How to Get an Aquarius Man to Miss You Like Crazy (in 15 Simple Steps)

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Want an Aquarius man to miss you so bad it hurts?

Here’s what you need to do:

  • Start by cutting off contact
  • Offer him your friendship
  • Show him what he’s missing by being fun and intellectual
  • Get on some dating apps
  • Focus on self-improvement 

Most women’s mistake is believing they should handle an Aquarius man the traditional ways they were taught:

Play hard to get, tease him and he’ll come running.

Unfortunately, that’s not true with an Aquarius—if you want to make sure he doesn’t lose interest, learn how he thinks with a guide like Anna Kovach’s Aquarius Man Secrets.

Click the link above if you’re ready now. Otherwise, find out what makes an Aquarius guy miss you like crazy below.

Is It Hard to Make an Aquarius Man Miss You?

woman looking out of a window with a quote about an aquarius man being emotionally detached

In short, yes. It’s going to take work to make an Aquarius man miss you.

Aquarians can cut off an emotional relationship relatively easily due to their detached natures.

Which means, appealing to their emotions or trying to make them sentimental won’t work.

Do you truly want to make an Aquarius man miss you?

Get ready, because you’ll need to let go of your fear of losing him first.

This man is going to require plenty of space in order to feel his feelings and even realize that he has all these emotions about you.

Below, we’re diving into the steps to make an Aquarius man miss you utterly and helplessly.

Read on!

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How to Get an Aquarius Man to Miss You

1. Cut off contact for a little while

close up of a woman texting with a quote about not contacting aquarius men to make them miss you

Whether you broke up or the Aquarius man has grown distant, in the beginning you should avoid contacting him if you want to make an Aquarius man miss you.

Simply put, he needs alone time to miss you.

Don’t make it forever—you may only need a few days or a week.

Just long enough that it gets the Aquarius man thinking about your absence.

When he goes from having you around all the time and talking to you daily to zero communication, that will get his wheels turning.

An Aquarius man processes his emotions first through his intellect, so he literally has to stop and think about how you make him feel in order to connect with his emotions.

If he always has a direct line to you, he’ll never be forced to think about what it would be like to not have you in his life.

Which will make it harder for him to miss you.

2. Avoid your mutual hangout spots for a while

In the beginning, it’s wise to steer clear of any space you know you’ll run into your Aquarius man.

For him, it can have a desperate vibe.

You’ll run the risk of making him think that you’re purposely trying to run into him, which will make him feel cramped.

If that happens, he’ll stop going anywhere he thinks you might be.

So don’t work against yourself.

Go to a different cafe, eat at a different lunch spot on your work breaks and give the Aquarius man space.

Absence makes the Aquarian heart grow fonder, and he’ll wonder what you’re up to when he doesn’t see you around.

3. Don’t snub his friendship, but keep it platonic

If at all possible, stay friends with an Aquarius man after a breakup or after he’s pulled away from you.

Friendship is more important to him than a romantic relationship.

And being the non-romantic alien that he is, your friendship will make him more comfortable being around you without feeling any type of pressure.

If anything can make him run for the hills, it’s the expectation of a commitment.

But being friends with you will allow him to enjoy all the fun parts of his relationship with you without thoughts of dating getting in the way.

Word to the wise—if you’re going to remain friends, keep it platonic.

Avoid treating your friendship like a stepping stone to a relationship, or he’ll sense you have ulterior motives and back away.

4. Show the Aquarius guy you’re an independent woman

An Aquarius man will miss a woman who doesn’t need him.

She must be a fiercely independent and confident woman.

If you’re trying to get an Aquarius ex boyfriend to think twice about losing you, make it clear that you’re not still relying on him for anything.

All your stuff is out of his apartment, and there’s no need to contact him for a ride, to help you pay a bill or to pick you back up when you’re feeling down.

If you need to lean on someone, lean on your other friends—it’s what they’re there for!

Just don’t make the Aquarius man such an important part of your life.

You want to be friends with him, but live like you could take him or leave him if you wanted to.

