How to Make a Cancer Man Want You (6 Simple Tips You Should Know)

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Ready to stop eyeing your sexy Cancer man from afar and get this shy guy’s attention? Here’s how to make a Cancer man want you in little ways you may not have thought of.

What Cancer Men Desire

Beneath that shy exterior is a deeply passionate man. 

But there’s a caveat to accessing that passion for yourself since it’s ignited in a very specific way.

It’s through his emotions and psychology that desire—and the motivation to act on it—take root.

man and woman on a motorcycle with a quote about a Cancer man looking for love

Emotionally, he’s like a raw nerve in the wind. Only, that’s all on the inside, and you’ll likely miss it while he displays a strongly masculine, even stoic exterior. 

So he needs someone who’s in tune with their feelings and can share them with him. That makes him comfortable sharing his feelings, too, which he will naturally do with the person he has that special emotional connection with.

He’s ever on the quest to find the yin to his yang. Notably, he’s drawn to feminine women who complement his masculine aesthetic.

But you’re not going to be able to just toss your hair and tell him about your big heart. You have to understand what’s going on in his mind on a subconscious level.

From his perspective, he’s a chivalrous type (and indeed he actually is). 

He’s modest, compassionate and deeply caring, but he’s also deeply distrustful of others’ intentions.

Sometimes that stems from having been hurt in the past, but it’s also just part of his astrological DNA. 

The soft crab only has his hard shell to protect him, after all. Understanding this is a big step in the right direction if you want to coax him out of his shell.

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How to Make a Cancer Man Want You

So, how to make a cancer man want you is not so much about turning on the sexy and more about proving that you’re the kind of gal he can invest his feelings in.

What he wants is someone he can trust, but also someone he can be the knight in shining armor for. You’ve got to be someone he could see spending a lot of time with, maybe even the rest of his life with if things work out.

How, you ask?

Here are some tips…

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Compliment him on a personal level.

woman drinking coffee smiling at a man with a quote about complimenting a Cancer man

Everyone likes to feel wanted and appreciated by others. But be warned that shallow compliments will work against you with a Cancer man.

To be on the safe side, save the usual ones that have done the trick in the past at home. Identify something unique about him to complement. Pick something that demonstrates your appreciation of him as a person and not just a great set of abs (though throwing something in something about his ocean blue eyes is not off limits…).

Remember that Cancer guys value their kindness and compassion. If you know he volunteers some of his time at an animal shelter, tell him how much you admire that.

Or you can tell him that you feel really good around him because he has such a warm, relaxing presence.

Your compliment should be something that you really mean. Disingenuous compliments will be sniffed out and he will politely dismiss them.

Low-key flirt with him.

How else can you let someone know that you’re into them if you don’t flirt a little? With a Cancer man, more subtle flirting is the right way to do it.

Cancer people are not about really direct behavior. They prefer to approach things at an angle, you could say.

By subtle, I mean not using really bold language with him that might make him feel put on the spot. Definitely make it clear that you’re attracted to him, but in a softer way.

It’s good to know that Cancers are highly sensitive to physical touch. So a gentle touch on his shoulder while you lean in to tell him something communicates quite loudly to him.

Ask him for help with something.

mans hand helping a woman climb up a rock with a quote about letting a Cancer man help

The Cancer man wants to be the one to take care of little things for you. While you slay at your job, he’ll rub your back when you get home. He’ll fix the leaky pipes under your sink and pick up your favorite ice cream flavor at the store when you’ve got a craving. 

Ideally, the Cancer guy’s partner will be strong and self-sufficient—letting him do these little “jobs” for you is not about relying on him to take care of you. The Cancer man wants a relationship in which you take care of each other.

But if you’re just getting started wooing him, that’ll come later (check out How to Make a Cancer Man Happy for tips on important relationship maintenance with a Cancer guy).

For now, just know that by letting him help, you’re validating his nurturing side, a significant aspect of a Cancer’s personality.

Confide in him.

Creating a bond between the two of you can be as simple as sharing things with him. If you find yourself talking one-on-one undistracted, it’s OK to steer the conversation in a personal direction.

While you can’t expect him to spill his guts the first time you have an intimate chat like this, you’ll be appealing to his emotional nature and giving him the green light to confide in you in return.

You’ve got to remember—Cancer guys’ attraction is wrapped up in their emotions.

Sharing yours is pretty darn hot to them!

Let him be chivalrous.

This man really wants to hold doors open for others. He’s the kind of guy who gets a deep sense of satisfaction from little acts like these. They give him a sense of purpose.

Today, male chivalry is looked at through a wide variety of perspectives. Some women feel that it’s too old-fashioned to fit into the modern world while others feel it could be stronger.

For Cancer men, chivalry is most certainly not dead. If you let him hold doors open for you and walk you to your car, it will give him that satisfaction that he craves.

That’s how to get a Cancer man in a subtle but highly effective way.

Take it slow.

woman with her arms around a mans neck on the beach and a quote about how to make a cancer man want you

In a new relationship, Cancer men have a habit of hitting the gas pretty hard. Unfortunately, this can make for a lot of heartbreak for this sensitive guy.

Which is one reason he has a hard time opening up to new people.

You’re not just looking to get what you want and ghost him. That’s an important message you want to get across.

Right from the beginning, you have an opportunity to show him that you can be trusted. Even if you two are wildly attracted to each other, let him know that you’re really into him but that you want to take things slowly. 

He’ll respect the heck out of that as it’s something he can seriously sympathize with. It’ll remind him that he’s not the only one whose feelings are on the line, and he’ll be even more attracted.

Be real with him.

Cancers are some of the most sincere people you’ll meet. What a Cancer man says to you, he means. And he expects the same in return.

Because Cancer men are deeply intuitive, they easily read what’s going on underneath the surface of things. If you aren’t being real with a Cancer man, he’s going to know—which can cause him to close off.

If you’re always yourself with him and you’re always honest, you’ll stand out from the crowd. He’ll be drawn to your authenticity and see you as someone he can (and wants to) connect with.

Let the romance begin!

Getting close to a Cancer man is challenging.

You need to know what his deepest desires are, what can destroy his trust and how to be the kind of person he can freely give his heart to.

In short, you need a guide like Cancer Man Secrets.

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