What Attracts a Cancer Man to a Pisces Woman Like a Magnet?

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Want to know what Cancer men find so magical about Pisces women?

Here’s why Cancer man is so attracted to Pisces woman:

  • Her emotional depth is beyond compare
  • How genuine and sincere she is
  • He’s wildly attracted to her dreamy, romantic persona
  • They have a psychic connection like no other
  • He’s driven to protect and nurture her
  • She’s just the right amount of mysterious for him

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Do Cancers Find Pisces Attractive?

man and woman cuddling on a couch with a quote about cancer man and pisces woman being attracted to each other

Cancers find Pisces almost supernaturally attractive.

This has much to do with their compatible emotional natures.

The Cancer sign feels sexual desire more intensely through emotional connection, and they can tell a fellow sensitive like the Pisces.

Cancers often put pressure on themselves to tone down their emotions in order to be with someone.

So they find it very alluring to date someone who neither expects nor wants this from them, and has so much in common with them.

Why Is a Cancer Man So Attracted to a Pisces Woman?

The attraction is instant and magnetic.

What is it about a Pisces female that a Cancer male would walk across hot coals to get close to?

Keep reading, because we’re uncovering all the reasons why below.

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1. Her femininity

One of the top factors that attracts a Cancer man to a Pisces woman is her delicate femininity.

Cancer men like nurturing women, and while the Cancer woman is queen of motherly nurturing to her loved ones, the big-hearted Pisces woman nurtures all life.

She would miss work to feed a litter of stray kittens and find them homes, which the Cancer man finds adorable.

He adores everything about her, from her kindness to her ethereal beauty.

The Cancer man, being another feminine sign, finds her energy soothing and agreeable.

Her femininity doesn’t come from her looks or how she dresses—and indeed, many Pisces women have a slight androgynous thing to their looks.

And it’s that intangible femininity that emanates from her gentle soul that the Cancer man is so wildly attracted to.

2. Her emotionality

couple looking out a window together with a quote about pisces and cancer zodiac signs being empathic

Both Pisces and Cancer are water signs, and water = intensity of emotion.

Cancer men are extremely in tune with Pisces women as they share that potent emotional connection.

Pisces and Cancer literally feel each other’s feelings.

And the Cancer man is addicted to that newfound discovery in a partner.

She’s deep as the ocean, and sensitive to everyone and everything around her.

Not only this, but the Crab senses how real he can be with her, and not be judged for his mood swings, which all water signs have.

He likes that he can be her rock, while being able to depend on mutual emotional support.

3. She casts her dreamy spell on him

Romantic and dreamy, the Pisces woman invites the Cancer male into her world.

She creates a fantasy for her lover where nothing else exists but their love and desire for each other.

And boy, does she know just the right things to say and how to shower the Cancerian in sweet, doting affection.

Usually, a Cancer man would be too guarded to let go of his inhibitions as he’s suspicious of a woman’s true intentions.

But as a romantic, he’s cautiously optimistic, and he senses no red flags with allowing himself to come under the Piscean’s spell.

The dream world holds much significance for the Cancer sign, so he feels compelled to explore the connection she provides to all things dreamlike and spiritual.

She leads him down the path, and there in their dreamlike bubble, they feel safe to explore the depths of their hearts.

4. She’s so mysterious

A little mystery goes a long way in attracting a Cancer man.

A Pisces woman doesn’t try to seem mysterious by keeping secrets and acting distant.

Rather, the Pisces woman is an enigma.

From her indirect and often poetic way of speaking to the subtle cues she uses to communicate, the Cancer man must be able to read between the lines if he wants her.

Fortunately, he’s very attuned to nuance and has a well-developed imagination that drives his curiosity about her.

For Cancer, there’s terrible excitement in what you don’t say.

His imagination runs wild with the Pisces woman’s coy looks, her bashful smile and lingering hand on his shoulder.

He can tell there’s more than meets the eye with her, and she easily has him enthralled.

5. Her mermaid hair

Pisces women have shiny, shimmery hair that flows in waves like the sea.

They tend to wear their hair in loose, flowing tresses, which the Cancer man loves.

Simple, pretty and begging to be touched.

Cancer men prefer that low maintenance, yet highly feminine type of look to the hair-sprayed, just-walked-out-of-the-salon type of hairdo.

