Taurus Man in Bed (10 Tips on How He Is and What He Likes)

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Get ready for a steamy all-night marathon with your Taurus lover.

Here’s what a Taurus man in bed is like:

  • He makes sure the sexual tension builds slowly
  • He can go like the Energizer Bunny
  • He’s not one to stray from “his moves,” but he’ll do anything to please you
  • Your body is a literal wonderland and he’s going to take his time
  • Blindfolds, whips, whipped cream, leather and lace—he’s down

Now, you should know that a mind-blowing night (and it will be) is not enough to keep a Taurus man.

You need to know how to play his game. To win, we strongly recommend an in-depth guide to his heart and mind like Relationship Astrologer Anna Kovach’s Taurus Man Secrets.

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How Is a Taurus Man in Bed?

He’s sensual

What do you get from the zodiac sign put on this planet to explore the world through his senses?

A man who’s deeply sensual in the sack.

Touch, sight, sound, smell and taste are all heightened and can provide untold pleasures for the Bull.

Equally, he wants to tease and please every one of your senses.

This is the sign that will feed you chocolate on a bear skin rug in front of a crackling fire.

And since he’ll want to touch and stroke every part of your body, he’ll quickly learn what buttons to push to get you going.

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He’s got stamina

Try to skip foreplay and your Taurus man will ask you what the rush is.

Why would he skip over the best parts of sex (all of the parts are the best parts)?

He’s too busy savoring your amazing body.

The Taurus man doesn’t want to rush a thing and has the stamina to keep going all night long.

Now, he may go for a quickie from time to time.

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But otherwise, do expect to be at it until the sun comes up.

He sticks to his best tricks

Once you two find a rhythm, the Taurus is probably going to want to stick to that for future sexual encounters.

If it works, why mess with it?

This man likes what he likes, so if you both love to start with missionary and end with reverse cowgirl, that’ll be his go-to in bed.

Generally, too, he’s not one for acrobatics. If it’s too strenuous to enjoy, what’s the point?

If you also like what you like, you’ve found the perfect partner.

He’s attentive

One thing is for sure, the Taurus man will want to please you and make sure you’re enjoying every moment with him.

You don’t have to worry about him being a selfish lover.

As long as you’re willing to reciprocate!

It takes two to tango, and the Taurus man is interested in all the passion you create together, not merely through each other.

Rest assured, if other lovers couldn’t take a hint if it hit them in the face, that won’t be the case with your Taurus man.

FYI: This man loves feedback, so give him plenty of it and he’ll make sure your every need is met, always.

He likes it gentle and rough

Sex is one of the greatest pleasures there is for Taurus men.

They crave the pure physical enjoyment of it from slow, gentle lovemaking to rough sex.

Even a routine-loving Taurus will love to go from slow and steady to quick and energetic if you say that’s what you want right now.

Tauruses like it all!

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What Should You Do With a Taurus Man?

Blindfold him

Here’s how you can take advantage of a Taurus man’s well-developed sensory system.

Blindfold him!

Deprive his sense of sight so that the rest of his senses are on high alert.

Then, run ice cubes and silk scarves down his body. Massage him with scented oils.

Whisper naughty things in his ears, brushing them with your lips. Feed him a chocolate-covered strawberry and then kiss him passionately.

You’re basically his sex goddess.

Play a sexy game of who can be the biggest tease

Before he even gets to the act, a Taurus man’s M.O. is to make you literally beg for it.

You know what would blow his mind? If you did the same thing to him.

Be just as teasing in your touches and kisses as he is, and go sloooooooow.

Play Battle of the Wills and see who gives in and begs for mercy first.

It’ll be the hottest game you’ve ever lost.

Include the neck in your necking

The erogenous spot for the Taurus is his neck.

It’s the part of the body that this sign rules and it’s ultra sensitive.

Kissing and nibbling from his shoulders to the area right behind his earlobes will turn him on fast.

Likewise, he’s going to bring some much-needed attention to your neck. Make it stand out.

If you have longer hair, toss it to one side, exposing your neck.

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Or tip your head back and offer up your throat.

Don’t forget the collar bone and shoulder area, too—it’s all super sexy to your Taurus man.

Bring out the toys

A Taurus man in bed is no strangers to toys and kink.

As for what kinds of toys, for the most part, as long as it’s something you like, it’s fair game.

Doesn’t matter if it’s a vibrator or whips and chains.

Your pleasure is his reason for existing in that moment.

But if he had a say, probably the toys that let him get physically closest to you are his favorites.

For instance, he might enjoy a little booty smacking with a thin layer of paddle between his hand and your booty.

Edible clothing, massage oil, body paint and foods that he can lick off your body will also do the trick.

Go with the flow

Sudden and erratic moves can jolt a Taurus man out of the romance zone he’s worked to create.

He likes one thing to lead to the next, starting slow and then getting faster. Softer, then harder.

To really sync with him, follow this sensual flow.

Things should happen naturally.

That goes for getting into the mood as well—you need to make time for the atmosphere setting first.

Sensual as these creates are, sex is not “the destination” for Taurus guys.

If you don’t understand that, or indeed how to play by the Taurus’s rules, you risk losing him.

That’s what you’ll learn about in Taurus Man Secrets. It’s all the stuff you always wanted to know about Taurus men but didn’t know who to ask.

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