Can Taurus Man Marry Taurus Woman? (Yes. Here’s the Good & the Bad)

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Can Taurus man marry Taurus woman, or will it end in tears?

Here’s the quick answer:

  • A Taurus couple have the right traits in common to create marriage bliss, but it still takes work
  • These two are dedicated and will not likely get divorced
  • They’ll need to manage their own stubbornness to avoid fights

Unfortunately, Taurus men will put off marriage for lots of reasons, from getting too comfortable to simply not being sure yet.

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Can Taurus Man Marry Taurus Woman?

Is Taurus and Taurus a good match?

Yes, Taurus and Taurus make an excellent match.

They both want the same things: commitment, stability, a comfortable home and a family of their own.

Taurus is a fixed sign, which gives Tauruses the ability to see things through.

Some Tauruses assume they’re too hard-headed to work as a couple, but the reality is that they have what it takes to work together to make their dreams come true.

No matter what comes their way, divorce is not usually in the cards for them.

With two Tauruses in a marriage, you get one of the strongest commitments of any match in the entire zodiac.

Why Taurus men and Taurus women are attracted to each other

At first, Taurus women are very attracted to Taurus men’s rough-edged masculinity. 

They themselves are usually highly feminine, which equally attracts the Taurus man.

Both being intensely sensual people, their physical connection is passionate and intense.

As homebodies, being with each other is instantly familiar and comforting.

They’re both straightforward and like to leave the head games at the door, which allows them to form trust early on.

Neither will try to make each other jealous. They both know how to handle each other’s possessiveness and show the other their complete devotion.

Why the marriage works

When a Taurus man and Taurus woman say, “Til death do us part,” they take it extremely seriously.

They’re strong people with an incredible amount of patience for each other’s flaws.

When they make decisions together, whether about money, family or career, they stick to them and don’t look back.

This allows their marriage to move forward and creates the security they both need so much.

The Taurus woman wants an excellent provider who will be a good, responsible father to her children. And this is what she will get in her Taurus man.

As for loyalty, Taurus is loyal to the ends of the earth. Neither spouse will cheat.

And since they’re both Tauruses, they understand how the other works in a way other signs don’t.

They can sense when to give the other space and when to give them affection.

Not to mention they know what the other wants in bed and how to give it to them. 

Both Taurus husband and wife like to have luxuries, a beautiful home and plenty of vacations, so they’ll work hard and do what they need to do to make that happen.

This is a partnership where two people truly want the same things and support each other all the way.

Taurus woman and Taurus man in bed

With their lusty libidos and constant pleasure-seeking, their intimate life will surely not suffer.

Two Tauruses take a huge amount of enjoyment from both giving and receiving pleasure, so this part of their sex life is very balanced.

They like what they like—neither is going to get very adventurous.

However, this is OK by them!

These two can stay in bed for days together.

They like things like scented candles, soft lighting and expensive sheets on their skin.

Some steamy shower sex and making love outdoors can be what this couple needs to keep it exciting.

Taurus man and Taurus woman marriage problems

Both husband and wife stick to their decisions, which can be a huge advantage for them. But if they happen to disagree, it’s hard to find a compromise.

These are the Bulls of the zodiac, the most stubborn of them all.

Neither one likes to back down. A fight can go on for days. Or weeks.

Another potential issue is that Taurus men can slack on the housework front. Which can irritate the Taurus woman, especially if he expects her to do it.

Which can lead to a fight…

Because the male and female Bulls hate change, they’ll often tolerate a lot of emotional stress before they’re ready to do something about it.

So when it comes to marital problems, they can end up ignoring them.

Communication without shutting down is of the utmost importance for this marriage’s success.

If you need to work on your communication, it helps to get inside a Taurus man’s mind first, which Anna Kovach can show you in Taurus Man Secrets.

What Tauruses need to work on for a strong marriage

They need to learn how to compromise in an argument and not just try to win.

When they go head-to-head, someone has to back down from a fight.

It may feel like letting the other “win,” but the alternative is to let arguments get so far out of hand that they end up resenting each other in the long term.

They shouldn’t ignore challenges that come up in their marriage since that can make bad feelings fester.

They must use their incredible willpower to get issues resolved as quickly and as calmly as possible.

This is something they’re both capable of, if that’s what they put their minds to.


When two Tauruses get hitched, it’s like two best friends getting married.

Being of the same sign, they have so much in common that they feel like two halves of a whole.

As for the stubborn streak that runs through them, they can’t both be the charging bull.

They have to remain open so that compromises can be reached and disagreements can end in peace.

When they both want the same thing, there’s no stopping this couple. They will make it happen.

This is the ideal pair to build the type of life they want together, from material comforts to a beautiful family.

Other Taurus Man/Taurus Woman Questions

How can a Taurus woman attract a Taurus man?

A Taurus man loves the feminine qualities of a woman, which a Taurus woman has in spades.

She also makes sure she smells good at all times, another thing that will grab a Taurus man’s attention.

Flirting is a must.

He needs to be able to see with his own eyes that a woman is into him.

Here are tips on how to flirt with a Taurus man to get him hooked.

Are Taurus good kissers?

Tauruses are known as deep, passionate kissers.

If that’s your style, then yes, they’re very good kissers!

They’ll give you the kind of kiss that will leave you dizzy from all the romance.

Kissing is something they need plenty of, along with cuddling.

Does Taurus fall in love fast?

No, Tauruses take their time falling in love.

They need time to trust someone enough to give them access to their hearts.

Don’t expect to get lovey-dovey with a Taurus for some time.

If you want a Taurus man to see you as The One, a guide like Taurus Man Secrets is your secret weapon.

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