How to Win a Cancer Man Heart (4 Easy Tips to Earn His Love)

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Found the man of your dreams and turns out he’s a Cancer?

Here’s how to win a Cancer man heart:

  • Nurture him, but don’t mother him
  • Really listen when he talks
  • Use your touch to arouse his emotions
  • Show him how important family is to you

Before you read any further, you should know that Cancer men don’t trust easily. Many a romantic prospect has been ghosted by a Cancer man after failing his tests.

Your secret weapon? Knowing what’s important to your Cancer man. 

If you’d rather not risk accidentally alienating your Cancer love interest, we recommend experienced Relationship Astrologer Anna Kovach’s guide Cancer Man Secrets.

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How to Win a Cancer Man Heart

couple hugging and smiling at a fountain with a quote about cancer men in relationships

Cancers are one of the most complex signs in the zodiac. One minute they want your love and attention, the next they just want to be left alone.

Say something insensitive in his view and he’ll sulk while you try to redeem yourself.

But it’s also true: Despite their moodiness at times, Cancer men remain a serious catch.

They’re sweet, genuinely caring and fiercely protective. Loyal to the core, Cancers are crazy devoted to those they love.

Once in a committed relationship, they will give that person 100%. They’re all in.

That’s what you’re here for, right?

Here’s how to make sure that lucky person is you!

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1. Nurture him—but don’t mother him.

woman standing on a bed hugging a man and a quote about cancer man in a relationship

Cancer is considered the “mother” of the zodiac. It’s a feminine sign, though don’t think that means Cancer men are feminine.

They usually have a close relationship with their mothers, whom they view as the love of their life until they find that special someone.

So should you be nurturing toward him—kind of like his mom? Well, kind of.

What they value is a loving, affectionate partner who makes them feel secure. But Cancer men don’t necessarily want a mother for a partner—treat him like a grown man, please!

Simple or even antiquated as it may seem, it’s true that cooking for him and making sure your place is clean, comfortable and “homey” are pathways to his heart.

Are you thinking that’s so old-fashioned? Just remember: Cancer men are traditionalists.

If you can take care of the home and be loving and attentive to your Cancer man, he will go out of his way to make sure all your needs are met and you will be on your way to winning his love.

2. Show him you’re listening to him. He knows when you’re not!

A challenge that Cancer men have is opening up to others.

Like their symbol the Crab, they have soft interiors but hard exteriors. It’s difficult for them to let others into their private world.

Ruled by the emotional Moon, they’re moody yet intuitive—they are easily figure out if someone is being sincere with them or not.

If you can listen to your Cancer man and be sincere in doing so, he’ll find it easier to let his guard down. Eventually, he’ll share with you his most private thoughts and feelings.

Ultimately, you’ll gain his trust. He’ll feel comfortable being vulnerable with you, which is what he wants deep down.

Just make sure you’re truly listening! Sometimes Cancer men like to test you (Anna Kovach explains this with real life examples in Cancer Man Secrets.).

If he finds out you weren’t paying attention when he told you what’s been bugging him at work lately, he may retreat back into his shell and you’ll have to start over again.

3. Use touch to create an emotional connection.

couple lying down smiling at a picnic with a quote about touch and cancer men

Touch is vital to these emotional men.

Starting in childhood when their mother kissed and hugged them often, physical touch to a Cancer man stimulates his need for closeness with another.

When you touch your Cancer man, whether it’s holding hands, a kiss or touching his face, it creates an instant connection.

It sends a powerful wave of joy and tender feelings through him. If you watch his expressive face for his reaction, you’ll see that it’s true.

Your touch shows you’re attracted to him, strongly. Your Cancer man will crave it!

In public, try touching his exposed skin. An arm while you’re talking, for instance.

If you’re dating, try resting your hand on his leg. Put your arms around his waist and give him a bear hug. 

Not only will he develop a deeper bond with you—you’ll have him dying to get you away to somewhere more private!

4. Show him that family is a priority for you.

Cancer men are family oriented.

They’re often seen attending family events and surrounded by loved ones.

They want to be with someone they feel they can bring around their family or those they’re very close to.

They won’t say it, but Cancer men want someone they can see themselves starting a family with. This is totally natural and instinctive for the most nurturing sign of the zodiac!

So let him know how much family means to you. 

Invite him to your family picnic, share family stories, attend his family functions. 

When he sees family is as important to you as it is to him, he’ll know that you two are aligned in an almost spiritual sense.

After you win your Cancer man’s heart, it’s time to do the work—keeping it! Read Cancer Man Secrets for the best chance of securing your Cancer man for life.

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