20 Signs a Pisces Man Is Playing You (If He’s Done #10, It’s Over)

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Need to know if a Pisces man is just using you for a good time?

Here are the key signs a Pisces man is playing you:

  • He love bombs, then ditches you
  • He’s constantly dodging real emotional connection
  • He doesn’t want to swap any personal information
  • He’s often moody with you
  • He’s romantic in the sack, but a stranger outside of the bedroom
  • When it comes to other women, he’s hella shady and he lies

If a Pisces man isn’t taking you seriously, ask yourself—what have you done to prove you get him?

Because until you show him that understanding he craves, he’ll never be yours.

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Will a Pisces Guy Use You?

close up of a couple kissing on a bed with a quote about pisces males pretending to have feelings for you

As with everything when it comes to Pisces men, the answer is not simple.

Can a Pisces separate sex from emotion?

Yes, when he wants to. So yes, he’s capable of being a player. (A Pisces man is still a man!)

But if it seems like a Pisces man is playing games, usually it’s because he can’t make up his mind about you, or he’s not really ready for a relationship.

However, that won’t stop him from seeking comfort with you—at least temporarily.

The reality is, a Pisces man may not mean to use you.

In his mind, you may connect in the moment.

And in his own fantasy world, he’ll trick himself into feeling more for you when he needs someone to cuddle at night.

But the real test is how he acts on a consistent basis.

If he’s ghosting you, that’s the behavior you want to focus on.

And if you’re still not sure, there are plenty of signs he’ll drop that will show his true colors.

Below are both the subtle and the obvious signs a Pisces man is playing you, and that you might want to cut the cord.

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All the Signs a Pisces Man Is Playing You

1. He love bombs you, then disappears

couple lying on the grass with a quote about pisces guys not being ready for a relationship

Like we were saying above, the Pisces man is tricky because he can get his emotions involved, but still be playing you.

Classic example: He love bombs you, then disappears.

He was all over you, needing your attention constantly, saying mushy, lovey-dovey words—why?

Because it made him feel good.

A Pisces guy who is not ready for a relationship might still take it for a “test drive.”

The problem is, he could do that with any woman.

He just wants to feel like he’s in love, or that he has someone to adore him.

And when the time’s up, he moves on.

Maybe he’s met another woman, or maybe he just got cold feet when the spell broke.

And he’ll explain it with a simple, “I’m just really confused right now.”

Unfortunately, a Pisces man won’t understand the trail of broken hearts he leaves behind him until someone does it to him.

2. He avoids deep emotional connections

On the other hand, a Pisces man might totally avoid becoming emotionally invested if he’s not planning on sticking around.

That’s quite possible, given that he knows it’s hard for him to untangle himself from someone once he’s let them in.

If you feel like he’s emotionally unavailable, don’t believe for a second that he’s just a stoic man.

Pisces guys are very emotional, and they crave an emotional connection with a woman they truly want to be with.

If he won’t let you unload on him about your week, that’s a telltale sign he’s trying not to care about you.

Listen to your intuition—if it’s telling you he’s detached, take that as a warning.

3. He disconnects after sex

close up of a couple intimate in bed with a quote about Pisces man using you

Are you confused because the Pisces man is romantic in bed, but it’s like a switch flips the minute it’s over?

Even if it’s a one-night stand, the Pisces man needs tender affection.

Romance and fantasy rule his life. He enjoys playing the part of your caring boyfriend/red-hot lover between the sheets.

But if he acts like it never happened afterward, that’s a major red flag.

No cuddling, no flowers sent to your door, no romantic gestures whatsoever when you’re not in the throes of passion.

That, my friend, is how a Pisces man separates sex from emotion.

4. He doesn’t try to fix your problems

Along the same lines as trying to stay emotionally distant, a Pisces man who is using you won’t care about your troubles.

On the flip side, if he were really into you, he’d listen to you earnestly and offer thoughtful advice.

He’d be checking in on you, asking if you need his help.

His “savior” psychology would kick in, and he’d take it upon himself to make your problems easier to deal with.

So the fact that he’s not doing this, and, quite the opposite, seems to not care at all, speaks volumes about his emotional detachment.

