How to Make an Aries Woman Fall in Love (6 Keys to Her Heart)

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Has a vivacious Aries gal stolen your heart? Then you’re probably wondering how to make an Aries woman fall in love, stat. That’s what we’re going to cover today, my starry-eyed friend.

What Aries Women Want

She’s intoxicating. She’s animated, strong-willed and free-spirited. She’s just not yours yet. Well…can any Aries woman truly be tamed?

If you’ve got the goods she’s looking for, you might very well be the match to her flame. So let’s talk about what the Lady Ram desires in a mate.

If you know something about what the general Aries personality is like, you have some idea of what she’s looking for already. In a lot of ways, Aries women seek significant others who share some of their greatest strengths:


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Speaking of strength, you can bet that the Aries woman you love has it in spades. 

I’m not talking about physical strength necessarily (though if a woman of any sign can beat any man at arm wrestling, I’d put my money on Aries). What I mean is the inner essence, the natural state of being for the Aries woman. She’s strong and powerful, and she knows it.

What she desires is a partner who can meet her where she’s at. Someone who is also strong, capable of handling their sh*t and unafraid to rise to life’s challenges. If she doesn’t run away from a challenge, neither should you.


Aries is the ultimate sign of independence. The Ram, the animal that represents Aries, climbs the precarious mountain and stands alone at the top, surveying its territory.

That’s Aries, male or female.

She’s a lone wolf in many respects. A go-getter, but on her own terms and on her own merit. You know she’s going to fly solo on a lot of projects and pursuits in her life. In other words, she’s fiercely independent, and she’d like it if you were, too. Someone who doesn’t have a lot going on for themselves or tries to cling to her activities and successes is not for her.


Have you noticed how confident the Aries woman is? Perhaps it’s what made you fall for her in the first place.

Aries women love someone who exudes self-assurance. Being able to stand up for yourself (and for her) and your beliefs is a sign that you’re long-term dating material.

Plus, confidence is sexy, you know.

These are just a few traits that you’ll find in the partners of Aries women that just so happen to mirror their own traits.

This doesn’t come as a surprise, considering that it would probably take an equally confident and strong person to stand next to an Aries woman.

How to Make an Aries Woman Fall in Love

So, how to make an Aries woman fall in love with you?

Let’s dive into some specifics.

Be Bold

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You don’t have to fear speaking your mind around an Aries chick. In fact, you’re encouraged to—she’s certainly going to speak hers.

Aries women love it when others are as direct as they are (careful not to butt heads with her, though!). Don’t expect an Aries gal to respond to shyness—she doesn’t really get it. So go ahead, show you’re as undaunted as she is.

In general, being assertive and fearless is the right way to get her thinking about you in a romantic way. As a risk-taker, she’s not keen on dating anyone who’s going to tie her down. Rise to the challenges with her.

Be Adventurous

Are you someone who needs to have the date planned out from start to finish to feel comfortable? You may be in for a different kind of experience with Aries.

She likes to go where she wants, when she wants. When something fun or interesting to do suddenly presents itself, be ready to say, “Let’s do it!”

Of course, not everything has to be off the cuff. Woo her by asking her to go on an adventure with you next weekend. Ask her to go parasailing. Offer to do something out of the ordinary with her, especially if it’s something that she can be active in, like an outdoor activity.

Or if she’s the more laid-back type, a gentle hike might be good. If she’s the artsy type, set up a date to see the new black-and-white photography exhibit at your local museum. Whatever you do, make it interesting, and be up for going out after to do something totally unplanned.

Recognize When She Wants to Lead

Fish gotta swim, birds gotta fly, Rams gotta lead. You can’t take the leader out of the Aries, period.

So sit back and relax! It’s wise to allow her to call the shots when you’re with her. I mean, she’s going to do it no matter what.

There is something to be said, however, about striking a balance when it comes to romancing the Aries woman. She wants a strong partner, remember, someone who is also capable of leading.

Ideally, you should show that you can do both—lead and follow her lead.

Don’t Show Weakness

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This is kind of a tough one to explain. You’re not trying to be emotionless with the Aries woman, but you’re not trying to appear overly vulnerable, either.

Try not to indulge in talking at length about problems in your life. If she feels that you have a “poor me” attitude, she might decide to steer clear.

It’s not that you can’t ever mention when you’ve had a bad day or something. But do keep in mind that she’s looking for a partner similar to her in many ways, including in this department.

She recovers relatively quickly compared to other signs and typically refuses to be brought down emotionally. At least not for long. This is what she likes in a mate, too.

Fan Her Flame

Her fire burns bright. But you knew that already. It’s probably one of the many things you love about her.

Whatever you do, don’t try to put it out! Let her do her. Support her when she wants to take a risk. Encourage her if she’s about to try something new.

Be there with her, too. Bring the same energy and enthusiasm. And let her be free!

Bring a Competitive Spirit

Want to get her heart pumping both physically and romantically? Compete with her.

She’s highly competitive (can’t help it) and lives for the win. And Aries people do win, believe me.

Does she like basketball? Suggest a match. Is monopoly her favorite game? Play with her.

Even if you suggest something silly like drawing each other’s portrait and rewarding the one who did the best job at the end, it’s going to be fun for her.

The one who captures the Aries woman’s heart is not infrequently the playful sort who keeps her on her toes.

Word to the wise: Don’t try to throw the game and let her win. If she beats you, she wants the satisfaction of knowing that she beat you fair and square. To her, that’s hot!

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