How to Win a Gemini Man (Even When He’s Blowing Hot and Cold)

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A Gemini man might be all about you one day, ghosting you the next. How do you turn the “cold” back to “hot”?

Here’s how to win a Gemini man:

  • Keep the interesting conversations flowing.
  • Do your own thing and don’t react when he disappears for a few days.
  • Be full of surprises! Always keep him guessing.
  • Appeal to his love of knowledge and self-growth

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Why Gemini Men Disappear

I know. It’s so hard to get a read on these guys.

In reality, there’s probably a laundry list of reasons why Gemini men who made a woman feel like Queen of the Universe yesterday go radio silent for days after.

Here are some of the big ones:

  • The relationship was moving fast and he needed to pump the brakes to gather his thoughts about it
  • He’s giving you a little test to see how you’ll react and gauge whether you’re a good fit together
  • He has feelings for you but he doesn’t think he’s ready for a serious relationship
  • He prefers to keep things casual

In all of these instances, the Gem is not confident about a relationship with a capital “R.”

But the cerebral Gemini man is always rethinking situations in different lights, which means his mind can be changed.

In fact, when his mind is made up, that’s when either you won’t be able to shake him off or you won’t hear from him again, period.

But for those hot and cold nights…let’s talk about what to do to warm him up for good.

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How to Win a Gemini Man

1. Become his favorite person to talk to

Any Dating 101 guide was not written with a Gemini man in mind.

So if you’re used to keeping conversation super light and hitting on the usual questions about family, career and life goals, you may need to up the ante.

He likes to talk, and not about your typical surface-level topics.

Talk about anything that interests you and makes you feel passionate. He loves communicating and sharing ideas when the mental lightning strikes.

Keep the “normal” subjects mixed in rather than dominating your chats.

Do ask plenty of questions and don’t shy away from making controversial statements if you’re inspired.

Gemini men like banter and spicy conversations.

2. Continue to grow as a person

Geminis are always growing and changing. And they like the same in a partner.

If you are the type of person who embraces change and doesn’t get stuck in a rut because you’re too stubborn to try a new way of doing things, you’re on the Gemini’s wavelength.

You don’t have to win a 5K race to impress him. All you need to do is show that you’re open-minded.

This is something that Gemini Man Secrets stresses and shows you the winning approach.

It makes sense because Geminis are some of the most open-minded people in the whole zodiac.

They feel stunted by people who are closed off and refuse to take a different outlook.

3. Live your life independently 

Do you live life on your own terms and no one else’s?

Can you go see a movie by yourself and soak up some alone time?

For a Gemini, living life freely and unrestricted is as important as breathing.

Geminis are incredibly social individuals, so having people around matters a great deal to them.

But, a Gemini man needs to be free to do as he pleases. That includes doing things alone and meeting new folks when he’s out and about.

If you want to reel him in, it’s important that you do the same.

Make sure that your life doesn’t revolve around him—or anyone else, for that matter—because a Gemini man won’t hang around if he feels pressured.

4. Teach him new things

If you want to know how to win a Gemini man, keep in mind that the pursuit of knowledge drives him.

He likes to read books, watch the news, talk to people—anything that gives him new ideas and interesting perspectives.

While you’re chatting with your Gemini, share with him the subjects that you find intriguing. Give him little factoids that you’ve picked up.

I’ll give you an example:

Once, a Gemini said to me, “I can say ‘I love you’ in eight languages. Want to hear?”

If you were to show a Gemini how to say anything in eight different languages, it would really tickle him.

Keep his mind stimulated! That’s an important way to increase his attraction to you.

5. Switch up your routines

Make sure you have an overnight bag packed at all times if you want to win him over.

Gemini guys are always down for an adventure. They don’t tolerate stagnation well and love a change of scenery, so travel is a good way to break up the monotony.

Even if you’re just traveling to a city or town you’ve never been to before, the two of you will have plenty of fresh places to explore and things to talk about.

The object is to do something out of the norm.

So, if you usually hang out at home on Wednesday nights and order pizza, dust off your bowling shoes and head to the bowling alley together instead.

Go out dancing. Go to a comedy club. See an art exhibit. Or just hang out on a park bench and people watch.

6. Reinvent your look

This might be on the superficial side, but it can’t hurt to appeal to his love of novelty with a wardrobe change.

Try on new styles. Get a dramatically different hair cut. Change your makeup look every so often.

No need to go overboard and try to look like a totally different person every day.

It’s more about switching something up that he can easily spot and embracing the new style as easily as your old one.

Geminis love it when you keep them guessing!

These tips can get you started on the right path with any Gemini man. But it takes more self-education about Gemini guys to feel really confident in your approach with them.

Which is where the guide Gemini Man Secrets comes in.

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