5. He won’t spend time with you

lonely woman sitting alone on a bed and a quote about pisces man avoiding you

This is a somewhat simpler sign to decipher.

If a Pisces man doesn’t want to give you any of his precious free time, there’s a reason for that.

Many women who start relationships with Pisces men notice the opposite—how much one-on-one time the Pisces guys want.

Sometimes, a Pisces man will just need some “me” time and won’t call you for a few days.

And granted, Pisces are kind of flaky.

But it shouldn’t be like getting blood from a stone trying to make plans with him.

Is he always dodging you?

If he won’t commit to a time and date to hang out, your relationship is one-sided.

6. His personal life remains a total mystery to you

It’s true that Pisces men are super mysterious.

But if you know absolutely nothing real about the Pisces man you’re seeing after a few weeks or months?

Huge red flag.

We’re talking not knowing any of his goals, interests or the names of any of his friends.

He’s no less a relative stranger to you than the baristas at your local coffee shop.

He’s being extra secretive or withholding all information about his private life?

Then he knows he doesn’t have feelings for you and is just using you.

7. No PDA

No matter what you feel about it, Pisces is known to embrace PDA.

They live for love when they’re in it, and they have no qualms with getting mushy-gushy in front of everybody.

On the other hand, affection in the real world is an entirely different thing when the Pisces man doesn’t have feelings for you.

Once you step outside of that intimate space with him, the harsh light of truth makes him unable to ignore that he doesn’t feel real affection toward you.

So, hands off when you’re walking down the street together.

8. His body language is closed off

male with arms folded across his chest and a quote about pisces being closed off when not interested in you

A Pisces male will show a lot of what’s going on inside of him just through his body language.

If it’s cold and tense with his arms folded across his chest and his head pointed away from you much of the time, that’s not because he’s shy.

Even a shy Pisces man can show his interest through a more open body position toward you, leaning in when you talk and smiling and making eye contact.

There won’t be so much of that when he’s not that into you.

He might seem nice to you, but his body language says it all.

So watch closely when he seems like he’s drifting away from you and paying attention to everything else besides you.

That’s not how a Pisces man who really wants you acts.

9. His actions don’t match his words

Pisces men may have sweet, honeyed words for you.

They may speak of romance and tell you how much they enjoy spending time with you.

But when it comes down to it, they’re MIA.

More than any other man, the Pisces male can spin a lovely story full of half truths and partial truths:

“I really like spending time with you (but I don’t want a relationship with you).”

“You’re so beautiful (but you don’t really get me, so I don’t think it’s going to work out).”

(If you want to change his mind, we highly recommend practicing Anna Kovach’s tried-and-true techniques in Pisces Man Secrets.)

If he’s just not acting right according to how he makes it sound, you might be getting played.

10. He sees other women

Major red flag!

If you want clear signs a Pisces man is playing you, this one is crystal.

When a Pisces man is seeing multiple women at the same time, he’s playing all of them equally.

He’s not the kind of man to do a casual relationship that involves dating around for a while before committing.

On the contrary, when a Pisces man likes you, he focuses all of his energy on you to an intense, borderline obsessive degree.

Which means if he’s still open to meeting other ladies, he’s keeping you hooked because he knows you’ll stick around.

11. He’s often in a bad mood

Emotional, moody—these are words that can describe a Pisces man.

But grumpy?

If he’s a grump around you a good deal of the time, you’ve got to listen to the emotional messages he’s sending you.

That means that he’s uncomfortable with the closeness that you’re trying to foster with him.

And he’s uncomfortable with it because he doesn’t want any part of it.

In general, Pisces men are sensitive to the feelings of others and don’t like to hurt anyone.

But they can also weaponize their emotional nature in order to keep you at bay.

When he feels he can be sour, negative and act like you’re dragging him down, that’s some very childish behavior coming from an un-evolved Pisces man who doesn’t really care about your feelings.

12. He makes minimal effort to get to know you

Normally, when you’re dating a Pisces man, he’ll dive right into your world.

He would want to know you on an intimate, psychological level. Discover your deepest fears, hopes and dreams.