6. Pisces women can read Cancer men’s minds

silhouette of a couple against a sunset with a quote about cancer and pisces understanding each other

Cancer is one of the top signs that feels misunderstood, and is deeply troubled by that.

Cancer men assume no one can read them or get underneath their layers, though they desperately wish someone would.

Well, that’s just what the Pisces woman does.

Pisces women are intuitive and psychic all on their own. But their intuitive abilities are on another level with Cancer men.

As compatible water signs, they simply get each other on a mental, emotional and spiritual wavelength.

It’s not uncommon for Pisces and Cancer to share the same dream and have the same idea at the same time.

Pisces and Cancer don’t need to explain themselves to each other.

Which the Cancer man appreciates—to him, there’s so much that just can’t be translated into words.

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7. He digs her quirkiness

Pisces women are quirky and unique.

It’s part of their charm, and what catches the attention of Cancer men.

The Cancer man finds the Piscean’s quirkiness sweet and innocent.

He’s reserved, introverted and feels a bit out of place in the world, so he feels excited about the Pisces woman’s fearlessness to be herself.

She wears what she wants, acts however she feels and is not shy about pursuing all of her unique interests.

This is just what the Cancer man needs to feel more comfortable in his own skin.

And he adores her for that.

8. Pisces is nonjudgmental

Cancer men hate feeling judged by others.

They will completely avoid someone if they feel in any way criticized or attacked.

That’s not the Piscean’s bag. Like the Divine Feminine energy she resonates with, she is accepting, tolerant and loving.

She appreciates him for who he is, with every fiber of her being, allowing the Cancer man to feel a type of intimacy he never thought possible.

9. She’s affectionate

Some zodiac signs can take or leave PDA, but Cancer loves it.

And so does the Pisces woman.

You can spot a Cancer man and Pisces woman couple from a mile away from the amount of hugging, cheek pecks and hands-on flirting they do.

A Pisces woman is sensual and flirts with physical touch, which drives the Cancer man wild with a lust that can rival the Scorpio’s.

Whether she’s holding his hand in public or pawing at him on the sofa, she never stops showing the Cancer man how much she desires him.

It makes him feel cared for, and keeps him burning with passion for her.

10. She lets him come to her

man and woman flirting close up with a quote about pisces woman and cancer man attraction

When it comes to a romantic relationship, a Pisces woman is not the most aggressive in courtship.

It’s not that she believes in traditional roles so much, but rather that she’s a little shy and would like to see a man prove he’s really interested in her.

You might think this would mean a reserved Cancer man and Pisces woman would never get together, but quite the opposite is true.

Her flirting emboldens the Cancer, while her bashfulness fuels his masculine urge to pursue her.

While a Cancer man doesn’t mind when a woman makes advances toward him, ultimately, he likes to be in control.

Making the Pisces woman’s come-and-get-me attitude is honey to the bee.

11. She’s carefree

A Pisces woman doesn’t worry so much like a Cancer.

As a mutable sign, she goes with the flow, and she seems to have absolutely no anxiety about that.

He may not understand how she can simply let things roll off her back where he more easily takes offense or starts to over-analyze.

But he certainly admires it.

As an ambitious cardinal sign with an entrepreneurial spirit, Cancer is used to having to dot all of his Is and cross his Ts to get what he wants.

Her relaxed energy is a good counterbalance for him, allowing him to let go and live in the moment more.

Under her influence, he may even release some of his neurotic worrying habits.

12. He melts for her compassionate heart

One thing a Cancerian is incredibly attracted to is a tender, caring woman like a Pisces.

She’s selfless and kind to animals and strangers, making the Crab’s hidden sensitive heart beat faster for her.

Cancers need plenty of compassion from a partner so they don’t shut down.

They lead with their emotions, but try not to show it for fear of getting hurt.

The Cancerian man knows that his Pisces woman, a natural empath, would never hurt him.

And she won’t tease him for his own sensitive nature, because she knows how it feels.

13. She’s vulnerable with him

Pisces have a tendency to suddenly and unexpectedly open up to you.

They try to be guarded, but they can’t help but be open and honest about themselves.

This is one reason Pisces tend to get hurt by others, but the Cancer man would never take this for granted.

To him, it’s a gift.

