How to Attract an Aquarius Man (20 Easy and Effective Ways)

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If you’re trying to bag yourself a dreamy Aquarius guy, keep reading.

Here’s how to attract an Aquarius man:

  • Have a strong sense of identity
  • Be unique, independent and ambitious
  • Have intelligent conversations and share your ideas and opinions
  • Be fun, friendly and laidback
  • Keep emotions in check and don’t get jealous

Attracting an Aquarius man is one thing. The question is, how do you keep him?

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What Does an Aquarius Man Find Attractive in a Woman?

woman with glasses surrounded by books with a quote about aquarius man liking smart women

An Aquarius man finds brains attractive over beauty.

Obviously, he won’t turn away a woman with a gorgeous face and rockin’ body.

But this star sign is just not impressed if she’s the sexiest woman alive but doesn’t use her brain.

She has to stand out from the crowd.

She should have a strong identity, be assertive yet kind, self-reliant and open-minded.

Think you’ve got what it takes to attract an Aquarius man?

Below is a list of traits that equal his perfect woman—let’s dive in.

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How to Attract an Aquarius Man

1. Have a rich personal life

The Aquarius male likes a woman who has a lot going on for herself.

He’s not into couch potatoes.

If your days are filled with projects, aspirations, hobbies and friends, you’ll be much more interesting to the Aquarius man.

He’s curious by nature and likes to learn what makes people tick.

Having your fingers in many pies makes you a more complex person for him to discover, and it gives you a lot of points for him to connect with you on.

2. Be your own person

woman with her arms in the air at the ocean at sunset with a quote about aquarius men being attracted to women who are unique

Aquarius has no need for people-pleasers.

He likes a woman who knows who she is and doesn’t desperately need to fit in.

Who dresses how she wants, does what she wants and speaks her mind.

Others may call it eccentric, but Aquarius calls it freedom.

Nothing is more important to Aquarius than the freedom to be yourself.

So show him that you’re not a follower—be your own person, not one of the “sheep.”

You’ll automatically turn an Aquarian’s head.

3. Be easy-breezy to be around

Can you be as laid-back as the Aquarius man?

If you’re wound tight like a spring, you could take a lesson or two from him.

He finds it too difficult to date someone ruled by fear or negativity.

When you’re hanging out, keep the mood light and be entertaining.

Never dump your problems on him or get dark and overly serious.

Go with the flow.

The more flexible and relaxed you are, the more he’s going to want to be around you.

4. Flirt in a friendly way

Aquarius men can be kind of awkward about flirting, especially when there’s a spark of attraction.

If you want him to desire you, play up the friendly flirting.

Be cute and playful, never overly sexual.

His detached nature makes him uncomfortable with anything too forward. Instead, help him relax.

Pull him in for a side hug and tell him how cute he is when he gets bashful.

Smile and joke around with him.

He’ll feel much more comfortable getting close and cozy with you.

5. Chat up his friends

group of friends laughing with a quote about talking to an aquarius mans friends to attract him

Got your eye on a cute Aquarian but don’t know how to approach him?

The surefire way is to approach his buddies.

If you’re shy, this is great because you’ll be less nervous talking to the hot Aquarius guy’s friend.

But also, Aquarians are highly social people.

If there’s a crowd, you’re likely to find an Aquarius at the center of it, charming everyone.

Make an Aquarian’s friends laugh, and you’ll get his attention immediately.

He’ll be intrigued and want to know who the cool chick is.

6. Don’t get too emotional

Aquarius men don’t know how to handle emotional outbursts.

They’re cool and detached, so coming at an Aquarius man with strong feelings while you’re trying to attract him is going to send him running in the opposite direction.

Swap the love letters for some funny or interesting texts.

Be emotionally stable, and show him you’re not a stress case.

Use logic instead of emotion when communicating with him, and in general, just a keep up a positive attitude.

Remember, being laidback and easygoing makes this man putty in your hands.