5. Don’t be overly emotional

couple laughing on a couch with a quote about not getting overly emotional with aquarius men

The Aquarius male is not an emotional being.

Not in the same way that many of the other zodiac signs are.

When you approach an Aquarius man from your emotions, you alienate him because he doesn’t know how to respond to you.

Instead, you want to talk to him from a place of logic and reason.

Don’t overwhelm him with tears or try to tug at his heart strings with sappy memories from the past.

Remain fun-loving and positive, but not sentimental.

That’s the way to get past the Aquarian man’s barriers so you can get back into his thoughts.

6. Draw your boundaries

An Aquarius man has the ability to treat you as his friend, lover and confidante all at the same time.

He doesn’t need to draw lines between relationship definitions, which makes it easy for him to act like your boyfriend when really, he has no intention of getting back together with you.

He’ll be sexually and emotionally intimate with you, leading you to believe that he misses you enough to be in a relationship.

Or maybe you’ll believe you’re already in a relationship again, when he doesn’t see it that way.

He’s not trying to dupe you. He just assumes this is okay with you if you don’t speak up.

Which is why you need to be the one to create strong boundaries.

If you don’t want to become a friend with benefits, don’t sleep with him.

And if he’s leaning on you for the type of emotional support that a significant other would provide, you should make yourself a little less available for that.

Keep your boundaries firm, and he’ll miss what he isn’t getting.

7. Avoid playing games

Aquarians don’t like to be at the mercy of others.

Game playing is sure to make him feel a lack of control, and in this case he’ll back away from you.

An Aquarian man will miss you only if you’re being real and sincere with him.

If he feels like you’re messing with him or trying to manipulate him, he’ll run quicker than you can blink.

To open up to you again, he needs to be able to trust you. 

Once lost, an Aquarius man’s trust is very hard to win again. He should never be questioning what your true intentions are.

If you need help getting an Aquarian to trust you and ultimately make your relationship bulletproof even if you screw up, take Anna’s advice in Aquarius Man Secrets.

8. Practice self growth

Aquarius is a sign of innovation and spiritual growth, making Aquarians highly attracted to those who are always seeking self improvement.

He embraces change, and he’ll notice the ways in which you’ve changed for the better.

You may decide to work on your fitness or health.

Go on a yoga retreat or nourish your soul with some time in the woods.

Try taking up a new hobby, join an art class or pursue goals you’ve never made time for before.

As you grow and develop, the Aquarius man will perk up and want to get to know this new person.

He’ll miss spending time with you and being part of your world, and pretty soon he’ll start calling you up to hear about your adventures.

9. Start an intellectual conversation

couple having coffee on a couch with a quote about aquarius men liking intellectual conversations

Intellectual and deep conversations are the ways to an Aquarius man’s heart.

He’s a deep thinker, and he craves conversations that stimulate his mind.

This is why appealing to his intellect is a great way to make an Aquarius man miss you terribly.

He loves pondering deep, thoughtful questions.

Ask him, what does he believe the meaning of life is?

What does he think AI consciousness will look like?

He doesn’t get a chance to binge on his favorite intellectual subjects very often, so he’ll love that you bring them up.

Help him break free of mundane thoughts and idle chit-chat, and he’ll be eating out of the palm of your hand.

10. Post pictures of yourself doing exciting things

This is such an easy, yet underrated way to make an Aquarius man miss you.

Just because Aquarians are aloof and hard to make jealous doesn’t mean that you can’t get them a little wistful when you show them how good of a time they’re missing.

Post selfies while you’re having adventures with your friends on social media.

Aquarius men are social beings, so they’ll miss being part of a fun and rowdy crowd with you at the center of it.

Aquarians are magnets for anything new and unusual, so take pictures of yourself doing something you know he’s never tried before and makes you look like a total badass.

The more thrills you’re having without him, the more he’ll remember the fun times with you and be anxious to have more.

11. Ease up on the double text messages

When texting with an Aquarian man that you want to make miss you, you have to practice restraint.

Don’t blow up his phone with text after text.

Double texting can read to the Aquarius guy as needy and desperate for his response, even if you don’t intend it that way.

