How to Make a Leo Man Jealous (4 Tips to Do It Right)

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If a Leo man has been hot and cold with you, there are simple ways to get back on his radar.

Here’s how to make a Leo man jealous:

  • Limit the attention you give him
  • Go out with the girls
  • Post some selfies that will give him food for thought

Leo men are actually one of the easiest to make jealous. But it’s a slippery slope on the path to mistrust and heartbreak if you’re not careful.

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Check out the guide above or read on to find out how to make him green with envy.

Do Leo Men Get Jealous?


As much as they hate to admit it, Leos get jealous often.

Leos, like their symbol the lion, are territorial. They don’t like anyone stepping in and taking what they feel is theirs.

When a Leo man likes a woman romantically, he wants to be the only star in her universe.

Maybe you want to test his feelings for you. Or you want him to realize that he’s going to lose you if he doesn’t get his act together.

Whatever the case is, these tips below will definitely make your Leo guy pay attention.

But first, a quick warning: These tips are for when you’re first starting out with your Leo man and you’re not in a committed relationship yet.

Don’t play games once you’re a couple! He’ll feel betrayed and it will likely drive him away.

Now, on to the tips…

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How to Make a Leo Man Jealous

Flirt with other men

There’s no way she finds him more interesting than me.

This will be the thought of a Leo man when he sees you talking to another guy.

Leos really think the world revolves around them and can’t imagine anyone else being as fascinating as them.

If you’re flirting with other men, he is not going to be happy.

He doesn’t understand how you can give your time and attention to anyone else besides him.

When you’re talking to the another guy make sure you are being attentive and genuinely engrossed in the conversation.

The Leo man won’t be able to take it and will have to find a way to get your attention.

Go out with your girls and post it on social media

One of the most effective ways to get the Leo’s mind racing is when you’re out for a girl’s night.

When I say racing, he’s thinking of everything you could be doing at the moment.

Is she flirting with other guys? Do the guys think she’s hot?

These are the types of questions he’s thinking about.

And he’ll start thinking about how the attention you’re getting should be reserved for him…

After Instagramming pics of you and your crew on the dance floor, you may find that you’re suddenly bombarded with messages like What are you up to tonight?

You can bet he’ll make sure you don’t leave him out next time.

Keep yourself busy 

Just because he calls you and asks you to go out Friday night doesn’t mean you will be available.

You already planned to have drinks with your best friend.

If you have been super open lately, back off on your availability.

Show him you have a life of your own and you won’t always be accessible.

When he calls or texts, finish what you’re doing first and then get back to him. 

He won’t like being pushed to the side and will suddenly start being more available to you.

Post sexy selfies

When you’re looking good and feeling good about yourself, post your pics to Instagram, Snapchat and wherever he follows you or where people he knows do.

When he sees all the heart emojis you’re getting from other guys, it’ll ignite his passion.

He can’t stand the fact that other guys are seeing what he wants for himself.

If you want him to be loyal to only you, you need to learn more about what drives his desire and emotions.

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