Top 5 Scorpio Man Pisces Woman Problems (Don’t Ignore #3!)

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What could go wrong in a relationship between a Scorpio man and Pisces woman?

Keep reading, because the truth is eye-opening.

Here are the top five Scorpio man, Pisces woman problems:

  • These sensitive zodiac signs may walk on eggshells around each other
  • Scorpio craves control, Pisces has weak boundaries
  • Their passion may ultimately consume them
  • Pisces woman doesn’t deal like the Scorpio’s possessiveness
  • Scorpio man may feel played if Pisces is not straightforward with him

A relationship with a Scorpio man doesn’t have to be volatile.

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What’s Wrong With a Pisces and Scorpio Relationship?

There is nothing inherently “wrong” with a Pisces and Scorpio romantic relationship.

Being water signs, Pisces and Scorpio are actually quite complementary in many ways.

They identify with each other because they are both emotional, deep and mysterious, and they form a strong bond quickly.

But the expression of their signs’ core themes can have them clashing in ways that can trouble their relationship.

The Scorpio zodiac sign revolves around themes of power, control, mysticism, passion, sexuality and transformation.

Pisces is about themes of selflessness, martyrdom, idealism, illusion and creativity.

Pisces may be too trusting and lacking in self-preservation to know when they’re in an unhealthy power dynamic with Scorpio.

And Scorpio may feel strung along, even played, seduced by the fantasy that turns into a hall of mirrors. 

We’ll dive into the nuances of the Pisces-Scorpio relationship problems below.

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Top 5 Scorpio Man Pisces Woman Problems

1. They’re like raw nerves underneath

On a surface level, Scorpio men seem more stoic than anything, but the absolute opposite is true.

That hardened outside is just a cover to keep anyone who might hurt them away. The truth is, Scorpio men are just as sensitive as Pisces women.

And while their mutual sensitivity can have some amazing perks in how they relate to each other, it can also burden their communication.

When Pisces hurts Scorpio’s feelings, the Scorpio will try hard not to show it. He’ll ice the Pisces woman out, making her feel worse.

The Pisces woman will beat herself up about it, yet not know how to break through the Scorpio’s wall.

And boy, can the Scorpio man hold a grudge.

And yet, the Scorpio man might find himself walking on eggshells not to upset his Pisces woman.

Pisces is easily tossed about in tempestuous emotional waters.

And in truth, both of these water signs can struggle to leave their hurts behind. 

Their sensitivity can also make it difficult to talk about things that need to be discussed for fear of the other taking it the wrong way.

So they may choose to sweep their issues under the rug.

2. Uneven power dynamics

Scorpio men have issues with power and control, often driven by complex feelings of jealousy and a fear of being cheated out of something.

The more evolved Scorpios will have transformed themselves and gained a spiritual ability to help others do the same.

But when a Scorpio male is stuck in the lower expression of his sign, he can be manipulative, persuasive and ruthless in getting what he wants. Regardless of the consequences.

This is when Scorpio men end up cheating on their partners, something more evolved Scorpios are too loyal to do.

The Pisces woman is gentle, empathetic and not so great at setting boundaries.

She will willingly put blinders on so she can see the best in her Scorpio lover.

If he ends up manipulating or controlling her, she doesn’t have a great defense against it and may stay too long in the relationship for love.

This may also be when the Pisces’ martyr tendencies kick in. She’ll give all her energy to the Scorpio, which he will have no problem continuing to take.

If she’s not careful, she’ll end up losing her sense of self completely.

3. All that passion can become volatile

Both emotional and passionate, Scorpio man and Pisces woman fall madly in love with each other.

The Pisces woman wants to give everything to the Scorpio man, and he craves a love like no other.

Their passion makes for fireworks in the bedroom.

But at some point, all that intensity has a cost.

If they don’t learn to balance their romantic relationship, their burning passion will consume it.

They become obsessive, and soon enough they start to fight.

Pisces has just as much of a penchant for manipulating as Scorpio, and the two end up going down an unhealthy path driven by jealousy and need.

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4. The possessive Scorpio man

Ask any ex of a Scorpio man, and they’ll tell you that he has a major possessive streak.

Still, the Pisces woman is hypnotized, drawn in by the Scorpion’s promise of passion and deep emotional connection.

At some point, the Scorpion’s jealousy can start to make the Pisces woman feel suffocated. 

People mistake Pisces’ devotion as neediness and lack of independence, but they actually need lots of space from their partner, and their alone time respected.

And it’s not until later in a relationship, when a Pisces woman feels it’s worth it, does she throw herself into it, come hell or high water.

But the Scorpio reveals his possessive tendencies early on.

He gets jealous if she’s not paying him enough attention.

And the Pisces woman, being sensitive to energetic communication, can tell what’s happening without him saying a word.