On the other hand, if he makes absolutely no effort to find out who you are on the inside, that’s not good.

It means he’s already created a “character” for you to play in his mind when he’s with you.

And like fictional characters in a book, they go away once he closes it.

He’s compartmentalized you in his life, and he doesn’t want to know any more about you.

13. He acts shady

man taking shirt off in front of webcam with a quote about pisces man acting shady while dating you

Many women complain that Pisces men act shady.

And while they certainly can, it’s not a fact across the board of all Pisces man behavior.

But it is typical of a Pisces man playing you.

He might keep his online dating profile, but downplay it like he’s not looking.

And he only seems to have a very specific time and place that you can meet (hello, side chick), and everything is on his terms.

14. He’ll still text you even after you catch him out with another woman

Yeah. This happens.

And he tries to say she’s just a friend.

The Pisces man is so deluded that he thinks he can ‘splain his way back into your good graces (and your bed) after you’ve literally caught him on a date with another woman.

At a restaurant. In fancy dress.

This shows that he seriously lacks respect for you.

If it weren’t already clear that he was playing games, this is the straw that broke the camel’s back.

15. He won’t tell you the truth

It’s weird how much stuff the Pisces man will lie about.

If he feels no need to prove himself trustworthy, he’ll lie about everything from what he had for breakfast to the name of the street he grew up on.

And you can bet, he won’t tell you the truth about where he was last night.

You may catch him in lie after lie, but there will be no resolution on his part to be honest with you going forward.

It’s like he thinks you’ll keep falling for it—or he’s just trying to keep you separate from his real life.

16. He calls you his friend

Have you noticed that he continues to introduce you to everyone as his friend?

Not only this, but he calls you his friend when referring to your “situation” to your face.

That’s a subtle hint he’s dropping and hoping that you’ll pick up on.

He wants you to be aware that this is not a serious relationship for him, even if he enjoys your company.

17. He doesn’t seem to care if you break plans with him

Sure, Pisces men are easy-going.

You can reschedule a date without having to fear that you’ll never hear from them again because they get that things come up.

But that doesn’t mean the Pisces man shouldn’t care at all if you cancel plans.

Because if that’s the case, you’re more of a distant thought to him than anything else.

He may not even reply when you text, “I’m so sorry, something came up and I have to reschedule our date tonight. Is that OK?”

But he’ll sure text you next time he wants a booty call.

18. He’s never spoken about the future

man ignoring woman on a date with a quote about pisces man not talking about the future with you

As a daydreamer, the Pisces likes to imagine the future with his romantic interest.

He’ll play out dozens of scenarios in his mind while trying to figure out if a woman is worth spending a lifetime with.

Of course, if he has no interest in pursuing a relationship, he’ll make it a point to dodge any conversation attempts about what’s ahead for you.

There are no future plans with you discussed. Not even when you’ll see him next.

If he’s just moment to moment with you, chances are, he’s not sure himself if he’ll see you again.

19. You don’t get special treatment

As we’ve mentioned before, the Pisces man is hyper attentive and romantic when he wants to woo a woman.

He’s not like the Aquarius man, who will treat you like he treats all of his friends to a certain degree, even if he has a crush on you.

So when a Pisces man makes no real time for you, gives no special attention and serves up the same tired compliments that he gives to any female around him, take heed.

20. He treats you like a stranger

You’ve hung out before and everything has gone great. You thought you had a good thing going.

But he continues to act like you don’t exist.

He doesn’t call or text, except when he wants something from you.

And when you bump into him in public, he pretends he didn’t see you.

Remember, Pisces men like to stay in their fantasy worlds, where they can play the part of Romeo if it makes them feel good for a while.

But pop that bubble and he’s back to being himself, trying hard to slink away and not take any responsibility for the very real feelings he’s cultivated in you.


If a Pisces man tries to love bomb you, play mind games or emotionally quarantine you from his private life, use extreme caution.

A Pisces guy is confusing to read, but if he likes you, he will stick around and be fairly consistent with his affection and attention.

And if he’s using you, he’ll create a beautiful lie until he’s ready to move on.