7. Tell him your vision

Having goals matters to Aquarians.

Men of this air sign are all about progress and action and want partners who, like them, are driven to leave their mark on the world.

Whatever your goals are, talk about them to the Aquarius man.

It doesn’t matter if you’re climbing up the ladder at work or planning to volunteer at your local food pantry.

Just make sure to give him the bigger picture. 

Do you want to become a leader in your field? Do your part to end hunger?

He’ll admire your vision and want to pick your brain about what amazing things you’ve got planned.

8. Show off what makes you unique

What’s more attractive to an Aquarius man than a quirky personality?

Whatever is unique about you, time to flaunt it.

This man doesn’t want you to be like every other woman he’s met.

So throw away your ideas of what a woman “should” be like to attract an Aquarius man.

Is your personality a little offbeat? 

Got any hidden talents?

Embrace who you are deep down and bring your shining inner light to the surface.

9. Get intellectual

woman texting on her phone on the couch with a quote about aquarius men being attracted to intellectual women

To attract an Aquarius man, you have to appeal to his mind.

He’s highly intellectual and lives for a deep conversation where he can really explore ideas.

So when you’ve got him one on one, introduce topics of conversation from philosophy to spirituality.

The more abstract, the better.

Don’t worry if you don’t know a ton about it—just be curious and open-minded.

Aquarius men love it when you can engage them on any topic.

Riff off of his ideas, no matter how out there, and just go with it.

Forget booty calls, if he texts you for a late-night chat, you’re in.

10. Show your fun side

It’s not all about mental gymnastics with an Aquarius man.

He just so happens to be one of the most fun people you’ll meet.

He’s upbeat, lighthearted and always down for an adventure.

If you appeal to that side of him, too, you’ll hit the jackpot.

When you meet an Aquarius man, go ahead and let loose a little.

Embrace a little silliness and have fun.

Talk about your quirky adventures and ask him to have more with you.

He won’t be able to resist you.

11. Don’t rely too much on your physical appearance

Looks aren’t everything to Aquarians.

Of course an Aquarius man likes a woman who’s easy on the eyes, but you have to have a lot more going under the surface to catch his attention.

If all you’re just a pretty face, you’re going to get passed over—his attention span is short for anything (or anyone) less than totally fascinating or unusual.

So it’s best to rely on your wit, conversational skills and unique personality to talk to an Aquarius man.

Not your body, however gorgeous it may be!

12. Be intensely independent

woman standing next to a palm leaf with a quote about attracting an Aquarius man by being independent

A woman who doesn’t need him—or anyone else, for that matter—will attract an Aquarius man.

His star sign is one of the most independent of the zodiac, and he doesn’t need a clingy girlfriend cramping his style.

Don’t follow him around like a puppy.

If he doesn’t call you the next day after you give him your digits, don’t get bent out of shape.

If he were to date you, he has to be sure that you would be comfortable letting him do his own thing while you do yours.

Sacrificing his freedom is death to him—so show him you value your own space as much as he values his.

You’ll find a lot more invaluable tips on avoiding triggering the Aquarius man’s fears in Anna Kovach’s Aquarius Man Secrets.

13. Be unpredictable

Some other signs like routine, but to an Aquarius man?


He likes things to be energetic and spontaneous.

If he can predict your every move, his attention is likely to drift.

So go ahead and surprise him with a little adventure off the beaten path.

Offer to take him some place weird or fun like a museum of oddities, or an arcade.

Get out of your comfort zone and try things that you wouldn’t normally try.

The more open you are and the more exciting you appear to the Aquarius man, the more smitten he’ll be with you.

14. Don’t be oppositional when communicating with him

As a fixed sign, the Aquarius man can be hella stubborn.

He’s deeply attached to his revolutionary ideas and if he feels like you’re shooting them down, it can easily start an argument.

In a conversation, try not to come across like you’re telling him he’s wrong.