If he doesn’t get back to you right away, put your phone away and wait for him to respond when he feels up to it.

Plus, serving him one message at a time helps to make you more mysterious to him.

That will definitely help your chances of winning back his interest.

12. Keep a happy face on

One of the most important things you can do when trying to make an Aquarius man miss your company is to keep the vibe chill.

A good mood is infectious, while pouting and looking miserable around your Aquarius will make him distance himself.

He’ll want to spend time with you as long as you’re making it a good time for him.

So stay positive and cheerful around him.

Don’t mope on social media or around his friends either, because you don’t want word to get back to him that you’re helpless without him.

That will make him worried that your world revolves around him too much, in which case he’ll avoid you.

13. Prioritize your schedule

woman smiling looking at her phone with a quote about keeping busy when an aquarius man calls you

When the Aquarius man asks you if you’re free to hang out on Saturday, tell him you’ve got plans and offer next Saturday instead.

Make it clear that you want to see him, but you have your own life.

This does two things: lets the Aquarius man know that you’re enthusiastic about seeing him, but he’s not your top priority.

Other women throw themselves at Aquarius men because they’re hard to access.

So, don’t be like other women.

Remember, he can’t miss you if you’re available to him all the time.

Psych him up to get together later in the week with a text about how much fun you’re going to have, and then leave it until you see him.

He’ll be pumped up and missing you all week.

14. Don’t fawn all over him

Aquarians are good at wrapping others around their fingers.

It’s easy for them because they’re geniuses and figuring out how other people’s minds work.

Obviously, when you get caught up in his web, you lose the very thing that makes him intrigued by you in the first place.

You see, Aquarius men suffer from “grass is greener” syndrome when a woman doesn’t challenge them.

Pull back a little. Stay mysterious.

Be friendly and inviting, but remain detached.

The less personally invested you seem, the more an Aquarius male will wonder about you.

And if you’ve successfully made him curious, he will for sure crave more interactions with you.

15. Send the message that you’re not waiting around

Aquarius men will tell you that they don’t expect you to wait for them.

And yet, when you show that you’re moving on, suddenly the Aquarius man misses you.

You’ll get an email in your inbox or a text out of the blue.


Because you’ve taken the possibility of getting back together off the table.

Don’t be afraid to date other guys.

Focus on your own life.

Aquarians are extreme, all-or-nothing type people, so the prospect of losing you for good really motivates them.

Aquarius Men Questions

How to make an Aquarius man regret losing you?

First step, give him time away from you.

Once you’ve both had enough time alone, you need to be willing to be friends with your Aquarius ex.

Work on building up his good feelings toward you and his enjoyment of hanging out with you.

Stay away from heavy emotional topics from the past—focus on being in the here and now with the Aquarius man.

The key is to make him stop worrying about why you broke up and start falling for you again.

Check out How to Make an Aquarius Man Regret Losing You for more tips.

Which zodiac sign is the Aquarius man compatible with?

Aquarius men are highly compatible with a fellow air sign, namely Gemini and Libra.

These air signs have an instant mental connection to the Aquarius with their intellectual natures and ability to charm him.

Although, a woman of the Libra zodiac sign will need to practice self-restraint as Aquarius won’t automatically fall all over himself to be with her.

He’s compatible to a lesser extent with a woman of his own air sign, mostly because two Aquarians can be too detached and set in their ways to make it as a couple.

The fire signs Aries and Sagittarius are also very compatible with the Aquarius sun sign because they’re fun, energetic and ambitious.

The Aquarius man likes that these signs are willing to try anything, making them great partners for exploration and adventure.

What do you text an Aquarius man?

Text a man of this star sign something unexpected.

You might text him, “Hey, what’s up” and get a reply, but his interest will be shallow and the conversation will end quickly.

Aquarius men are much more likely to keep a texting match going if they’re tickled by something you said.

Be random, send him a funny meme, give him a riddle to solve or ask him a deep question.

Mix it up and keep him on the edge of his seat for the next exciting text you send him.

Trying to win the heart of the elusive Aquarian man?

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