarius would laugh and say you can’t “make” him fall in love with you.

Which just goes to show how imporant it is that you don’t put any pressure on him at all.

The absolute best approach is to become best buds with him. If you try to skip this step, he’ll likely lose interest.

Make him laugh, be a positive force of good in life and don’t stop having adventures together if you want to stir his emotions.

How do you know if an Aquarian man loves you?

You know because he tells you.

An Aquarius guy has no trouble saying the words when he feels them—as long as you’ve successfully passed his tests and he feels secure about you.

Suddenly all of his focus will be on you.

He’ll do things like grab your face and kiss your lips, or write a song about you.

Love is exciting for an Aquarius, so he may get a little giddy from time to time.

How do I keep my Aquarius man happy in a relationship?

Relationship maintenance is important with this man.

As long as you’re keeping the harmony between you and having a good time, he’ll be happy.

And never get possessive or try to control him.

His best relationship is with a person who understands his need for freedom and will always be supportive of that without judgment.

What drives an Aquarius man crazy?

A woman who is different from everyone else and is totally comfortable with that drives him crazy.

He looks for women who stand out not in their looks necessarily, but in the opinions they express and the things they think about.

Basically, doing the opposite of trying to fit in—while at the same time being 100% yourself—works to drive an Aquarius man wild.

If you want a long-term relationship with him to work, or even maybe do something totally conventional like get married one day, start with the foundations in a guide like Aquarius Man Secrets.

It will walk you though the steps and tell you not only what you should do, but what you need to avoid as well.

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