Be tactful when you disagree and say something like, “That’s really interesting, I haven’t thought of it that way. The way that’s made sense to me is…”

That way you’re having an exchange of ideas rather than making him feel like you don’t think his views are valid.

He’ll really appreciate your view points and value you as a conversational partner.

Which, again, is an important factor in attracting him.

15. Don’t talk about yourself too much

The cerebral Aquarius man lives in the world of ideas.

He likes to talk about concepts…not so much about you personally.

A little bit for getting to know you is great, but make sure not to take too much of the floor to talk about yourself.

The flow of conversation should be natural and allow his curiosity to roam.

Share your interests with him, talk about books, talk about what’s happening in the world.

Just make it more intellectual than personal to establish that mental connection with him, and he’ll open up a lot quicker.

16. Be a good friend

man pushing woman on a skateboard with a quote about being friends with an aquarius man

Aquarius men don’t do instant relationships.

Nor do they find women they can’t see themselves being friends with attractive.

Between an Aquarian’s need to take things slow and the way he idealizes friendship, a wise woman will focus on being a good friend to him.

This takes the pressure off, which is crucial for him.

The way to attract an Aquarius man is to go in without romantic expectations. Just enjoy each other’s company.

Be patient and let the attraction build up until he’s aching to reach out and touch you.

17. Treat everyone with respect and kindness

Aquarians are all about equality.

They treat everyone with the same amount of respect and dignity. You won’t see an Aquarius being rude to their waiter just as you won’t see them sucking up to their boss.

As it happens, they’re attracted to others who have this same sense of equality.

So be kind and caring toward your fellow humans.

Take the time to say thank you to a bus driver.

Look everyone in the eyes when you talk to them. Be polite and respectful.

This may seem small to you, but it goes far to impress an Aquarius.

18. Don’t be high maintenance

In the Aquarius male psychology, high maintenance = a buzz kill.

You can’t be too concerned about messing up your makeup to have a good time.

More seriously, high-maintenance women tend to demand more of his time and energy than he’s willing to give.

He’d rather not feel chained to his phone to text you “goodnight” and check in with you on a daily basis.

If you want to hang with this guy, be ready to throw your hair up in a ponytail at a moment’s notice.

Show him that you don’t need him to pamper you or pay constant attention to you.

He’ll see that he can keep his freedom, have fun and date you at the same time.

19. Talk about your creative pursuits

Are you artsy?

Like to write stories or dance?

Whatever creative energy you have, share it with the Aquarius.

He’s the most innovative and creative star sign of the entire zodiac and is so drawn to a fellow creative.

Don’t be surprised if he wants to collaborate!

20. Avoid being the jealous type

To be with an Aquarius man, you have to show that you’re not possessive—I can’t stress this enough.

You can’t be threatened by other women or by how much time he spends with his buddies. 

Jealousy may add spice for some other couples, but it doesn’t make an Aquarius man feel wanted or needed.

It just makes him fear that you’re going to try to manipulate him.

So make sure he sees that you’re secure and confident.

Don’t worry about all the other girls he’s friendly to.

If an Aquarius man is attracted to you, it’s not going to be a competition. His eyes will be on you alone.

Aquarius Men Questions

How do you know if an Aquarius man likes you?

You know an Aquarius man likes you if he’s making a concerted effort to hang out with you.

He’ll be consistent, set an actual time and place to meet up and he won’t flake on you.

Ordinarily, it’s hard to get some of a busy Aquarian’s time, so this is a big sign.

While you’re hanging out, you’ll notice how much focus he has for you and how well he listens to you.

You’ll feel he’s genuinely interested in you and he cares about what you have to say.

And since friendship is the first step toward dating for an Aquarius man, he’ll try hard to be your friend so he can get closer to you.

How do you win an Aquarius man’s heart?

Have the ability to be his best friend as well as his lover.

In a lot of ways, friendship is the most meaningful relationship to an Aquarius.

A romantic relationship without friendship will be short-lived.

In addition to this, you’ll need to be authentic and sincere for him to develop deep feelings for you.