He’ll try to influence the Pisces woman and punish her emotionally for “betraying” him if she doesn’t play by his rules.

All of which the free-as-a-bird Pisces woman doesn’t have time for.

5. Pisces woman may inadvertently toy with the Scorpio man

Pisces women come under the influence of Neptune, the planet of illusion.

It manifests in their personalities as a dreamy quality, and they tend to escape into fantasies rather than deal with the real world when it suits them.

The problem with this when it comes to a relationship with the Scorpio man is that it drives him crazy.

He’s desperate to find something real. 

At first, the Scorpio, who has an addictive need to be in love, follows the sweet promise of romance and connection with the idealistic Pisces woman.

But it may turn sour if the Scorpio man starts questioning whether it was all a delusion as he starts seeing inconsistencies in her behavior.

And she can be frustratingly flaky.

It’s not helped by the fact that the Pisces has a complicated relationship with truth. Ever the people pleaser, she will tell someone what they want to hear.

This backfires with the Scorpio, who detests lies and facades.

If he feels he’s been lied to, it will trigger his suspicious nature, and thus begins a downward spiral that is difficult to come back from.

Though she may not mean it, the Pisces woman may end up messing with the Scorpio man’s mind a little bit, breaking his trust.

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What does Scorpio man think about Pisces woman?

The Scorpio man senses that the Pisces woman is sensitive and loving.

This draws him to her as the Scorpio man has a strong urge to merge with his lover.

He wants to feel a love so profound, it’s transformational. 

And he feels the compassionate, gentle Pisces woman can give that to him.

How do Scorpios act around Pisces?

A Scorpio may act more self-controlled around a Pisces at first to suss them out.

But as a fixed sign, Scorpio does not change much around others.

However, the Pisces can bring out the romantic in Scorpio quite easily, making the Scorpio seem a little gentler and sappier than usual.

How to make a Scorpio man fall in love with a Pisces woman?

If a Pisces woman wants a Scorpio man to fall in love with her, she should lean into her emotional connection with him.

Don’t be shy about it.

Scorpio man has no problem coming on strong when he feels it, so you’re not going to scare him away, Pisces.

Open up to him and let him see your vulnerability.

If you can, try not to jump into a physical relationship too soon as the Scorpio man.

Loyalty is also key, so demonstrate to the Scorpio man when he tests you that he’s your one and only.

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What happens when you break a Scorpio’s heart?

If you break a Scorpio’s heart, you’re probably not going to get back together with them.

Scorpios can hold lifelong grudges, and they’re also vengeful.

A Scorpio may try to get back at you by flaunting a new relationship in front of you or generally giving you a hard time.

And they will lord the pain you caused them over you if you come crawling back to apologize.

Do Pisces like toxic relationships?

It’s not that Pisces like toxic relationships, but Pisces do find themselves in them more often than other signs.

The reason is that Pisces struggle to draw firm boundaries, and look the other way when others overstep their bounds.

They would rather escape into their dream worlds, or even drugs or alcohol, than confront the painful truth.

Pisces may also choose the wrong relationship to sacrifice themselves, where their partner is not truly worthy.

Pisces embrace ideals of universal love, compassion and forgiveness, but on a personal relationship level, these ideals don’t always serve them well as they are not balanced by self-preservation.

Can a Scorpio handle a Pisces?

Scorpio is well-equipped to handle a Pisces.

They share a bond unlike most, and their emotional depths keep them enthralled with each other.

Scorpio, being a fixed water sign, is also good at holding Pisces in place emotionally.

This is a comfort to Pisces, who can get quite anxious and worked up with their imagination running wild.

What attracts a Scorpio man to a Pisces woman?

A Scorpio man is attracted to a Pisces woman’s profound emotionalism.

She makes him feel special and cared for, and gives him that sense that they could be a storybook romance.

She doesn’t hold back in her expressions of affection and desire, which the Scorpio finds alluring.

He also likes that she’s a little shy. It wins him over and makes him believe she’s maybe more trustworthy than average.

Not to mention the Pisces woman’s mystique—the Scorpion just cannot resist a good mystery.

Scorpio man Pisces woman pros and cons

Scorpio man/Pisces woman pros:

  • They share an intimate emotional bond
  • Their relationship is steamy and sexually satisfying
  • Scorpio man provides a tether for the Pisces woman’s emotional swings
  • Pisces woman offers the Scorpio man unconditional love, which he wants

Scorpio man/Pisces woman cons:

  • The Scorpio man can become too controlling for the Pisces woman
  • Both signs may try to manipulate each other
  • Their passion may turn to obsession and jealousy
  • The Pisces woman may burn the Scorpio man with her wishy-washiness 

If you want your relationship with a Scorpio man to stand the test of time, invest in your knowledge of his sign.

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