How to Get a Taurus Man to Marry You (5 Relationship Rules)

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When you’ve got wedding fever, make no bones about it. It’s time to take your relationship with your Taurus gentleman to the next level. Here’s how to get a Taurus man to marry you.

When Will He Pop the Question?

Honestly, your Taurus isn’t in a rush. About anything. You might think that years of smooth relationship sailing would mean that a proposal is imminent. But Taurus might just be in his comfort zone, and it can be tough to convince him to leave it. Hey, it’s cozy in there.

What’s the Taurus comfort zone? Familiarity. This is a sign that adores routine. Hates change.

But he can take some change—like moving from boyfriend/girlfriend to husband/wife—if convinced that the good stuff isn’t going to go away.

The first step is to get him to commit to a long-term relationship, something that Taurus men are naturally inclined to do with a suitable significant other.

When will he get down on one knee? It may take longer than you’d like, to be honest. But rest assured that it doesn’t alter his commitment to you once it’s made.

Nevertheless, if you’re working on speeding things up a bit, there are some key moves on your part.

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How to Get a Taurus Man to Marry You

If you’re struggling with a Taurus man who hasn’t shown any signs of thinking about a future with wedding bells in it, the best way forward is to make sure you really know your Taurus man. Like on a level that’s so deep that he isn’t even aware of his own instinctual motivations.

A guide like Anna Kovach’s Taurus Man Secrets can really come in handy in this instance.

It’s a comprehensive breakdown of everything you ever wanted to know about Taurus men and how to put you in control of where your relationship is headed.

In general, there are some pointers I can give you that every Taurus man under the sun will respond to, whether on the surface or under it.

Make Your Desires Clear

If you’ve been waiting for a long time to hear the magic words but you haven’t dropped any hints, it may be time to start.

In relationships, Tauruses are pretty simple creatures. Their wants are for security, loyalty and easy-going partners, and they can roll with that for years. If they don’t know that you’re not as comfortable as they are with everything staying the same, their time frames may be eons longer than yours.

You don’t have to tiptoe around it. You can tell him what you envision for your future together. The worst that could happen is that he’ll say that he isn’t ready for that or that he doesn’t see it happening. But hey, at least you’ll know for sure.

Nurture Him

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I see a pattern with the married Taurus men I’ve met. When I meet their significant others, they typically turn out to be nurturing personality types. It may not be apparent on the surface to outsiders, but it’s definitely there.

Taurus guys love feeling loved and cared for by their partners. They want to know that you’re there for them 24/7—that you’ll always be there down the line if they start thinking about marriage.

If you’re trying to figure out how to get a Taurus man to marry you, do your brand of nurturing, whatever that is. Whether you love to cook for your partner (which will earn you an A+ from Taurus), you take care of organizing the schedule-type stuff or you know when to buy your significant other fresh new socks, your Taurus man will log it away.

Give Him Time

If you’ve heard me say it before, it’s because it’s so dang important to remember: Tauruses are not fast to act. 

They’re like the opposite of Aries in that way. While the Ram is often charging full speed ahead before he even knows what’s what, the Bull isn’t running toward a damn thing. If anything, he’s making his way verrrry slowly, one step at a time.

Since Taurus hates feeling pushed into something, allowing him to do things on his own time is crucial. You can place your faith in the fact that when the Taurus settles his mind on something, that’s it. Nothing is going to stand in the way of that decision. If it involves wedding bells, you can expect a proposal ASAP.

So take comfort in knowing that your patience is not wasted!

Skip the Drama

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Have you ever heard the phrase “Save the drama for your mama?” If there’s one thing that makes a Taurus man skeptical about the longevity of your relationship, it’s drama. Tauruses don’t have any interest in starring in their own soap operas.

If you feel that high-highs and low-lows are the mark of a passionate connection, you may be barking up the wrong tree with a Taurus. This guy wants calm waters, and he’s not willing to go through frequent storms to get to the pretty sunrises afterward.

Try to keep arguing to a minimum and never intentionally rile him up. And of course, don’t do stuff like talk about your exes…or hang out with your exes.

Earn his trust and devotion by being the person he can always count on.

Make Sure His Family Likes You

It’s never a bad idea to get in with the Taurean’s family.

Next to Cancer, this is one sign that places a great value on family. In fact, it’s common to meet Taurus men who know that they want kids someday, and many know at an early age.

When your Taurus sees you as a natural extension of his own family, it’s not a huge leap to the next step. On that note, maintaining a good relationship with anyone close to the Taurus will work in your favor, friends included.

If you’re looking for a detailed analysis of the Taurus man’s psyche to learn exactly how to move your relationship forward, give Taurus Man Secrets a read-through. You’ll be an expert in no time.

Get the guide here.

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