And it makes him feel safer showing his own vulnerable side, something a Cancer man has a very hard time doing.

14. He wants to swoop in and save her

There’s something fragile about a Pisces woman.

Pisces tend to be more susceptible to physical illness and exhaustion owing to the fact that they’re sponges for the emotional energy in a room.

And the Cancer man has a strong protective streak in him.

He is, in many ways, a traditionalist, preferring to fulfill the role of provider, protector and all around knight in shining armor.

And while the Pisces woman can certainly take care of herself, she does enjoy and encourage this aspect of him.

He’s not a macho type, though.

Rather, his stereotypical masculine tendencies translate to a supportive and nurturing caretaker role, which the Pisces woman much prefers, given her extreme independence.

So really, they’re perfect for each other.

15. She makes him think

With her strange and wonderful mind, Pisces is a well of completely original ideas.

Cancer men have a strong philosophical side, making them light up when someone wants to debate things like morals, ethics and existential topics of conversation.

So naturally, the Pisces’ tendency to rattle off thoughts and ideas that are different, somewhat zany and downright prophetic captivates him.

She makes him think in new, exciting ways that the cardinal sign Cancer will take and make more tangible.

He might turn one of her unique ideas into a bankable business.

That new quirky cat cafe downtown is totally a product of a Pisces’ dreaming and a Cancer’s entrepreneurial touch.

He sees her as a true genius, and she certainly keeps him on his toes.


What does Cancer love about Pisces?

Cancer loves that Pisces are just as emotional as they are.

They love the fact that they can be themselves without feeling judged for their sensitivity.

Cancer also loves the way Pisces is so laidback.

Pisces is like a more relaxed, less anxious version of Cancer, but with the same emotional depth and compassion.

Last but not least, Cancer loves how quirky Pisces is.

Cancers are, or at least feel, a bit odd themselves, so they’re very much attracted to the Piscean for all the ways that they’re different from everyone else.

Do Cancers fall in love with Pisces?

Oh yes, Cancers fall madly in love with Pisces.

These two zodiac signs easily fall for each other, given their strong emotional connection.

They have a very harmonious relationship, such that they very often feel like they’ve known each other in other lives.

“Soulmates” is the word that often comes up to describe how they feel about each other.

How do you know if a Cancer man likes you?

You know a Cancer man likes you if he’s super sweet and chivalrous around you.

Holding doors open for you, falling all over himself to do favors for you and getting a goofy grin on his face every time you come around.

If you see him at more parties than usual and are surprised because you thought he was an introvert, it’s most likely that he’s pushing himself to get out of his shell so he can be around you more.

He just wants to impress you and show you his fun, witty and charming side.

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Pisces woman and Cancer man sexually

Pisces woman and Cancer man are a steamy, dreamy match sexually.

They have a very healthy physical relationship where they feel free to express their deepest desires and passions.

This is especially healthy for the Cancer, who can be shy about exploring things like kink, even though he’s interested.

The Pisces woman, who is more exploratory, will gladly take him by the hand.

Sex for Pisces woman and Cancer man is romantic, extremely tender and erotic.

They prefer it slow and sensual, feeding each other’s sexual appetites so that they rarely want to leave the bedroom.

Cancer man Pisces woman love at first sight

The Pisces woman compatibility with the Cancer man is so intense, these love birds easily fall in love at first sight.

The Pisces Cancer relationship is a special one as these two signs are perfectly in sync from their shared water element.

There tends to be a bolt of lightning they feel when they meet each other.

It’s completely different from how they feel with other signs, which is why they believe they’re soulmates.

Pisces woman compatibility

A Pisces woman is compatible with the other two signs that share her watery element, Cancer and Scorpio.

She may also be compatible with a Pisces man, though she is less likely to hold an attraction to one of her own zodiac sign in the long run.

Other signs Pisces women are compatible with are Taurus, Capricorn and Virgo—but they’re highly compatible with the Taurus zodiac sign in particular.

Cancer man compatibility

Cancer compatibility tends to be with other water signs and earth signs.

In general, Cancer men are highly compatible in a romantic relationship with Pisces, Scorpio and other Cancers as well as Taurus, Capricorn and Virgo.

For a Cancer man, the best compatibility would be with a Pisces woman, Scorpio woman or Taurus woman.

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