Some of the signs a Pisces man is playing you are subtle—like when he avoids talking about the future with you and seems shady, but you can’t quite put your finger on it.

Don’t ignore your instincts!

When in doubt, ask a Pisces man if he’s truly into you.

If he is, he’ll be honest and straightforward about that.

But if he’s playing games, he’ll worm his way out of answering the question so he doesn’t have to confront the reality that he’s just stringing you along, hurting you the whole way.

Pisces Men FAQ

How does a Pisces man test a woman?

A Pisces man will test your emotional intelligence, maturity, controlling tendencies as well as how well you fit into his life.

Pisces man tests include:

  • The hot/cold Pisces man test
  • Sudden silent treatment
  • Trying to push your boundaries
  • Introducing you to his best friends
  • Exposing you to his mood swings

If you’re curious about how to pass his tests, check out How Does a Pisces Man Test You?

How do you know if a Pisces man is losing interest?

If a Pisces man is losing interest, he’ll try to make it really apparent without having to tell you directly.

He’ll start to distance himself slowly, so you barely notice until he’s gone.

He’ll start dodging your calls and texts.

When you do hang out, he’ll passive-aggressively ignore you, playing video games instead of paying attention to you.

Overall, he’ll do his best to be unavailable to you until you get the hint.

Can Pisces man do friends with benefits?

Short answer, yes, a Pisces man can be your friend with benefits.

But it’s probably not going to last long.

Ultimately, what a Pisces man wants and needs is real love.

And while he might classify it as “loving” you as a friend (while also sleeping together), at some point he’s going to meet someone who really strikes his fancy, or want more from you.

Enjoy it while it lasts, but don’t expect it to go on for years!

What makes a Pisces man upset?

Carelessness with his feelings makes a Pisces man upset.

He’s so emotional and sensitive, it does take some finesse learning how to talk to him without offending him.

You can’t make jokes at his expense or drag him, an introvert, out to a loud bar when he was planning on spending the night in.

And if you call him too sensitive, ignore his feelings or try to blow him off when he gets upset, he’ll end up holding a mean grudge.

Which zodiac sign is Pisces man most compatible with?

Fellow water sign Cancer or Scorpio makes the most perfect match for a Pisces man.

A Pisces woman could also be a great match, as long as the two of them don’t get too flaky or emotional on each other.

Pisces men are also compatible with earth signs Taurus especially, as well as Capricorn.

How do Pisces act when they are in love?

Pretty goofy.

Pisces act like they’re walking on clouds when they’re in love.

It’s super obvious to everyone around them.

They talk about the person they love all the time, they clearly look up to them and they’re always thinking of ways to be kind and generous to their lover.

How do you know if a Pisces man is serious about you?

When a Pisces man falls in love, he’s all in.

You know a Pisces man wants a serious relationship when he starts acting like you’re married already.

Trying to take care of all the little things for you.

Not considering any life changes without making sure you fit in.

Another sign is that all of the people close to him will know that he’s completely committed to you.

Which is huge, because the Pisces man’s inner circle is everything to him.

What is a Pisces love language?

Being a sign of selflessness and service, you can bet that a Piscean’s love language is acts of service.

At the end of the day, actions always speak louder than words to a Pisces.

But also, they’ll communicate their love with physical touch and quality time.

Pisces are kind of a mixed bag of love languages.

Just don’t overlook what they do (or sacrifice) for you!

Signs a Pisces man is sexually attracted to you

You can tell a Pisces man is sexually attracted to you when he gets touchy-grabby.

However, he’ll only ever do so once you’ve made it abundantly clear that’s what you want.

He’ll also be eager to get you alone for long, deep conversations where you can just mind-meld.

That means he’s into your brain, which also means he’s into your body.

If you’re ready to understand a Pisces man so you can capture his heart, we highly recommend Anna Kovach’s guide Pisces Man Secrets.

If you ever wanted to know:

  • The one thing he can’t live without in a relationship
  • Why you miscommunicate with Pisces men and how to stop
  • How to handle the slippery fish when he tries to swim away
  • How to prove you’re his soulmate

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