How to Make a Cancer Man Chase You (Top 8 Tips from a Cancer)

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Want to know how to make a cancer man chase you? The secret is to play up your relationship potential. Here’s how to do that.

Should You Play Hard to Get?

I’d like to address this question first because I hear a lot of different opinions on the subject, so I think it needs to be clarified.

As a Cancer and having closely observed the habits of the Cancer men I’ve known throughout the years, I feel that I have some perspective to share on this. So here’s my answer:

I’d exercise caution with this tactic.

man leaning against a wall smiling and looking shy with a quote about cancer men needing encouragement to chase you

True, Cancer men are totally willing and eager to chase after a woman who doesn’t open the door too wide for them. In fact, this can really kick them into gear if they’re really attracted to you.

I have seen it work. I know a Cancer man/Scorpio woman couple who married young and have been going strong for fifteen years now, and it all started with the Cancer working hard to win the affection of the Scorpio.

On the other hand, you have to understand that Cancer people are shyer types. And Cancer men fear rejection so much that they won’t even try if they feel like they don’t have a chance.

So if you’re playing hard to get and he’s not doing anything about it, that could be why.

OK, then—how to make a Cancer man chase you if you don’t want to come on too strong? Try to find a middle ground.

You don’t want to be clingy, but you need to be careful that you aren’t coming across as unapproachable or like you’re not into him.

Cancer guys need a lot of encouragement!

If you want the ultimate guide on getting a Cancer man to worship you, I recommend relationship astrologer Anna Kovach’s Cancer Man Secrets.

But these tips are sure to get you started…

How to Make a Cancer Man Chase You

Ultimately, Cancer men are highly attracted to women who have long-term dating or forever potential. 

It’s often said that they only date to look for “The One,” but from what I’ve seen, I would argue that’s not necessarily true. It’s more that Cancer guys are always open to—if not actively looking for—meeting the person they want to spend the rest of their lives with.

So, to get a Cancer man to chase you, you want to present the qualities that he would want in a spouse, even if he’s not consciously thinking about that.

Those include: 

  • Good-naturedness
  • Emotional intelligence
  • Caretaker energy
  • Maturity

Here’s how you can demonstrate these qualities to him, step by step.

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1. Be willing to make the first move

man leaning over a computer on a desk looking confused with a quote about cancer man overanalyzing things

That thing I mentioned earlier about Cancers needing a lot of encouragement—this is one way to give it to them.

Cancer guys tend to do the more “traditional” thing when it comes to courtship, as in the man taking the lead. So, many will prefer to act first.

But *many* won’t, even if they want to. Trust when I say, Cancers have a tendency to over-analyze things. Together with their fear of rejection, this is a recipe for romantic paralysis.

They’ll have so much inner dialogue about how it could go wrong that they’ll talk themselves right out of asking you out.

So do him a favor. Ask if he wants to grab coffee sometime. Or dinner if you want. That’s the green light he needs.

2. Class it up

Cancer men aren’t interested in anyone but a real grown-up woman. A woman who pays her bills on time and commands respect from her peers.

Class and sophistication in mannerisms and in appearance are good ways to signal your desirability to the Cancer.

A sexy dress isn’t the lowest-cut thing you can find in your closet. It’s a tasteful dress that hugs your curves but wouldn’t make you feel weird if he were to introduce you to his mother while you’re wearing it.

Speaking of which…

3. Be someone he could take home to Mom

This is a big stereotype for Cancers: their connection to their mothers. But it’s a stereotype for a reason.

Cancer guys tend to have great relationships with their moms, and often you’ll see that their moms are pretty doting on their Cancer sons.

Remember, having long-term potential is important. So showing your mom-worthiness is a good idea.

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4. Flirt sweetly

closeup of a woman hugging a man and smiling with a quote about how to flirt with a cancer man

Some men, like Gemini men, are really into heavy, unambiguous flirting right out of the gate. Not so much Cancer men, though.

For sure, flirting is the universal language that communicates attraction. Cancers love flirting, too, but it should be done in a more friendly, sweet kind of way rather than a bold, super direct way. The latter has a tendency to make him a little uncomfortable.

Call upon your femininity to guide you. Cancer men are *extremely* susceptible to feminine charms.

Hug him, communicate with your eyes, smile at him and get physically close while making it seem totally natural. 

5. Connect with him emotionally

Be open to him on an emotional level. You don’t have to spill your guts on the first date (in fact, don’t do that).

But demonstrating that you’re as in tune with your emotions as he is will help to create the bond he needs to pursue you.

It’s also that willingness to be vulnerable with him that really attracts him and allows him to do the same. He needs an equal exchange, and to be able to reach a level of trust so that he can share his deep emotional life with you.

6. Be nurturing

While a Cancer man really wants to take care of you in the traditional sense of paying for dinner and putting his jacket around you when you’re cold, he loves a little nurturing in return.

Cooking for him is a great way to take care of this need. So is being an ear for him to tell his worries to and being there for him to build a sense of security (which is high priority for Cancers!).

7. Let him romance you

woman hugging a man holding a box of chocolates and flowers with a quote about a romantic cancer man

There’s a big romantic streak in the Cancer man’s personality. If he can’t express it, he’ll be less inclined to chase after you.

Buckle up and get ready for the dozen roses, the intimate dinners, little gifts, the works.

Just appreciating his efforts goes quite far with him. He wants to be able to sweep you off your feet!

8. Show your inner strength

Just because you show your sweet nature to the Cancer man doesn’t mean you can’t also show your power.

I want to draw your attention to all the Cancer man/Scorpio woman celebrity couples out there. Nick Offerman and Megan Mullally. Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson. Harrison Ford and Calista Flockhart. 

A major reason there are tons of Cancer man/Scorpio woman couples is that Cancer guys are deeply attracted to the strength of the Scorpio female. She takes s*!@ from nobody and demands respect from everybody.

You don’t need to be a Scorpio woman to win the heart of a Cancer man. Just take a cue from her natural self-confidence!

Check out Cancer Man Secrets if you’re putting together the puzzle pieces of interpreting a Cancer man’s signals and winning his heart. 

It’s a practical, no-nonsense guide meant to help you understand him and what makes him tick so that you can speak his language and build a strong, healthy relationship with him.

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