Be yourself, and allow him to be himself without criticizing or judging him.

For extra credit, make sure he knows when you do charitable things like volunteering or adopting a dog nobody else wanted—that’s sure to make an Aquarius heart melt.

What an Aquarius man needs in a woman?

An Aquarius man really needs a woman who is going to allow him to keep his freedom.

He’s fully capable of being in a serious, monogamous relationship with a woman who doesn’t step on his dreams or try to control him.

Aquarians still need plenty of space in relationships and the freedom to pursue their own goals outside of your relationship.

Respect his boundaries, understand his needs even if they’re different from yours and have your own life outside of the Aquarius man’s.

What type of woman do Aquarius men like?

Aquarius men like women who are different in some way.

Not just in the way they look, but in their personalities or the opinions they express.

They like women who don’t follow the crowd and who think for themselves.

In short, a woman with a strong sense of her own identity.

If a woman wants to grab an Aquarius guy’s attention, she should be sharp, funny and quirky.

She should also be highly independent, emotionally even and socially conscious.

What signs Aquarius is attracted to?

Aquarius tends to be most attracted to Gemini, Aries and Sagittarius, and to a lesser extent Leo and Libra.

The air signs share that mental connection Aquarius likes instantly, and the fire signs are fun and full of life, which Aquarius is drawn to.

Leo, being opposite to Aquarius on the zodiac wheel, can offer some intense initial attraction, but it may fizzle out as their different needs and personalities come to the surface.

Capricorn is another zodiac sign Aquarius tends to find something mysteriously alluring about, even though air and earth don’t necessarily fit together perfectly.

Which zodiac sign is Aquarius man compatible with?

As a rule, Aquarius men are highly compatible with the other air signs as well as the fire signs.

They may or may not be super compatible with other Aquarians as they can end up being way too similar—super stubborn and maybe a little too flighty for a relationship to get off the ground.

Aquarius men can also be remarkably compatible with Capricorns, especially later in life when the Aquarius has become a little more responsible and grounded.

An Aquarius is less compatible with Virgo, Scorpio and Leo, but it can work with some effort. 

Which star sign is Aquarius man least compatible with?

Cancer is probably the top incompabible sign with Aquarius.

A typical Cancer woman will be far too clingy and emotional for an Aquarius male. 

She’s a homebody, and he’s an adventurer. 

She needs a lot of reassurance, and he doesn’t really do that kind of hand-holding in a relationship.

Taurus is another sign that’s not very compatible with Aquarius as Taurus is stubborn, slow-moving, routine-orienting and in an Aquarian’s mind, close-minded.

A Pisces woman may attract an Aquarius man at first, but her emotional ups and downs and loosey-goosey tendencies often prove to be too much for him.

How does an Aquarius flirt?

Many people think Aquarians are huge flirts with everyone, but most of the time the Aquarius is just being friendly.

An Aquarius actually flirts by giving you his full attention and praising your ideas.

He isn’t the touchy-feely sort, so don’t expect much shoulder touching and hugging.

Their flirting will all be a mental game, with wit and humor and intelligent conversation.

They’ll try to share jokes with you and may tease you slightly.

But if the flirting turns serious, another telltale sign is when they get awkward and bashful.

How do you make an Aquarius man miss you?

Stepping away and cutting off contact is the quickest way to get an Aquarius man to miss you.

It seems like a drastic measure, but it works because an Aquarius will be forced to take notice of what his life is like without you.

You’ll know it worked when he reaches out to you.

If you want to know more, read our article How to Get an Aquarius Man to Miss You.

What is an Aquarius man’s love language?

A hopeless romantic he may never be, but an Aquarius man will use words of affirmation to communicate love.

In other words, he’ll tell you he loves you and feel loved when you admit the same. Even if he’s not particularly mushy in his love life.

Romantic love for him is about communication and understanding, so verbal affirmations of your affection are truly meaningful to him.

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