How to Know When a Gemini Man Is in Love (7 Can’t-Miss Signals)

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You’re dating a Gemini man and he hasn’t said it yet. Is he going to drop the L word? Here’s how to know when a Gemini man is in love.

The Gemini Man’s Love Style

How does a Gemini man love thee? Let’s count the ways.

He’s not an overly serious person by nature. Even if he comes across that way, it’s probably just his rising sign in Capricorn or something. Underneath that, he’s a big, squishy goofball.

That should give you some insight into his love style. He’s fun, flirtatious and often downright silly.

But that doesn’t mean he doesn’t have a serious side. This is the sign represented by the Twins, remember. There’s always another side.

In fact, his serious side is more likely to come out when he’s smitten. He’ll be candid with you and romantic, and he won’t string you along. He’ll be your Boyfriend with a capital B.

So, how to know when a Gemini man is in love with you and not just having a good time?

There are clear signs that you should be looking for. That’s what we’re going to talk about…


How to Know When a Gemini Man Is in Love

Great news. Gemini men are not terribly difficult to figure out when it comes to love. So when the signs are there, they’ll be a bit easier to interpret than you might think.

This is not an exhaustive list, but it will get you started. For a really in-depth introduction to the Gemini man in love, marriage and beyond, you might want to take a look at Gemini Man Secrets.

1. He’ll want to spend all his time with you.

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It’s not that Geminis never need some alone time. Everyone does. But Geminis are excitable. He’s excited to be in love with you, so he wants to be around you as much as he possibly can.

For one thing, if a Gemini man is trying to hang out with you in all of his free time, you can confirm that he’s not seeing anyone else in case you weren’t sure if you two were exclusive.

You’ve got him wrapped around your finger when it seems like he never leaves your side. He could just be totally love-struck.

2. He might tell you.

What’s the quickest way to find out that your Gemini guy loves you? Hear the words. This may be obvious, but the sincerity of a Gemini when it comes to love will prove it to be true.

Now, the fickle nature of the Gemini is a real thing. Sometimes Geminis say things just to get a reaction out of someone. But that won’t be the case if he lets you know he’s falling for you. If he weren’t, he would just be out of the picture—or he wouldn’t bother saying it.

3. He craves your attention.

The sign of the astrological Twins is likened to the age of childhood, so a Gemini man is kind of a big kid. But boy will you see it when he loves you.

A Gemini man in love walks on air. He’s goofy. He wants you to be paying attention to him, a lot. And he’ll prompt you if you’re not.

He’ll do silly stuff to get you to notice him. Or he’ll hover around you until you can’t focus on anything else. It’s the little kid in him, vying for your affection.

4. You’ll learn his secrets.

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It can be tough to get to know what’s really going on in a Gemini’s mind. It’s so quick and it’s usually two steps ahead. That’s why it’s easy for Geminis to hide things (well, except from Scorpios, maybe).

But with the person he loves, a Gemini man will naturally start to spill the beans. It’s because he wants to share a deep, truly meaningful connection with you. Even if there’s something that he’s embarrassed of or that causes him pain to talk about, he’ll be willing to open up to you about it.

He trusts you and he’s in it for the long haul.

5. Jealousy rears its head.

There’s a common idea circulating the astrology community that a Gemini can’t get jealous.

I would like to challenge that notion.

Having dated multiple Geminis myself, I’m here to tell you that they can, and do indeed, get bitten by the jealousy bug from time to time. But only when they’re fully invested in the relationship. Otherwise, they might just laugh it off, or hit Tinder.

When you’re seriously dating a Gemini man and he sees someone else hit on you, don’t think that it won’t affect him. He may try to challenge that guy in some way or make a show of you being his girlfriend. That’s when you know that his feelings run deep.

Just make sure that it’s minor and he’s not acting out because of jealousy—that’s not good for a relationship with any sign.

6. He shows you off.

Is your Gemini man taking you with him to see his friends and family? He wants them to get a glimpse of the amazing person he’s so proud to be with.

If you’re being invited to holidays, dinners or vacations with the fam, it’s pretty serious.

And in general, when you two are out and about together, your Gemini will make it known to the world that you’re all his. Whether he’s draping an arm around you or giving little kisses in the middle of the restaurant, he’s doing it because he’s very much into you. Maybe even a little in love.

7. He’s all in.

Is he your boyfriend, or are you in that kind-of-sort-of-together limbo? If you haven’t defined things yet, it doesn’t necessarily mean that he’s not totally in love with you.

However, if he’s stated that you two are an item, it’s a pretty good indication that he’s falling, if he’s not already head over heels for you.

It really is as simple as that.


These are just some of the signs that tell you that a Gemini man is helplessly in love. There are others, as well as signs that he wants to marry you and spend the rest of his life with you. Plenty to make a book out of, which is what relationship astrologer Anna Kovach did in Gemini Man Secrets.

Check it out here.

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