How to Flirt With a Cancer Man (8 Easy Ways to Make Him Want You)

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Need to get that hot Cancer guy’s attention?

Here’s how to flirt with a Cancer man:

  • Be the sweet type of sexy
  • Communicate with your eyes and touch that you want him
  • Engage his intellect and connect with him on a personal level
  • Make it clear you want him to come chase you

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How to Flirt With a Cancer Man

Cancer men are those people who sometimes get called shameless flirters when in fact, they’re just nice to everyone.

On the other hand, this trait can be a great shield for them to flirt with you without putting themselves at risk of getting called out.

One thing is for sure, you’ve got to know the art of understated flirting to flirt back with a Cancer man.

Or get him to put the moves on you.

Let’s get into that now.

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1. Make it clear you’re single

A Cancer man might act flirty back.

But he will rarely put himself out there to pursue you unless he’s pretty confident you’ll date him.

Assuming you’re trying to charm your way into a date, you need to make it clear that you’re single and interested in him.

Keep in mind that letting him know you’re not taken isn’t just about what you say.

Show him in how you act around other people, too.

As in, don’t flirt with other people in front of him to make him notice you—that will make him run the other way.

2. Be sweet

Cancer men like nice girls.

They’re attracted to women they could see introducing to their mothers, both in their style and personalities.

So, when you’re flirting, don’t try to tone down your sweet, gentle side to act sexier—gentle and sweet is sexy to this man!

What are some ways to be a sweetie pie to this guy?

Ask him how he is, polish up your manners and be thoughtful and caring toward him as well as other people.

It works like a charm.

3. Tease him a little

Just because you’re sweet doesn’t mean you can’t be sassy, too.

Cancer guys are big fans of self-deprecating humor and will probably crack jokes about themselves.

Don’t be afraid to joke around with them when they do.

Of course, be gentle in the way you do it.

Cancers are highly sensitive people and can take a joke as long as it doesn’t come across as critical or mean-spirited.

Otherwise, a little light teasing is like banter for Cancers.

Do it with a wink and a smile and they’ll be hooked.

4. Flirt with your eyes

Make plenty of eye contact, for starters.

This shows him that you’re paying attention and that you’re actually interested.

From there, you can do some low-key moves that melt his heart.

Look at him, smile and then look away shyly. Bat your eyelashes.

Pretend that your eyes can communicate what you’re thinking. 

Cancers are strongly intuitive and alert to your body language, so these men will probably pick it up pretty quickly.

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5. Touch him when you laugh

Cancers love being touched.

The physical closeness sets off fireworks in their bodies, but it also helps to build an emotional bond.

At the same time, Cancer guys can be a little intimidated if you come on really strong and get overly handsy.

You need to balance their need for touch with their sensitivity.

A good way to do this is to put a hand lightly on his arm—or his leg—when you laugh.

This is an endearing behavior and will definitely get the message across.

You’ll find plenty of other excuses to touch him if you try!

6. Relate to him

No Cancer guy wants to be with someone he doesn’t connect with.

As an emotional water sign, the Cancer needs to feel that emotional attachment to be interested.

You won’t get that unless you show that you’re on the same wavelength.

Listen to his stories and tell your own. 

Tell him that you totally get how he feels and share similar experiences.

Find any hobbies, opinions or quirks that you have in common and identify with him.

It’ll help to get him to relax, open up and be more receptive to your charms.

7. Engage him in deep conversation

This is another tip that goes a long way for many Cancers.

But it’s easy to overlook because when you’re trying to figure out how to flirt with a Cancer man, you’re not necessarily thinking deep thoughts.

Keep this in mind: Cancers are wildly turned on by deep thinkers.

Cancer guys are quite thoughtful themselves and love it when a pretty girl is interested in sharing a meaningful conversation with them.

It helps them get to know you better and want to know more about you, too.

8. Let him know where he can find you

If you don’t want to ask him out straight up (which is totally fine!), you can leave him an opening.

Just tell him where you usually hang out and invite him to come see you.

This can actually be a great way of catching a Cancer man because these guys like to take the lead, and this gives them the chance to fulfill that role.

Plus, it’s sexy!

It’s a come-get-me move that’s subtle but also gives them the green light.

You mysterious woman, you!

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